My Happy Place Family Childcare

San Leandro, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Grechelt Martínez
San Leandro
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
About Our Program: 

A small play based, in home daycare for infants and toddlers to explore in a safe environment, with daily activities designed to increase child's confidence.

Parent Reviews

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I highly recommend My Happy Place and Gretchelt. My daughter started August 2020, shortly after she turned 2, all during COVID. We will continue until she is at least 3. I am so grateful every day for Gretchelt. Here are just a few reasons why. The facilities are spacious – including several divided outdoor areas (climbing toys, sandbox, tricycles, a large open field) with bunnies, parakeets, & waterplay. There is music, dancing, running, tumbling in the spacious indoor space, too, with clean rotating toys. I appreciate the mixed-age environment where my child is loved, “babied,” cared for, nurtured while also being intellectually stimulated and treated very much like the “big girl” that she is. My biggest concern going in was around nap time & separation anxiety. Well, my toddler zooms inside at morning drop-off without even saying, “goodbye,” because she’s so eager to be there! I was worried about nap because my home nap routine was/is nursing her to sleep, where I remain next to her for the entire nap; however, my daughter naps at My Happy Place every day, using nap supplies she gets and assembles on her own, for almost 2 full hours. My kiddo independently engages in all routines (e.g. shoes off, hand sanitizer, put lunch & lovey in cubby, clean-up time, potty) and simultaneously remains her wild, fun, chaotic, noisy, playful, messy, singing self. Here are a few “fun facts,” for anyone considering My Happy Place. Gretchelt uses an app to send daily nap reports and photos. They celebrate holidays with enthusiasm and gusto! Recently, for National Dr. Seuss Week, my girl enjoyed 5 full days of silly Seuss-themed antics, including eating Green Eggs & Ham, & having a Wacky Wednesday where Gretchelt rearranged furniture and played funny little games to be wacky. I have our walls decorated with my daughter’s creations! Now, who am I and what kind of place do I like? I am a professional educator;  I sent my older teenage daughter to Waldorf/Montessori/Emilio Reggio daycares and a Japanese Buddhist pre-K – K. My favorite child development books are How to Talk so Kids Will Listen…Simone Davies’ The Montessori Toddler, and Janet Lansbury’s books & podcast. My primary desire for my baby to be loved, safe, have fun, & demonstrate compassion. I am not worried about academics and provide no academic-based instruction at home, so it was a lovely surprise that my toddler began reciting the alphabet song and counting to ten shortly after starting My Happy Place. I wish I’d found Gretchelt sooner!