Luna's Montessori Bilingual School

Alameda, CA

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Abigail Luna
abigail [at]
Park Av.
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Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
24 months - 72 months

Parent Q&A

  • Any more recent reviews for Luna's montessori?

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    We just bought a house 2 blocks from this school and my daughter currently attends a montessori pre-school in LA. It looks great on their website but all the reviews I've found are really dated. Has anyone been more recently? Would love any feedback!

    Thanks so much! Unfortunately the school's full for next year (bummer, it was a block from our new house) and will accept WAITLIST applications (for almost 200 bucks) starting in May. Life sure will be different in Alameda than it was in Italy (think: 700 bucks total for two kids in preschool full-time per month...).

    I'll definitely sign up to the yahoo group, thanks again!

    Welcome to Alameda. The two best online resources here are the Alameda Parents Network Yahoo Group and, so you should join them to seek reviews and connect with your new community. BPN does not tend to get many responses about Alameda schools. I can tell you that Luna has a great reputation and we know people who have been very happy there. Welcome to the Island! 

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2009

Re: Preschool for very bright 2 year old in Alameda?
I highly recommend Luna's Montessori on Park Ave. It is a lovely little, AMS certified Montessori school. It is bilinguals, which is a great way to challenge bright/gifted children. Because it is a Montessori school, the child is free to learn at her own pace. Mama of a giftie

July 2008

Just curious if a current parent of Luna's Montessori/Bilingual school can give me some feedback. I am considering placing my 3 year old twins there this fall. How has the Spanish been? have you seen a difference in your child's language? How has the nap schedule they have there worked out? Any feedback is truly appreciated. Twin Mommy

My daughter went to Luna's for about 6 months when she was age 3. We are Spanish speaking at home and I really liked the director, she was smart, organized and the place is very clean. So I was very impressed. They are also very ''montessori'' oriented, so if you are a big fan of montessori learning, you may like this place. However, there wasn't much group-work, and I felt like the kids did a lot of things at little tables independently, and there weren't many opportunites to learn social negotiations like sharing, waiting turns, cooperating, etc. And although the director (Abby Luna) is great, she isn't around very much, that I noticed. There were days I went without seeing her even once in the classrooms while I was there. Unfortunately, the Spanish just isn't a huge part of the curriculum anymore. In the beginning, they had one teacher that spoke only Spanish, but parents complained and said it was too hard for the kids to understand her, so now they do a few songs in Spanish and some vocabulary words, but not much more than other preschools like Peter Pan or Sugar-n-Spice (who also do occasional small Spanish lessons). If you are focused on a bilingual child, get a spanish speaking nanny. Bilingual mom

My son attended Luna's for several months. We are moving out of town, so he had to leave, but I have nothing but very good things to say about Luna's.

It is AIMS certified Montessori, and the philosophy can be seen throughout the school. The staff is very caring, and really know the children well. The staff will often stay after closing hours to discuss how to make the classrooms run better, or how to better serve a child. They are very dedicated and loving.

The children go on wonderful field trips--we went to the Symphony in San Francisco and the Oakland Zoo.

My child had a great deal of anxiety about being away from home, but the teachers helped him to adjust quickly and he loved his time at Luna's. Please feel free to email me with any questions. laura

May 2007

We are parents to a 3-year-old girl. We've had trouble finding good preschools in Alameda, we just got our daughter enrolled in Luna Bilingual Montessori school and it's been only a week and half and we cannot be happier. The staff and the owner are really good teachers. The facility is very airy and clean. We especially like the fact that it is a bilingual chool and she's learning Spanish every day (she's becoming a trilingual kid and that's a real treat for us). She's never been in any daycare before and we started her out with full time 9 am to 5 pm with the school and she had very little trouble adjusting. The teachers have great attitude, disciplined yet laid back just enough to be not uptight. It's a real good balance. We were worried about her transitioning into full time school mode given she's never been to day care before and is not potty trained, but she's doing both, getting potty trained and enjoying her school, her new friends and her teachers. The school is a real gem. It's a fairly new school and my daughter has not been there long but from what we saw everything is positive so far. We'd like to hear what other parents have to say about Luna's Bilingual Montessori School. vick

March 2007

Luna's Montessori is a bilingual English-Spanish preschool located in Alameda. All staff are fluent in both English and Spanish, and Spanish is taught to the children both formally and informally during the school day. However, the main ''work'' (as my daughter calls it) is done in English, and I feel that it is doing a good job of getting her ready for kindergarten. She is happy to go to school each day. The teachers all seem kind and caring toward the children, and the school is in an old Victorian house, with rooms that are spacious and bright. There is a nice play yard in the back, and I love that they serve hot lunch to the children who stay the full day. The school has space for thirty children, and I believe they currently have both full and part-time openings available.

Sept. 2006

My 3 year old is having a very difficut time adjusting to her current new preschool. It has been nearly a month and I now believe this is just not the right fit for her. I am considering moving her to Luna Montessori in Alameda. This is a new school that has just opened this Fall. Anyone currently attending or know anything about the school? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Mommy in tears, too

I have a neighbor who has her four year old at Luna Montessori and she loves it. The girl is very outgoing and comes home with books with Spanish words and pictures and seems to be having a great time. annie