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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Bernice Chung
msbpreschool [at]
Redwood Hgts/Laurel/Maxwell Park
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After 4 wonderful years, our son Owen is graduating from Ms. B's and is now entering Kindergarten this fall. We couldn't be happier with our experience there. Bernice and her family opened up their home and made us feel like family from the start. 

Our son has learned so much during his time at Ms. B's. He'd frequently come home surprising us with something new that he'd learned there. It was especially evident how much time and attention Bernice provided him when he was the only big kid left, after his peers had all moved on to Kindergarten. She focused on areas he seemed interested in and provided plenty of fun projects the kids could work on together (we have fond memories of the "Larry the Leprechaun" trap).

I agree with all the other parents' comments below with regards to communication, cleanliness, and diligence with regards to everyone's health and safety especially during the pandemic. I also appreciate the way she handles any conflicts with the children, and her honesty and transparency with the parents.

We'll cherish the time our son spent at Ms. B's and will miss her dearly!

We brought our baby to Ms. B when he was about 5 months old and she has done a wonderful job taking care of him. Bernice is always happy to see everyone and she keeps a very clean, organized and positive environment for all the children. As a baby, our son was especially included safely with the bigger kids and she would encourage them to play with him, bring him toys and keep him engaged. It’s a pleasure to see how happy my son is to go there and when I pick him up. He doesn’t want to leave! We very much appreciate Ms. Bs’ professionalism, bright personality, and dedication to the care of her little students. Her communication with regards to schedules, logistics, and monthly newsletters is very helpful and thoughtful. We’ve loved our time sending baby boy to Ms. B and we would recommend her for anyone looking for an intimate environment for their child.

Our son started with Ms. B in August when he was 18 months old. When we did a tour with her, we could tell immediately she was going to provide a warm caring environment, one we would feel comfortable leaving him in every day. Ms. B has been great with communication the whole time, always quickly responsive, including dealing with the jitters of us leaving our son with someone else for the first time ever. She is also great at reaching out whenever there are any issues, whether it’s needing more diapers and wipes, or our son deciding to barf up his breakfast.

Our son clearly enjoys his time there, often excitedly running away to explore the place as soon as we drop him off. Similarly, sometimes Ms. B has to go chase him down because he’s too busy playing to go home at the end of the day. He’s also clearly learning a great deal there. While many kids his age are a bit behind on language development due to the pandemic, our son has clearly been picking up words from his time with Ms. B, because he’s using words that we haven’t been focusing on at home. Not only that, but he also has his first friend now!

Everything about Ms. B’s preschool is great, and we are so happy we found her, for us and our son.

We found Ms. B. after a month's long search and the outbreak of a global pandemic. The thought of sending my tiny, vulnerable 3-month old to a stranger's house in the middle of a terrifying disease outbreak gave me panic attacks, but this proved to be the very best option for us. We're moving out of the area and I can honestly say leaving this daycare is one of the things I'm saddest about. 

Ms. Bs home was clean, she had stringent protocols in place, the number of students was very low, she organized a group text with the other parents so we could share concerns. She's very great at communicating and strict about enforcing the sick policy, which is critical now more than ever. She's great with the kids and helped assuage all our new-parent fears. I felt like she was a true partner and support in these foggy days of trying to figure out how to raise a baby. I am so grateful to her for her level headedness and guidance. 

She's really a gem and we're so so happy our daughter was able to have this time with her.

Our daughter has gone to Ms. B's Preschool since she was 3.5 months old and we cannot sing her praises enough! She creates a welcoming, nurturing environment for all children and it was always a delight to interact with her. Transitioning back to work is hard as it is, but Ms. B made me feel so at ease with taking our daughter there. Our daughter was not taking a bottle AT ALL when we first started, but Ms. B was patient and effective and got her to come around to taking the bottle. Ms. B does a great job of managing children of all ages and facilitating educational interaction between them. She really focuses on educational activities even for small babies, and we are so appreciative of that. We've since moved our daughter to the same school as her sister for obvious logistical purposes, but we miss our time with Ms. B. We cannot recommend her enough!

