Peek-a-Boo Preschool

Alameda, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Jan Howard & Melissa Neal
(510) 522-5539
Janlhoward [at]
Windsor Dr.
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24 months - 60 months

Parent Reviews

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May 2008

Have you had recent experience with the Peek-A-Boo preschool in Alameda? We are considering it as an option and would like to hear feedback from parents of current students or alumni! Thanks!

Our oldest child (now 5 and entering K soon) has been at Peek-A-Boo for 3 years and our younger child (now 3) has been there for 1 year and will remain until K. We think it's a great preschool. The kids are all very sweet to each other and they each learn a lot. We especially like the very balanced approach, which incorporates a play-based program, with individual teaching time, and group circle/singing time. Everyday, my children bring home an art project, a sheet of ''work'' they have done, and a story of the fun they had playing with friends. Ms Jan puts a lot of thought into her work - in 3 years, we have never seen a repeat of an art project. If you do choose Peek-A-Boo, your child will attend with several children who's older siblings are Peek-A-Boo alumni - I think that says a lot. Heather

I have been very happy with Peek-a-Boo (my daughter attended 3 years). I'll continue to post good things when the topic comes up even though my family and I JUST moved East this week! I can only echo what positives others say, including a recent post by a mom whose daughters were close friends with my daughter (great art projects, good balance of playing & ''learning'' while having fun, excellent Director). I also really like the parent ''community.'' I felt I could email any one of the parents at any time for any reason and I often met parents at the park on non-school days. I really appreciated the parents and all the other kids there. Also, Ms. Jan really knows kids, and the kids adore her. The 2x I've sat with her to talk about my daughter and ''how she's doing'' she's been very insightful. She is also very open to ongoing email communication. My child was there 3 years and NEVER had a bad day. I had my 2 y/o on the list to begin in Fall '08, but we ended up leaving Alameda. I'm sad she won't also be attending. This Fall's class would've included 4 little sibs attending for the first time. It does say a lot when year after year parents want their smaller children to follow the same path as their older kids who've graduated from PAB. It's a fun and happy environment and I love the way the kids treat each other and operate like a family. Nina S.

July 2007

Re: Alameda preschools
Check out Peek-a-Boo preschool on Windsor Drive. Jan Howard is the Director, she has a Master's in Child Education. Another teacher is getting a Ph.D in child Psych & the others may or may not be ''certified'' but they are caring and have certainly received child-dev. training. I think it sounds like a good match for you. It is a play- based, developmental program. It is run out of a home, but most of the home is dedicated to the school (including the garage ''art studio''). There is a small # of kids - 12 (?), and the ratio is 1 teacher per 6 children, but most days there seem to be 3 teachers. You can google Peek-a-Boo for more info. My daughter has great friends and has fun there - I know she'll be K-ready too, when it's time. Mom of a Peek-a-Boo preschooler

June 2007

I am thinking about enrolling my almost 3 year old son at Peek-A- Boo preschool in Alameda run by Jan Howard. Does anyone have experience with this facility or know of anyone that can share with me? Alameda mom

My daughter has attended Peek-a-Boo since age 2.5 (she's now 4.5). She is very happy. We recently arranged a parent-teacher conference to discuss Kindergarten readiness and I really appreciated the Director's insight and experience. I can only say good things about ''Miss Jan.'' She truly knows what she's doing. My daughter loves her and loves it when we bump into Miss Jan outside of school. She also loves the other teachers. Every year it seems the Peek-a-Boo kids and parents are such a nice group. The teachers even attend the kids' birthday parties on weekends - it's turned out to be a nice little ''community.'' Miss Jan is very organized and the kids know and respect the rules. She has a fun art ''program'' - one of the teachers is a children's art instructor and Miss Jan has even converted her garage into an art studio for the kids. Being an in-home preschool, it's NOT a large space, but most of the house is organized in different rooms or ''sections.'' There is a yard, but no large climbing structure, like you'd find at a larger preschool/day care (I wish there were). The environment is structured, but does not seem rigid. There are about 4 or 5 boys and the balance of the class is girls (I think she has 12 kids max, but I suppose it varies day-to-day). I'll send my one year old there as soon as she is old enough - provided she has the space! Lots of younger sibs end up going there as well and it fills fast. Feel free to write me back with specifics. (Peek-a-Boo Mom) Nina