Montessori School at Five Canyons

Castro Valley, CA

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Montessori Discovery of the Child Foundation
Castro Valley
22781 Canyon Court
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  • Childcare - Castro Valley/nearish?

    (2 replies)

    First off, apologies if this is in the wrong spot!

    My spouse has gotten a military PCS, which is moving us from Arizona over to the Bay Area.  Because I'll be in Berkeley and he's working in Mountain View, we've decided to settle down in Castro Valley, but our timescale is not great.  We'll be there at the end of the month, and of the reputable looking places I've called, I've got a, "Maybe this summer" and a flat "no" in response to whether any openings were coming up.

    Given this, what even are my options?  I don't even know where to start looking, and I'd like to have something in April, if possible.  We're leaving a fabulous preschool in Tucson, and I'd hate to disrupt her even more by putting her somewhere temporarily, and then again several months later only to THEN have to go to school a year after that.

    If it helps, my daughter is 3.5, totally potty trained, and a co-op would be difficult given my work schedule and spouse's commute.


    We toured Five Canyons Montessori (FCM) and our son will be enrolling there in the upcoming months.  The teachers seem capable, the children seem happy (they were on recess when we arrived for the tour), but the classrooms aren't as cheerful and light and airy as I had hoped (it feels like a converted office building on the inside).  I had only toured two schools, the other was GORGEOUS and more expensive, but FCM offered decent services and was more affordable (it'll be around $1,500/mo for us), so we went with it.  You can try contacting them to see if they have openings.  They're in Castro Valley. 

    Good luck!

    How about Alameda? Since you are headed to Berkeley each day, it is really on the way (just off I-880) and there are a lot of preschool options. The one I would recommend is Rising Star Montessori, as it is a larger program and so with turnover they are much more flexible than most and will take kids year-round. It's a wonderful school and we loved it. Would also suggest looking at the Savvy Source website for more info and also joining the Alameda Parents Network Yahoo Group. BTW, hubby and I are originally from "The Old Pueblo" too. Welcome to the Bay Area. 

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