Montessori Children's House of Albany

Albany, CA

No longer in business

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Julie Anderson
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • As of 2006, this school has closed.

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June 2006

I am looking for current feedback from parents of children enrolled in Montessori Children's House of Albany. Would love insight into the program, your experiences and what type of child has done well/not well there. Thank you! Laura

Montessori Children's House of Albany was an amazing school. My son thrived there, and I am so thankful to Julie Anderson for the wonderful work she did with him. Sadly, Julie retired and closed the school at the end of this school year. Good luck to the parent who was interested in MCHA -- I'm sure you will find another program that is the perfect fit for your child Kathryn
Happily for the director (Julie) she is retiring and the school has closed for good. Sadly, we will all miss her and the love she gave to all the preschool students. My son still calls her his favorite teacher after going on to elementary school. It was a great school. I also recommend Hummingbird Montessori in Albany - you should really check it out. Phone Jeanne (the director) at 524-8007 or another good school is Willowstreet Schoolhouse by the El Cerrito BART - phone Diana (the director) at 525-2305. Good Luck in your search. There are a lot of great schools out there. You just need to find the one that fits your child and then you'll be very happy. Jeff
August 2002

If you have experience with this preschool, I'd appreciate hearing what you did/didn't like about it. We will be deciding in the next week or so. concerned parent

Our daughter's (3 1/2) been at Montessori Children's House of Albany since August 1st. She loves it - and so do we. The teachers are warm and inviting, the space is charming, and we've found the program to be stimulating without being overwhelming. It just happens to fit us all really well. We knew immediately is was just the perfect place for us. Karen