Montessori Community School

Richmond, CA

No longer in business

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DSS Facility License #: 
Anna Hagman
(510) 234-1185
Carlson near Arlington
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • (April 2011): This preschool appears to have closed. No license was found at CCLD.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Re: Part-time affordable non-coop? (Jan 2005)
I know of a pre-school in El Cerrito that would probably fit your budget and schedule. Its in a great location: Montessori Community School - 7002 Cutting Blvd, El Cerrito. The phone number is: 510/ 234-1185, the owner is Anna and some of the members of the staff are absolutely great. Of course its not perfect - I dont think you can find that anywhere but your home, being a parent of course! But you can give them a call and they are pretty open about your touring the place on your own term, etc. You probably dont even need an appointment unless you want to be sure to do one on one time with a teacher for questions, etc. Otherwise they are pretty open minded. Lynde
Re: Culturally Diverse Montessori Schoo l (Dec 2002)
Montessori Community School fits your criteria to a tee. It is culturally diverse and affordable and located at a church on Cutting just below the Arlington (I'm not sure if it's actually in El Cerrito to Richmond). The director's name is Anna and she is great. a former MCS parent
Re: Culturally Diverse Montessori Schoo l (Dec 2002)
My 3-year-old daughter started attending Montessori Community School (at the top of Cutting in El Cerrito) this fall and I've been very pleased. She's African-American, as are many of the children there. There are a few Asian children, some mixed race, children who speak German, children who speak Spanish, children who speak African languages or whose parents are African. Children under 3 are in the toddler program, which is smaller than the preschool/kindergarten program. There is another set of twins (boy/girl) in the toddler program already, so your children would have something in common.

I've been very pleased with both the social/emotional and academic components of the program. My daughter has grown significantly in both respects. The school's tuition also falls within your price range. Robin

Re: Culturally Diverse Montessori Schoo l (Dec 2002)
I highly recommend the Montessori Community School located at 7075 Cutting Blvd in El Cerrito near Arlington. The school is culturally diverse. Our 22 month old twins have been enrolled there since August 2002 and they have adjusted very well. The school's number is (510) 234-1185 and the director's name is Anna Hagman. If you would like more information I'd be glad to provide it. cupa
July 2002

Has anyone heard of the Montessori Community School in Richmond by Carlson? I'm thinking of sending my 1.5 year old there. Thx - LS

My daughter has been attending Montessori Community School since March, when she was 21 months old. We love it! The toddlers spend lots of time playing outside, there is semi-structured inside time, then circle time. The toddler class has been small, with two teachers. She comes home with new songs and phrases and is potty training. She wonders why she can't go to school on weekends. Ask the director when you and your child can sit in on the program. Email me if you have more specific questions. Liz March 2002

Re: Kindergarten Programs

My daughter is in the toddler class at Montessori Community School on Carlson in Richmond Annex. It also has a kindergarten program that we plan she will attended as we are so pleased with the school's quality so far. Right now I think there are only 5 kindergarten students. Liz