Mary Miles Family Day Care

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Mary Miles & Mitchell Tarver
(510) 482-4337 or (510) 299-1401
Glenview/Montclair on Park Blvd.
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Parent Reviews

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April 2014

My son is 3.5 y.o. and has been attending Mary Myles for about a year in a half. When I drop him off in the morning he is always excited to be there. The kids day's are well structured, circle time in the morning and an activity: yoga, Spanish, music, art or sharing depending on the day of the week. Following lunch and nap time, there is another circle time, snack and free play. The kids are taken outside to play at least 2 times a day. They are split into to 2 different groups: Caterpillars (2 and 3 year olds) and Butterflies(4 and 5 year olds.) My son is a caterpillar and has learned great life skills: putting on shoes and socks, looking someone in the eye when they speak to him, saying please and thank you, ABC's and their sounds. The butterflies work on kindergarten readiness, get to go on field trips, and further independence skills. Mary has retired and her son Mitchell has taken over. While Mitchell does ''run the show'', Mary comes down to visit the kids. There are also 3-4 other caretaker's there every day. I love that Mary Myles is a loving, caring family environment and know that he is getting the best care. My husband really likes that my son is being taught by male role model. I highly recommend Mary Myles Family Day Care.

Oct 2010

We sent both of our daughters to Mary Miles from the time they ''graduated'' from a nanny-share to the time they went to Kindergarten. She offers the benefits of a home-based day-care--including the smaller numbers and the opportunity to really get to know the other families along with the benefits of a pre-school. Both of our girls were completely ready to enter Kindergarten and succeed. She helps provide the most basic building blocks of success to Kindergarten--socialization and self-confidence. I highly recommend her.

August 2009

My 5 year old son is Transitioning to the ''big K'' after 3 successful years with the Mary Miles family..He is taking with him the confidence and interpersonal skills that developed with a consistent group of children and an nurturing environment. It is a divirse group of kids and parents. Performing and recognizing ''Acts of Kindness'' is an overlaying theme.. and creativity highly encouraged. My two year old daughter is continuing her adventure with Mary Miles and is looking forward to meeting new friends. I highly reccommend Mary Miles and her Lead Teacher Rachel--- wonderful people.. Contact: Mary Miles, 510-482-4337

Feb 2007

Can anyone tell me about their experience with Mary Miles Preschool? A friend of mine recommended it to us, and said that it is mainly word-of-mouth which is probably why it is hard to find any info on it. Thanks so much. alexandra

My daughter was at Mary\x92s for 2 years, and it was a wonderful experience for us. We still go back there a few times a year to visit and conduct art projects with the kids. Mary is the most nurturing, understanding caregiver you can ask for, and she works with a commitment for your child and your family. Rachel, the teacher, keeps the kids under control with the utmost amount of patience. (I wish I could bottle it!) It is a great introduction to a group environment for the little ones in a home, play-based setting, where there is a priority placed on kindness and respect toward others. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Karolyn

Feb 2005

Anyone have experiences--good or bad-- with Mary Miles preschool (on Park Blvd in Oakland)? Thanks! Kerrie

My daughter will be 4 in April and has been at Mary's for almost 2 years. I can't say enough good things about Mary and the environment she creates for the children - and the parents! She does such a nice job of bringing the various age groups together (2 - 5yrs) and I credit my daughter's experience there for preparing her to be a loving, helpful and thoughtful big sister. The children work together at times, and are split up by age/capabilities for other activities. One thing I really love is that Mary values input from the parents regarding their own child's needs, specific activities and the program as a whole.If you are looking for a small environment that provides daycare as well as some preschool elements, this is a great place. (Personally, I'm turned off by the larger, well-known preschools who seem to care more about the business they're running than the individual child.) If you want to ask me any other question, please feel free to contact me. Karolyn C

July 2004

There are a few openings in the family daycare my daughter has attended for the past year. Mary Miles Family Day Care is in Glenview (Oakland) and is such a nurturing, creative & positive childcare solution for kids 2y+. The school is licensed & well-established, the class size is small, & the ratio (teachers:kids) is excellent. Mary & her staff are attentive, warm & knowledgable caregivers who gently teach kindness, respect & responsibility, plus a whole host of other things (the kids, 2-5y, are learning about our solar system through a skit!) It is such a comfortable environment; when I bring my 3yo, I feel like she is with family. Other bonuses include a music teacher, field trips and gymnastics class for the older kids, and this summer: swimming lessons at Haufler Aquatics! (all optional) I was nervous about switching from a nanny to daycare - Mary and her staff made me feel comfortable, valued & always welcome. Please do not call between 1pm & 3pm Contact: Mary Miles, 510-482-4337