Mama Shelley's Daycare

Oakland, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Michelle Myers
510-268-0071 or 510-830-9131
ytspyder [at]
Lake Merritt
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0 months - 36 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2015

We can't say enough about Mama Shelley's Daycare. Our 2 boys have been with her since they were 4 mos and 2 yrs old. We chose Mama Shelley for the loving, nurturing, positive, playful environment and consistent care they would get. Mama Shelley uses a cane, but we haven’t found this to compromise her capability to care for our kids. Each day they go to different parks, and occasional outings to museums and other kid-friendly spots. She has taught our older son colors, numbers, the alphabet, new songs (they're constantly listening to and playing music), & helped him express his emotions. Mama Shelley talks to kids in such a positive way; we've looked to her for tips on how to handle the normal challenges that come as kids gain mobility and independence! W can see how much they truly love being with her, evident by the big hugs exchanged at the end of the day. She encourages their curiosity, creativity (lots of art projects), and independence, while teaching them manners, patience, and respect. We were so lucky to find her, and can't recommend her daycare more highly. Please feel free to contact me!

Jan 2014

Mama Shelley's Daycare is simply wonderful. Our daughter has been going to Mama Shelley's for the past year and a half, since she was 5 months old. It's a small home-based daycare, so the children get lots of individual attention and tons of hugs. Michelle, aka Mama Shelley, clearly, truly loves the children she cares for and she provides a family-like environment that our daughter is thriving in. They read lots of books, do activities like crafting, go to the playground, and occasionally go on field trips to places like a pumpkin patch for Halloween. Michelle encourages children to learn for themselves, fostering confidence and a spirit of independence, while still setting healthy boundaries and, of course, lending her help when it's needed. She is very patient and very skilled at redirecting and/or comforting an upset little one. A year ago our family moved from Oakland to Alameda, but rather than try to find a daycare closer to home, we chose to drive 20 minutes each way because we are so happy with the care she gives our daughter. I would highly recommend Mama Shelley's Daycare. beth

Aug 2013

Our daughter loves Mama Shelley's daycare. Michelle purposefully takes kids of different ages, so they learn from (and admire) the older kids and learn to help and be patient with the little ones. Michelle has a wonderful emotional connection to the kids and deeply understands what each one needs to feel safe and loved. They do regular 'family' things, like go grocery shopping and to the laundromat. She cooks them organic lunches and snacks, and they get to be involved in every aspect of home life (which they love). I have learned a lot as a parent from watching how Michelle interacts with the kids, and she has been wonderful about communicating about our daughter's needs, offering advice, helping with potty training, etc. I love the familial, casual nature of Mama Shelley's and it always feels like I'm dropping her off at a friend's house for the day. There is a super sweet cohort of kids there right now, and she's looking to add one or two more to the dance party.

May 2011

I can't rave enough about my daycare provider, Michelle Myers (aka Mama Shelley). Both of my kids (3 yr.old/1 yr. old)have been with Michelle since they were 3 months old and as a result are well adjusted, secure, confident and happy children. I'm a therapist and when I went back to work I was extremely nervous about finding the right daycare situation for my child. My work has taught me that secure attachments are crucial to early childhood development and I wanted someone who would be able to provide a healthy attachment for my kids while they were away from me and my husband during the day. Michelle does exactly that; the kids feel loved, safe, secure and attuned to and as a result they have thrived. My daughter tells me all the time how much she loves Mama Shelley and how she will miss her when she starts preschool in August. I couldn't be happier as parent and could talk for hours about Michelle's excellent care if you need more information. Michelle has openings now and she can be reached at 510-268-0071 or 510-830-9131.

Nov 2010

Lucky you: there is an opening at Mama Shelley's daycare for a toddler! We absolutely love Michelle (Mama Shelley) - she runs a home-based, family-style daycare that is everything we could want for our 17-month-old. Michelle is warm and loving toward all the kids - we talk about Mama Shelley's being our baby's ''second family'' - and she is very flexible with schedules, dietary restrictions, and different kids' developmental needs. It seems like every day, our daughter comes back having learned something new. Anne

Oct 2010

We are so thankful that our daughter gets to spend her days with Michelle at Mama Shelley's daycare. The reason I originally chose Mama Shelley's is the same reason I'm still happy there today: it's like our daughter's second family. I went back to work after five months off, and needless to say it was stressful to leave her with someone else. From the beginning, the other kids were so excited to have her there, and Michelle emailed photos and updates - a real relief for a new mom. The big advantage of Michelle over another, larger daycare is flexibility - she was one of the ONLY places I looked that was ok with cloth diapers and vegetarian food, she can tailor the day's activities around the kids, and she has the time to give everyone individual attention. She is also very reasonably priced. Right now there's a two year old, our 16-month old, and an infant - I believe she's trying to get another toddler or two. Come join the fun!

