Little Red Schoolhouse

Richmond, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Gloria and John Gardner
(510) 234-5966
lrshpreschool [at]
El Cerrito/Richmond View on Highland Ave.
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Ages Served: 
24 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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Pre-K program

Parent Reviews

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My daughter is now in kindergarten after being at the Little Red school house for 3 years. She is now at the top of class in reading, math and socially which is testament to the preperation that LRSH give the children before heading off to elementary school. Gloria and John go way above and beyong what you would expect from a preschool. With help from Gloria the children write stories regularly, based on recent life experiences they have and do it in child language. These make for great reading and keepsakes. My daughter always had a sense of security at LRSH and there were no "what the heck are they thinking?" type moments from the parents prospective. My girl always looked foward to going to school and still wants to visit as a graduate. Gloria is an amazing teacher and any kid who gets to experience her passion and care will absolutly benefit and be well prepared for thier next level of education.

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Dec 2014

If you live in the El Cerrito or Richmond area I highly suggest you check out The Little Red School House based in the El Cerrito Hills. We had the pleasure of having our son attending this school before he was enrolled in kindergarten at one of the El Cerrito public school. Gloria and John are two of the most amazing nurturing preschool teachers you will ever meet. Their home-based preschool has left us all with such special memories.

Our son got to explore, develop interests, do art projects, prep for kindergarten, make friendships and learn how to work in a group environment All the important things that he needed to work on for his road to elementary school. As parents we got to hear of all the adventures daily at pick up and were always sent home with printed photos of what happened the previous week. Our son still loves flipping through all those photos and recalling days at LRSH. The performances that are coordinated for each special unit they study will be bring joyous tears to parents eyes!! Oh how we miss those performances! Everything about them is so special.

Also this year Gloria received an award for ''Preschool Teachers Make a Difference''. Little Red School House was picked out of 78 other nominated schools throughout the bay area! Please take a moment to check out the article below:

If you have a little one the road to preschool please check out Little Red School House. email: lrshpreschool [at] Phone:(510) 234-5966 Erika

Aug 2013


Gloria is a one-of-a-kind preschool teacher! Her comprehensive curriculum she has designed fully prepares each child for kindergarten. She is dedicated to supporting each child's special learning needs. Two times a day, she facilitates circle time where the children sit, riveted, as Gloria sparks their curiosity and wonder about how the world works. Graduates have confidence and positive self-esteem, having learned academic skills and emotional coping skills. Quarterly, Gloria hosts family parties where parents observe their child's progress as demonstrated in units of study such as ''The Wild, Wild West'' and ''Twinkle Land''. During these parties, parents have an opportunity to socialize with other parents, resulting in valuable play dates. Gloria teaches literature, history, music, art, math and science with the children, and shows them magic tricks. My two children, speak vividly about all of the activities they enjoyed, cooking projects, making leaf cookies, singing songs written by Gloria, riding hot wheels in the backyard, learning a variety of languages, Spanish, Japanese, and Sign Language. Weekly, Gloria has provided us with a packet of photos that captures their joy, and with her shorthand skills, she thoughtfully records their stories, all of which are treasured. