Nana House

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Elidia Birrueta
elidiabirrueta [at]
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
2 months - 60 months
8:00am - 5:00pm
About the Program:

Bilingual daycare for children ages 2 months-12 years.  Full time or part time enrollment available. 8 am-5 pm. Sixteen years experience working with infant and preschool children in Berkeley.

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  • Has any parent on here sent there child to Nana House Daycare (owner Elidia Birrueta)? Or had other experiences with it or advice to share? There are no reviews on this site unfortunately. Thank you so much in advance!!

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Parent Reviews

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We cannot say enough great things about Elidia and her Nana Daycare.  Our son started at 4.5 months old (his adjusted age was almost 2 months old since he was born early), and it was his first daycare.  The transition was much smoother than we anticipated; it was soon clear that our son quickly attached to Elidia and he was comfortable at her daycare.  

It makes us delighted that our son makes a big smile when he sees Elidia every morning.   We are very happy with every aspect of her Nana Daycare, but here are the main points that we want to share.

First, the founder of Nana Daycare, Elidia is a marvelous daycare/preschool teacher.  She has more than fifteen years of daycare/preschool experience at YMCA before she opened her daycare.   Not only does she possess great experience and knowledge of taking care of small children, she is also a very loving, wise and amazing baby whisperer.  We have always known that our son was well loved and taken care of by Elidia. We are so fortunate to have our son in Nana!

Second, we love her warm daycare environment with a small-operation setting.  She has loved our son as if her own, celebrating each milestone as much as we were, mindfully attending his occasional fussiness, and cherishing countless little moments of his precious babyhood.   It has been very clear that our son loves Elidia and her family and finds comfort with them. Often our son even cries when we leave her daycare as if he is saying that he wants to stay with Elidia.  He loves being in her arms. That gives us assurance and confidence that he is well cared for.

Next, Elidia pays attention to each child very well and knows their habits, preferences, and progress.  At end of each day, she updates us with how our son’s day went. She is also understanding of his Japanese culture/custom and thoughtful to certain preferences that we make as his parents.   Often, she kindly makes thoughtful suggestions when she thinks our son is ready for the next step of activities, including his mobility and eating solid food. For instance, when we had challenges with his solid food, she kindly offered advice and supported us with the transition.   She has also provided healthy well-balanced homemade meals according to his development. And, thanks to Elidia’s dedication, support, and encouragement, our preemie son started crawling much earlier than our physical therapist and pediatrician had predicted.

Again, this is only a fraction of how much we love Elidia and Nana Daycare.  We will be happy to talk and answer any questions with any parents who are considering Nana Daycare.  

Elidia has helped our son grow in so many ways.  She has supported us as busy parents of two. We cannot thank her enough for her care, teaching, and love to our son.