Los Amigos After School

Albany, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Kathleen Marte
(510) 529-4001
kwmarte [at] att.net
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
60 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Additional Services & Features: 
K-5 afterschool available
Editors' Notes: 
  • As of July 2015, no listing was found for this license number so we assume the facility has closed. 
  • In Aug 2013, Los Amigos closed its preschool (license 013421470) and now focuses on after-school care and summer camps.

Parent Reviews

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

I want to recommend Los Amigos After School Enrichment program to families in Albany. Our daughter started last year in kindergarten and will reenroll for the coming school year. We chose it for the Spanish language exposure and for its small size, knowing our daughter would have been overwhelmed socially at larger programs. On both counts it was a terrific success. Our daughter has picked up a lot of Spanish and with the kind instruction of Kathleen Marte has moved ahead socially and academically. We have been so impressed with Kathleen's teaching skills and ability to manage the kids' dynamics. There is a nice balance of structured Spanish language activities and unstructured play. Our daughter comes home with her brain and body thoroughly exercised! The kids have formed a sweet bond with one another and with Kathleen, who clearly loves the kids and is loved in return. The kids are picked up at school and walked to Kathleen's home on Cornell which makes it great for working Albany families, though families from other towns are enrolled. If you feel your kid needs more individual attention than the average aftercare program, this may be the right one for you. Kathleen can be reached at (510) 529-4001. http://losamigosafterschool.com/about/our-school/ Happy Mom

April 2014

I would like to recommend Los Amigos Afterschool Spanish Enrichment Program to anyone looking for an afterschool/summer program where their child can learn spanish in a fun, playful and loving environment. The founder and head teacher, Kathleen Marte, is a previous elementary school teacher, with a Master's in Education and a Spanish bilingual teaching credential. Both of my children were enrolled in her Bilingual preschool for years and now attend the After School Enrichment Program. They both love it there and so do I! Los Amigos is a small, play based Spanish enrichment after school program and summer camp for entering kindergartners through 5th graders located in Albany. The children develop Spanish skills through fun lessons, stories, games, and music. The skills are reinforced through cooking, dramatic play, and art. In addition the children learn about the rich cultures of Latin America and Spain. Activities include walking field-trips and special weekly excursions. The children receive a lot attention with a 1 - 4 adult to child ratio. Please feel free to contact me with any questions - April at 510-387-0501 or contact Kathleen directly at www.losamigosafterschool.com April

Feb 2013

I highly recommend Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool in Albany - it is a small family run preschool with a max of 6 kids, which is one of the reasons we chose it 3 1/2 years ago for our now 5 year old. I didn't want him getting lost in the crowd at a big daycare & feel like he gets tons of individualized attention and love from Kathleen Marte, the owner and director. Kathleen is an amazing person! Not only does she have her Masters in Education as well as a Bilingual Teaching Credential, she is incredibly loving, playful, affectionate and completely trustworthy. My son comes home almost everyday with art he's made at Los Amigos as well as stories of the things he's learned and fun activities he's engaged in. Los Amigos has the perfect balance of structured educational and art activities and unstructured time for creative play. Our 18 month old also attends Los Amigos now and loves it just as much as his older brother. Please feel free to call me with any questions or call Kathleen Marte directly at 510-529-4001. April

Dec 2012

I just wanted to post a recommendation for Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool in Albany.

Our son was there for over two years starting at 21 months and I can't say enough great things about the director Kathleen Marte and her school. She has a very warm and loving touch, the children feel that and respond to her and her aides in an open and relaxed way. She also incorporates art, craft, music and literacy into her program with fun and natural ease and unified themes that tie and build upon everything they have done together throughout the year. We recently had to transition to another bilingual school because we wanted him to learn his father's language and his teachers at the new school were quite impressed with his spatial organization and art abilities.

