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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Bernice Chung
msbpreschool [at]
Redwood Hgts/Laurel/Maxwell Park
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We had our daughter at Ms. B's Home Preschool starting when she was 3. Our daughter is usually a little shy at first but right away she settled in and was excited to go back the next day. Ms. B is a credentialed teacher and included preschool preparation during the week. Ms. B made learning interesting and accessible. If our daughter had a question I found out they had investigated it that day and I heard all about the answer on the way home. We also got a monthly newsletter telling us what was happening that month and was happy to talk about anything going on with our daughter during pick-up and drop-off. It is truly a family daycare and the other family members played a huge part in making this preschool a special place. I loved that our daughter learned compassion and caring for kids of all ages at Ms. B's. Our daughter started kindergarten this year and has so far shown to be very prepared and even ahead with all they are expected to learn. Ms. B also helped me prepare for kindergarten! I am happy that we did not withdraw her for a larger preschool. We feel very fortunate to have found Ms. B's Home Preschool and highly recommend it!

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March 2013

We have had our daughter at Ms. B's Home Preschool on 35th Ave. at Macarthur for the last nine months and we heartily recommend it! Ms. B's is a warm and loving environment for kids, and our daughter (now 13 months old) has thrived. Bernice Chung (Ms. B) is a credentialed teacher and is able to teach children of multiple ages very capably. She is attentive to the children's individual needs and habits, and always gives us a good verbal rundown of our daughter's day when we pick her up. She also notes each child's eating and sleeping habits every day, and is very responsive if we text her during the day to check in. Ms. B's also puts out a newsletter every month that discusses educational goals and lets parents know what their kids have been learning. For all of this, Ms. B's is also priced very reasonably!

Sept 2012

My granddaughter, who is almost 3 years old, is completely happy and content at Ms. B's and comes home with a variety of art projects. Ms. B is a credentialled teacher, and knows what she is doing, and she is calm, competent, and creative. I recommend this family daycare highly. There is a child there who is slightly younger than my granddaughter (a boy) and there is also a 4 year old (also a boy). There are also several babies. It would be wonderful to have another 3 year old, preferably a girl. Contact Ms. B at msbpreschool [at], and she will get back with you promptly.