Merritt College Preschool

Oakland, CA

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Merritt College
Oakland Hills on Campus Dr.
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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Operated by Merritt College;

There is also a Childcare Center - (capacity = 98) : License # 010206141 

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2009

anyone have any experience with this preschool? the last info on this is several years old. my kids qualify for the full time, on campus children's center preschool which also works with the lab preschool on campus. would love to have any parent feedback especially on issues regarding LGBT families, racial diversity, how positive was their kids' experiences, etc. single dad

our son just finished his first year at Merritt Collage lab and he loves it.He was 3 when he started and will go back in fall.It's a great place for them and he learned a lot.Miss Patricia who runs the place is wonderfull and is so good with kids.But all the people there are so helpfull and always friendly.It's a mix of so many nationalities so yes no problems for mixed kids like ours.We definitly recommand the place.(just got back from famillyday there and that was great too) michelle

May 2002

Has anyone had any experience with the Merritt College Laboratory Preschool? We'd like to send our daughter to their morning program next fall.

I highly recommend their program. Both of my children went there from age 3 to 5. Their daycare has been taking the preschoolers to Merritt College for over 10 years. The children are in a very safe, positive and friendly environment, with various activities they can participant in. Although, the program is only for two mornings per week, the children learn and do a lot there. My daughter, who's almost 12 years old now, still has fond memories from the time she spent there. If you'd like more input about the program, I'd be happy to talk to you. Susan