She really builds an emotional connection with each and every one of her students, encourages play and discovery of nature and keeps parents connected with what is going on at school. She tries to build a community within the school and encourages independence, age appropriate social and emotional skills while being completely available when she feels that the child is in need of that. I had a two and a half wonderful, worry-free years knowing my child was in good hands. A very grateful mother

June 2012

I cannot recommend Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool enough! The Director, Kathleen Marte, is incredibly well educated and qualified in the fields of education and child development. She is very loving and caring with all the children, yet provides the structure they need to feel safe, have fun, and learn! It has been so wonderful to see my daughter's vocabulary blossom in both English and Spanish. My daughter's artistic expression in painting, drawing, crafts, dancing, singing and imagination has skyrocketed in Kathleen's care. I don't know how she does it, but Kathleen is extremely patient with the children! I've thoroughly enjoyed accompanying her and the kids on multiple, fun ''field trips'' to places like the Habitot Children's Museum, the pumpkin patch, and the Little Farm in Tilden Park. Kathleen and her school have become an integral part of our family, which is why I am so sad that we have to move out of the area and leave Los Amigos. We will miss Kathleen and her school more than words can say. It is rare that the school has an opening, because families tend to stay all the way through preschool graduation, so if you're looking for a nurturing environment as well as a high quality education for your child, contact Kathleen today. The school moved from the Richmond/El Cerrito area to Albany about 6 months ago. Find all the info and contact the school through http://www.losamigospreschool.com. Rayna

June 2011

I highly recommend Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool, a beautiful and nurturing daycare run by Kathleen Marte, in the Richmond/El Cerrito area. Kathleen has an impressive resume as an educator, and has a vast knowledge and understanding of child development. She works wonderfully with the children by facilitating art projects daily, and providing a structured early literacy curriculum (my daughter's vocabulary and language acquisition in both English and Spanish has been amazing), it clearly makes you feel so confident that you know your child is learning and having fun everyday! Kathleen is so patient with the kids, and she plans monthly field trips to provide the kids with hands on experiences at places such as; Habitot Museum, Discovery Bay Museum, Oak Zoo, etc. Los Amigos has been a wonderful daycare for my daughter!!! Thanks, Kathleen.

Nov 2010

Re: Wanted - Nurturing, high-quality preschool
Los Amigos is a wonderful preschool and daycare in the Richmond area near wildcat canyon. Kathleen is nurturing and speaks Spanish as well as enriching their days with music, dance, art and other fun projects. She has an MA and teaching credentials and public and private school experience. She is extremely safety conscious as well and caters to allergies and other special needs. Both my children attended for many years and still return to her as a sitter and dance teacher with open arms. Do not overlook Los Amigos!

Sept 2010

Our son just graduated with 3 other children from Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool in N Richmond after attending for 2 1/2 years (3 mornings per week). The entire experience has been very rewarding on many levels for all of us. Our son now understands Spanish (and occasionally speaks it), he knows his numbers, letters, can write his name and is ready and excited for kindergarten. We treasure the art projects that he has brought home from Los Amigos over the years and are grateful that he has had a fun, supportive and sound educational experience. Kathleen is a patient, loving teacher and a kind person. We whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a a preschool for their child. Karin

August 2010

I'm writing to recommend Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool, which has a few openings for the Fall. Kathleen Marte,the Director and teacher, is truly amazing! In addition to being great with kids in general, she also has her Master in Education and her Bilingual Teaching Credential. She is warm,loving,funny & takes excellent care of her kids!Her house has a great set-up with a huge backyard with fruit trees,a sandbox,lots of bicycles & other great outdoor toys.My son has been going there for a year & he just loves it.We originally chose Los Amigos because it was so close to our house-now feel so grateful that we found it & plan to keep our son there until he's ready for kindergarten.In the mornings when I drop him off, my son is so happy to be at school.He comes home with art work & lots of tales about the friends he's played with & the adventures he's had.Los Amigos is definitely a school aimed at creating a community for your child and parents as well.If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to contact me, - April
Contact: Kathleen Marte, 510-232-9024

May 2010

Lovely local preschool still has openings! Los Amigos Bilingual Preschool, a home based licensed preschool/daycare is run by Kathleen Marte. Kathleen has a Master's in Education, a Spanish bilingual teaching credential, and many years experience. She is warm and cheerful, and always includes music, dance, art, gardening, and other fun projects. I am especially grateful that she has the quick mind and athleticism that enabled her to safe my daughter's life when we first discovered her life-threatening peanut/treenut allergy! Located on 43rd St (near Roosevelt) in Richmond. Please call Kathleen at (510)232-9024 for more information and appointment. License Number: 073405203
Contact: Kathleen Marte, kwmarte [at] att.net

