A Little World Montessori

Richmond, CA

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DSS Facility License #
Sumadra/Nadika de Alwis
(510) 412-2244
dir [at] littleworldmontessori.com
North-East Richmond on 37th St.
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
18 months - 60 months
Editors' Notes:
  • May 2021: capacity is now 49 (was 55)

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Aug 2011

I am posting a recommendation for A Little World Montessori school, which is located in North-East Richmond (on 37th street, between Nevin & McDonald). My 3 year old son, Jonas has been attending A Little World for 5 months now. He enjoys going to school very much and has made friends with all the children there. Since there, he's gotten more organized, more interested in academic learning, and has a better sense of self. The school is very large and has a great outdoor play area with lots of sade! My husband and I both work full-time so we are very please that the school offers before and after care. The rates are surprisingly afordable in comparison to other Montessori schools in the area; so, please do not be alarmed of the Montessori name. The school is rolling children 18 months - 6 years of age. They are open as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. Lai

Sept 2010

I have recommended Little World Montissori day care in Richmond to friends, only to find they have ended up pursuing the wrong 'Montessori' school. Do not confuse this school with ''Small World Montessori'' - which has a great on-line presence.

Little World is directed by Samudra, who has been teaching for many years, and believes in a small class/group size. Both she and her husband have a very rare gift of 'manifest nurture,' which children respond to and need. While I considered changing to other schools when I moved to Albany from Hercules, and I found schools with nice play structures and shelves of toys,they were not providing the creative challenges that my son thrived on. He left Little World well prepared, and at 5, was pursuing reading at his OWN insistence. He follows the lines along in books, as a cassette tape reads them (or reads along with me). He developed this magnetic attraction to challenges a few years back -at Little World. cary

Nov 2003

I am looking for a pre-school in Richmond for my grandson. He will be two on November 28. It would be such a big help if the school provided at least a partial scholarship. If anyone has information, please let me know. Thanks. Deborah

My 3 1/2 year-old attends a wonderful Montessori preschool in Richmond. It's called A Little World Montessori, and is located in the Richmond Hills, just a bit north of Barrett. The school is small, with just 12 students. Samudra DeAlwis, the teacher, has 20+ years of Montessori training, and is aided by her Montessori-trained husband. The school, her home, has all the usual Montessori materials inside, and a nice outside area with playthings and a host of small animals. They take children from ages 18 mos. to 5 or so, I believe. Samudra is very loving, and my daughter really adores her (as do the rest of the children). We've been attending for 1 year now, and my daughter has developed excellent manners, good ''writing''/drawing skills, and has really thrived. The children of 3 friends also attend, and they rave about the school, too. It is priced like other Montessori schools in the area, and I don't know about scholarships. You can contact Samudra DeAlwis at (510) 234-0666. Christine