Seeking a Preschool that Serves Lunch

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Pre-school with home-cooked food?

Nov 2013

I am looking for a pre-school that offers food, not just cookies. Our son is 2.7 years old and he goes to Cheburashka, a home-based day-care that includes daily home-cooked soup, fruits, among its several healthy meals. We love it down there and we are looking for a pre-school with similar menu. I was wondering if anybody knows any pre-school that includes meals, preferably cooked ones, in Berkeley, Albany, or Kensington? Victoria

Try Pickles Preschool in Albany. My son loved the family style home cooked meals there. I don't know if their offerings are still primarily vegetarian, but that was OK with us. Pickles is a warm, small, family-run preschool. My son is now in middle school and still remembers it fondly. Like family meals

I am a parent and teacher at Berkeley Urban Garden School that offers fresh cooked meals daily. These include soups, lentils, Moroccan stew, and more that are mostly organic as well as fruits and vegetables from our own garden. We are a small preschool located in West Berkeley and currently have a limited part time spot available. Claire

Claremont Nursery School (multiple campuses) offers hot lunches as part of the tuition. My son went to Claremont in Kensington for 2 years, and we loved it. We plan on sending our younger son there when he is old enough. The teachers all love each and every child -- not just the ones in their classrooms. It's a great community of educators and families. They offer nutritious snacks and lunches. All of the children sit down to lunch together, which helped my picky eater try new things, which I never would have imagined serving him and which make his kindergarten lunches now much more varied. The children also learn good table manners, cleaning up after themselves, etc. Claremont does allow treats and sugar, but there is not an emphasis on them. We found it balanced. anon

Any Oakland area preschools that serve lunch?

Feb 2013

I am looking for an Oakland area preschool that serves lunch. The only ones I've found are Chatham and Tukora. I'm a busy working mother and having a preschool serve my child lunch is a definite plus in choosing a preschool. Samantha H

BlueSkies for Children in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland ( serves a full lineup of nutritious meals--breakfast, lunch, and snacks--all made from scratch in house (with different menus for the different age levels). Most BlueSkies parents work full time and the school is set up to serve working families. Providing meals is part of this, but also being open from 7:30am to 6:00 pm, only closing for one week of vacation a year, and scheduling school meetings in the evening (with childcare). While these conveniences come in handy for working parents, the best thing about BlueSkies is that it is a wonderfully nurturing and engaging environment for the kids. Our daughter has been at BlueSkies since she was 5 months old, and we intend for her to stay through Pre-K. The teachers are amazingly committed and skilled; the facilities are designed to meet the developmental needs of children; and the community is diverse and welcoming. I toured all of the full service childcare centers in Oakland and BlueSkies was absolutely the best around. Happy BlueSkies Family

Claremont Day Nursery serves lunch. They have two campuses - one on College Ave in Rockridge and another at Claremont and Woolsey. There's also a very small preschool called Growing Circles near Piedmont Ave that (I think!) serves lunch too. We looked at A LOT of preschools

My daughter attends Grand Lake Montessori and they offer a hot organic lunch program, which is made on sight, 5 days a week for $5.00 per day. We did the lunch program during the summer session and my daughter loved the choices, however do home packed lunches the rest of the year to keep costs down. All the revenue also goes towards the tuition assistance program. It's a great school! happy mama

Hi busy mom! There are two preschools in my neighborhood that serve lunch... Bernice and Joes Playschool on Sunkist serve a vegetarian lunch. Took my son serveral months to get accustomed to it but he's really happy there now. Pumpkin Seed on Greenly is a great preschool too, they serve a seasonal meal with meat. Both are really great schools! If you are close to the Eastmont Hills check them out. Hope that helps and I hope you find what you are looking for . Sa.

The preschools I know of that serve lunch are Growing Circles, near Piedmont Ave and Claremont Day (2 campuses, one on Claremont and Woolsey, the other on College near the BART station). Both have positive recommendations on this website. Oakland Mama