Marin Day School Spear St

San Francisco, CA

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Childcare Center,
DSS Facility License #
Bright Horizons Children's Centers
spearstreet [at]
San Francisco
Embarcadero, 345 Spear St.
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
0 months - 60 months
7:30am - 6:00pm
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The teachers here are fantastic! It's difficult to get into (especially if you aren't affiliated with Google or Gap), but not impossible. We went on the waitlist as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and did get our baby in at 5 months. We have both children in the program now and have loved each stage. Even the babies have a curriculum and do neat sensory activities.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Nov 2008

Re: Preschools serving organic food in Fremont/SF

Try Marin Day Schools in San Francisco. They have a lunch (optional) delivery from Chefables, an organic lunch program for pre-schools. I love Chefables, the cost is about $5.00 a day, but worth it. Or, just contact Chefables and ask them who they deliver to. anon


I checked into daycare in SF. I found Marin Day School to be a great place. It is pricey- $1200 for pre-preschool. The waiting list is long also. We decided to find something near home due to cost.

They have a couple of schools located in the Embarcadaro area (one on Spear and one on Harrison). 2 Harrison St # 150 San Francisco, CA (415) 777-9696 220 Spear St San Francisco, CA (415) 777-2081 Good Luck! Lisa