June 2009

Los Amigos is Lovely!
My daughter loved Kathleen when she was 1, and she survived an emergency situation thanks to Kathleen's quick thinking (we didn't know she had a severe peanut allergy!). Our daughter still adores her as a caregiver and dance teacher now that she is 5. My son is now 2 and also loves Kathleen and her Los Amigos school. He brings home an art project almost every day, plays outside, dances, sings, interacts with the other kids and is learning to speak Spanish. Kathleen has a Master's in Education and Spanish Bilingual Multiple Subject Credential. In addition to being CPR certified and prioritizing safety, she is also very loving with all the kids and very tuned into their individual needs. I highly recommend the warm and educational atmosphere at Los Amigos. Kathleen offers nanny services as well (evenings etc). Contact: Kathleen Marte, kmarte [at] sbcglobal.net

May 2009

My son has been attending Los Amigos in Richmond twice a week for about a year and a half now and we are very pleased with his progress. It was very hard for us to trust someone else with our 2 year old - only child, but Kathleen and her preschool came highly recommended and given her educational background and the fact that she is in our N neighborhood we decided to give it a try. I found Kathleen's demeanor with the children (and parents!) to be loving, supportive and positive. Her assistance in continuing the process of potty training during school hours was very helpful too. The more I get to know Kathleen as a person, the more positive I feel that she was the right choice for our son and I highly recommend Los Amigos to other parents. The locale and bi-lingual aspect initially drew us in, but it has been the loving care and interest in the development of our little one that has kept us there. Karin

Oct 2008

I would like to recommend Kathleen Marte and Los Amigos. When first trying to find a place for my son\xc2\x92s care I looked at many schools. Kathleen stood out among all of them as the warmest and most caring teacher. In addition to the loving, cozy environment, Kathleen provides the kids with wonderful early education. Kathleen has an M.A. in education and speaks fluent Spanish. She speaks Spanish to the kids all day and they learn pre-reading and pre-math skills with through play and games. While my son was transitioning from diapers, Kathleen was supportive and gave great advice, making the potty training much easier than I expected. The children dance, sing and do art every day. My son has been thriving and happy with Kathleen. I can whole heartedly recommend Los Amigos as a nurturing and educational environment. For more information contact Kathleen at 510-232-9024.

August 2008

my little girl loves going to school thanks to her teacher -Kathleen Marte - the director of Los Amigos-Kathleen teaches her students spanish by speaking, singing, reading and dancing to latin beats . She has a masters in education and creates wonderful activities for the children to participate in everyday. My little girl thrived at this place because of Kathleen's warmth, patience, and extraordinary skills as an educator. She even potty trained my girl in one day ! How amazing is that!?? sharon

May 2007

My son has been with Kathleen at Los Amigos since November. He had a tough time transitioning but Kathleen went out of her way to work with me and my son to make him comfortable. Now he does not want to leave when I come and pick him up. He brings home an art project almost every day, plays outside, dances, sings, interacts with the other kids and is learning to speak Spanish. Kathleen spoke English with him in the beginning while he was learning and now only uses Spanish unless he needs comfort. Kathleen has a Master's in Education and Spanish Bilingual Multiple Subject Credential. She is so loving with all the kids and very tuned into their individual needs. I can truly recommend the warm and educational atmosphere at Los Amigos. For more info contact Kathleen at 510-232-9024. Jillian

Nov 2006

Our son has been attending Kathleen Marte's daycare for 8 months and loves it. The children are 1-2 years old. Kathleen is caring, patient, and professional. There is a 4:1 ratio of children to caregiver, and she has a large backyard. She also has an M.A. in Education and speaks fluent Spanish to the children. We feel very lucky to have found her Contact: Kathleen Marte, 232-9024

Oct 2006

We are very sad to leave our wonderful home day care. This is a very special place, with a warm atmosphere and a teacher with years of experience in education, music, art, and dance. She's got it all! I would highly recommend Kathleen's care to any family who is looking for a loving, stimulating, and safe environment for their baby or toddler. Contact: Kathleen Marte, 232-9024
Feel free to contact me for further information. Jacqueline

August 2006

Kathleen Marte has two openings for MWF care. Our son has been going to Kathleen's for about six months and he loves it. Currently all the children are 1-2 years old. Kathleen is extremely caring, conscientious, and professional. She has an M.A. in Education and speaks to the children in fluent Spanish. Also, she charges an affordable rate. We feel lucky to have found her
Contact: Kathleen Marte, 510-232-9024