August 2010

Our wonderful daycare provider has an opening in the Lake Merritt area. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter has been with Michelle (Mama Shelley) since she was 3 months old and now our 3 month old son is starting with her as well. Michelle is an incredible daycare provider, always sensitive to each of her kids' needs and developmental stages. She is fun-loving and extremely creative as we have a wonderful collection of art projects and sweet mother/father's day cards and gifts. Michelle's kids are happy and well adjusted in their 'daycare family.' If you want more information about the daycare please contact Michelle Myers (510) 268-0071 and if you want a more detailed recommendation you can e-mail me - nova Thanks!

June 2009

We started working with Michelle (Mama Shelley) when our daughter was 3 months old. My transition back to work was stressful, I was nervous about leaving her with 'just anyone' but I knew I wanted a warm, caring person who she could attach to in a healthy way while she was away from us. Our girl is now 1.5 years old and is a thriving toddler. Michelle has been an amazing part of our daughter's development, she has been attuned to her needs while balancing the other wonderful kids' needs in her daycare. She is loving yet great with boundaries and discipline and incorporates music, art and play into the daily routine. The end result are happy kids with a good sense of self-confidence and awareness. She has two openings at the end of summer, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or call Michelle at 510-268-0071. Love this daycare!!! Contact: Michelle Myers, 510-286-0071

Jan 2008

I highly recommend Michelle Myers and her little daycare. I am also a daycare provider and I enjoyed watching her with her daycare kids. She is very warm and affectionate with the kids in her care. Provides nutritional meals for them. She also takes them out for field trips.. Michelle has FULL TIME spaces available for ONE years old only. Contact: Michelle Myers, 268-0071

Oct 2007

We recently started our 22 month old son at Mama Shelly's Day Care right near the Lakeshore shopping district. We really like her and the very high quality of care she provides and would love to see another 2 year old or two there for Elijah to play with. Currently, there is a 6 m.o., a 17 m.o., and our son. Michelle is great with the children - she gives a lot of individualized attention, educates herself about each child's needs (really - she uses the internet and a care providers yahoo group often), serves organic food, is warm and affectionate yet clear with boundaries and rules, and loves to do art plus she is very affordable. Our only ''concern'' is that we'd love another age peer for Elijah. Is it you??? Feel free to call me or to contact Mama Shelly (Michelle Myers) directly: 510.268.0071
Jennifer L

Sept 2007

From the day that we dropped our daughter off at Mama Shelley's Day Care as a 4-month-old, Michelle Myers has been a caring and loving member of our extended family. Michelle has many attributes that make her home a welcome environment for children. She showed unlimited patience when our daughter was a colicky infant. She read with our daughter, involved her in arts and crafts and helped us as parents teach her the simple things, like baby signs, her colors and numbers. Most of all, she developed a strong, loving bond with her as they spent the next 2  years together. We felt so comfortable with Michelle that despite our daughter going off to pre-school, Michelle remains with us as she watches over our most recent addition, our 5-month-old son. You can contact Michelle Myers directly at (510) 268-0071 or at ytspyder[at] Feel free to contact me also if you have any questions. Contact: Michelle Myers, (510) 268-0071

April 2004

I LOVE my home daycare provider!!!!! I would like to highly recommend to anyone seeking daycare in the Lake Merritt area -Mama Shelley's Daycare. Michelle Myers runs a small home daycare with very individualized attention. She is the mother of a 2 year old son and very interested in developing and stimulating young minds. Upon returning to work I had to put my 5 month old into daycare. Like most new mothers I was nervous to leave my child and contemplated the various options. Shelley has made that transition very easy since I do not worry throughout the day as to the well being of my daughter. I know my daughter is safe, happy and gets plenty of attention. Plus Shelly has been great in giving me good feedback as to what my child does throughout the day and milestones. If you need daycare you must check her out!!!! Please contact her directly. Michelle Myers (510) 268-0071 or YtSpyder at