Little Sea Turtles Daycare

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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Marian Fierro
littleseaturtles [at]
East Oakland/Mills College
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
American Sign Language,
Ages Served:
0 months - 60 months
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About the Program:

We strive to guide our littles to become confident, empathetic problem solvers. Our program is play based and expands on a child's curiosity to enrich the learning experience. Are they interested in dinosaurs? Then we will help them to learn their proper names, whether they are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores and what that means. Is baking their thing? Then they will join us in the kitchen to make tortillas, cheesecake etc. In addition they will be have a routine, practice patience and learn from their peers as well as be teachers. Join or small home based school as we guide our kiddos to succeed beyond our program and successfully transition into their next phase in life. 

Parent Reviews

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My son began to attend Little Sea Turtles in June 2016, and the experience was amazing! Natalie and Marian are amazing providers, they will treat your little one will all of the love, care, and patience they deserve. Even though my son and I had separation anxiety they were very understanding and supportive of our feelings. My son loves them! At times, it was hard for me to take him out of their arms. Also, the additional staff they have on hand are amazing as well! I highly recommend them.

Archived Q&A and Reviews


April 2013

Our son attends Little Sea Turtles and I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a safe, fun, and loving place that will help your child get ready for pre-school. Our son is 21 months, and he adds several new words to his vocabulary every week, while learning French, Spanish, and sign language there. With five children in the program, my son gets a lot of personal attention and opportunities to learn from and support younger and older children. It also has a great backyard designed for children and they're served nutritious foods every day. We're particularly delighted that he's being potty trained there. My husband and I absolutely love Ms. Marian, who runs the program. She is caring, professional, and always makes sure we know how he's progressing and how we can support his development at home. When we enrolled, we had just moved to the Bay Area and were nervous about leaving him with someone we didn't know. However, in a few days we were happy with our choice. It's clear that our son has a home away from home and we were lucky to get the last spot available. You can contact me if you have questions, or Ms. Marian can be reached at: 510-969-5175 or at littleseaturtles [at]

Feb 2011

Marian has been caring for my son since he was 6 months old and he adores her. My husband and I are pleased with the care he receives and at 16 months he is clearly thriving. He is highly communicative and has a large signing as well as speaking vocabulary. Since day one Marian has worked with him on sign, Spanish, French & English vocabulary, numbers, colors etc. The day is broken up with free play, lessons and story time. They often do arts and crafts - my son had his first experience with finger paint at 7 months! Marian provides nutritious snacks and lunches and she is very responsive to the needs of all her kids. When my son was having some health concerns she right away began reading up to become more knowledge on his condition. Every morning when we walk up to her front door my son he giggles and claps with excitement. That itself speaks volumes to how wonderful of an addition she has been to our family! Marian currently has 3 openings for toddlers or infants, Her hours are 7.45am-6pm and her rates are reasonable. If interested, please give Marian a call 510.969.5175 or email littleseaturtles [at]