Pacific Coast Montessori School

Oakland, CA

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Ann Toy
(510) 653-3129
N. Oakland on 51st St.
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Parent Reviews

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My Son is currently at this lovely little daycare. It is in a very easy to get location with plenty of on street parking available. He absolutely loved Ann from day one. Ann and Pat are both lovely and caring teachers who assist the kids in a loving manner. They do not have too many children which means my son gets lots of care and attention from them. The home is quite spacious with 4 working rooms.
Please let me know if I can assist anyone with other questions.

Archived Reviews: 

Feb 2014

We are interested in hearing more about Pacific Coast Montessori but can't seem to find a website, reviews or any detail at all on-line. Please let me know if you have an experience you'd like to share about that school. Thanks! Preschool Hunting

Former Pacific Coast mom here. It's true, finding any information about the school is pretty hard to do, as they don't have a website or many BPN reviews or even a sign on the street!

- Doesn't require a lot of your involvement: no raffles or fundraisers or anything like that, just drop off your kid.
- Way cheaper than other Montessori options in the Bay Area!
- Really sweet little intimate environment, just 12 kids even though they are licensed for more. (Among other things, this means they have the capacity to heat up your child's lunch if desired, which makes it much easier to figure out what to pack).
- The two teachers have been working together for years and really have everything under control.
- They're a little less strict about toys than some other Montessori programs, so they have, e.g., a train table inside and some trucks outside, not just open-ended toys. (I see how this could be a con if you're hardcore, but I think my little guy really appreciated the availability of some more familiar toys).

- Not much outdoor time. The kids have a little time after lunch to go outside, but morning is spent doing free play, then Montessori work, then circle time, then lunch. So be prepared to let your child have a LOT of outdoor time when you get home to compensate.
- They don't vary the snacks: just apples and crackers, every day, all year round.
- They are closed for three weeks for Christmas instead of the more standard two weeks (in addition to being closed for an entire week for Thanksgiving, a week for July 4th, a summer break of about 2 weeks, and some others). So do keep in mind that if you are attracted to it being a year-round school, all these closures add up to something like 2.5 months. Anon

March 2003

Anyone out there with good or bad things to say about Pacific Coast Montessori School, whose director is Ann Toy? Does anyone know of any terrific schools that have openings for a four year-old girl starting in the fall of this year? Thanks.

Both of our daughters (now ages 12 and 9) went to Pacific Coast Montessori (known in our house as ''Ann Toys''). It was a wonderful experience for both of them, and they are very different kinds of kids. Ann Toy is remarkable. Feel free to contact me with any questions. pndavis