Noah's Ark Preschool

Richmond, CA

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Virginia Smith, L.P. Fry
(510) 235-8989
37th St.
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June 2009

Re: Affordable preschool in Albany or El Cerrito?
My sons attend a wonderful preschool that happens to be extremely affordable. It is called Noah's Ark Preschool and it is located in Richmond, on 37th between Barrett and Roosevelt. I live in El Cerrito and is only a mile from my house. I believe that three mornings a week 9-noon is $225/month.

The school is going to be on a short break next week (June 15-19) but will be back in session June 23. Feel free to give them a call on Tu-Wed-Thurs between 9 and 12 at 235-8989. I am not sure if they have any openings for the fall but it's worth a try. Noah's Ark is a little neighborhood gem with incredibly wonderful, experienced, caring teachers. Good luck! Happy Noah's Ark mom

March 2009

I am considering Noah's Ark Preschoolin Richmond for my 3 year old son and would like updated feedback about this preschool. Thanks anon

My older son attends Noah's Ark and his little brother will join him there soon. We absolutely love it. The teachers are warm, caring and calm, and understand that all children are individuals. The teachers all have a wealth of experience to draw on--I believe the one with the least seniority has been there 18 years.

The space is bright and clean and incredibly well maintained. It is very affordable--less expensive than most everything we looked at, even co-ops. Overall, it's just a gem of a school and I cannot say enough good things about it. Happy Noah's Ark mom

My daughter attended Noah's Ark Preschool in Richmond for 2 years and it was a wonderful experience! The same director (her name is L.P.) has run Noah's Ark since the 1980's and the consistency of their program is very reasurring to the kids. The program consists of circle time, outdoor play, arts and crafts. They have a dress-up corner, a music area and provide snacks for the kids. Each child has their own cubby so they can hang their jackets and belongings.

They have a very good student to teacher ratio. My daughter enjoyed going there so much, that when she was older, she went back often to visit the teachers.

Their program teaches the kids to share, to get along well with others, to apologize if they have done something wrong, and to accept apologies from others. Basically, it teaches children how to have manners and to place nice with others. They also teach about colors, counting and all of the other preschool necessities.

I would recommend Noah's Ark without any hesitation! DC - a happy Noah's Ark parent

Feb 2008

An absolutely great pre-school in Richmond is Noah's Ark Preschool, 555 - 37th Street, Richmond. My daughter went there for 2 years and loved it! She is in high school now, but went back last year to volunteer because she has such fond memories of her time there. Noah's Ark has teachers who are kind, patient and very gentle with the kids. In their yard, they have a great play area, tire swing, and garden area. Inside, they play music, have a dress-up corner, cubbies for the kids' stuff, area to play with blocks, reading corner, circle time, and art table. A teacher is always supervisiing both inside and outside. The kids who go there learn to share, to take turns and how to get along well with others. Call L. P., Noah's Ark co-director, at 510-235-8989 for more information. A happy former Noah's Ark mom

Nov 2006

If you are looking for a Preschool in West Contra Costa definitely look into Noahs Ark Preschool (no religious affiliation). They have been around for over 40 years with little to no teacher turnover! My children are happy and thriving here. The program is a true Preschool Program only accepting ages 2.5 years to 5. The days and hours are Mon-Fri 9- 2 the first session ends at noon and the all day program ends at 2. Most of the children going on to Kindergarten the next year stay till 2 and the younger set usually(though not always) go home at noon. Potty Trained Children is not mandatory. They know and understand that children all have their own timetables for all developmental stages. LP, Virgina, Carolyn and Muts are an awesome team and work well together. They are in tune to every child and will take time to check in with parents on a daily basis if need be. I can't say enough about this school. Contact information is: Noahs Ark Preschool 555 37th Street Richmond CA 510-235-8989
Proud to be a Noahs Ark Family

March 1999

Noah's Ark preschool in Richmond is wonderful place. My two kids (now in 1st and 4th grades) went there and loved it. I have sent many friends there too. They do not advertise, they have a wonderful staff who have been there for years, and it is not a large preschool (in terms of students). Call LP at 235-8989

Oct 1998

Noah's Ark Preschool in Richmond currently has openings. This is a wonderful preschool (both my kids went there) which I heartily recommend to anyone in the area (and its only about 12 minutes from North Berkeley via the freeway) who doesn't need full time day care, but is looking for a warm, friendly, nurturing, happy, interesting environment for their 2 1/2 - 5 year olds to thrive in. They have morning and afternoon programs (the latter being for the 4 & 5 year olds in their year before kindergarten) five days a week, and they use the WCCUSD vacation and holiday schedule. The preschool is attached to the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, but it is not a religious preschool. The teachers there have been teaching at Noah's Ark for quite a few years, but they are in no way stuffy or old-fashioned. The preschool is located at 555 37th Street in Richmond, off Barrett Street, just a few minutes west of the freeway. Please call them at 235-8989 if you're interested in visiting and enrolling your preschooler. Sarah