I have so many great things to say about Ms. B (Bernice) Daycare/Preschool!! Three years ago, we were looking for a home care facility for our then 6 months old infant, since I'll be heading back to work soon. And Ms.B's Daycare were one of the few that we toured and really fell at home with. Bernice and her wonderful family was caring and attentive to our son, he hit all his growth milestones while enjoying his days playing and learning.  Over the last 3+ years, Ms.B has taught our son numbers and letters, and how to get along with other kids with age-appropriate fun activities. If we can, we would continue to have our 2nd child be 'raised' by her too! But unfortunately we had moved out of Oakland. Overall, I would very highly recommend Ms. B's Daycare to any parent looking for a nurturing and positive environment for their kid(s).

Our daughter has been with Ms. B (Bernice) since she was just 3 months old. She is starting kindergarten in August and will be leaving her daycare family. We feel like our daughter is ready for kindergarten and we have Bernice to thank for much of that. Bernice is an amazing caregiver. She is always kind, patient and fun. I can not believe 5 years have flown by so quickly. It's been so lovely to be able to drop our daughter off each morning, knowing that she was going to be well cared for and spend the day learning, playing and being nurtured. The children are happy and bonded to each other. We love Bernice and her family. We will miss her dearly. We highly recommend her! 

We have been so happy with Ms. B’s Home Preschool. Our twins started when they were one years old, and they are staying until they start Kindergarten this Fall. Bernice has been so warm, kind, and flexible, and the kids have fun there. We have 3 kids and the transition to going back to work was going to be rough, so the fact that she could provide snacks and lunch was a huge help. She’s also incredibly understanding and easy going when we occasionally need to drop off early or pick up a little late.  Also, unlike many places out there, she has very limited closures in the year, which is so helpful...and her tuition rates have been very reasonable.

I was initially concerned about the small outdoor space, but the kids have fun playing inside and outside and given all the huge pros that she offers, the trade off was well worth it. Our kids love her entire family, and seeing her sweet well-mannered children daily offers extra assurance of the great care and guidance she provides. The other families who have been there are really wonderful as well, and we all rave about our experience there when we see each other for playdates and birthday parties. We’ve been so happy there that we have recommended her to friends, and two other families we know have gone there and loved it as well (and others have wanted to come as well, but she’s been full). Our oldest child went to a larger preschool which we loved and assumed we’d send the twins to, but because we’ve been so happy with Ms. B and she’s so convenient, helpful and affordable, we’ve opted to keep the twins there and have no regrets and feel they will be as ready for Kindergarten as their big sister was. I can’t recommend Ms. B enough!

We had our daughter at Ms. B's Home Preschool starting when she was 3. Our daughter is usually a little shy at first but right away she settled in and was excited to go back the next day. Ms. B is a credentialed teacher and included preschool preparation during the week. Ms. B made learning interesting and accessible. If our daughter had a question I found out they had investigated it that day and I heard all about the answer on the way home. We also got a monthly newsletter telling us what was happening that month and was happy to talk about anything going on with our daughter during pick-up and drop-off. It is truly a family daycare and the other family members played a huge part in making this preschool a special place. I loved that our daughter learned compassion and caring for kids of all ages at Ms. B's. Our daughter started kindergarten this year and has so far shown to be very prepared and even ahead with all they are expected to learn. Ms. B also helped me prepare for kindergarten! I am happy that we did not withdraw her for a larger preschool. We feel very fortunate to have found Ms. B's Home Preschool and highly recommend it!

Archived Q&A and Reviews


March 2013

We have had our daughter at Ms. B's Home Preschool on 35th Ave. at Macarthur for the last nine months and we heartily recommend it! Ms. B's is a warm and loving environment for kids, and our daughter (now 13 months old) has thrived. Bernice Chung (Ms. B) is a credentialed teacher and is able to teach children of multiple ages very capably. She is attentive to the children's individual needs and habits, and always gives us a good verbal rundown of our daughter's day when we pick her up. She also notes each child's eating and sleeping habits every day, and is very responsive if we text her during the day to check in. Ms. B's also puts out a newsletter every month that discusses educational goals and lets parents know what their kids have been learning. For all of this, Ms. B's is also priced very reasonably!

Sept 2012

My granddaughter, who is almost 3 years old, is completely happy and content at Ms. B's and comes home with a variety of art projects. Ms. B is a credentialled teacher, and knows what she is doing, and she is calm, competent, and creative. I recommend this family daycare highly. There is a child there who is slightly younger than my granddaughter (a boy) and there is also a 4 year old (also a boy). There are also several babies. It would be wonderful to have another 3 year old, preferably a girl. Contact Ms. B at msbpreschool [at], and she will get back with you promptly.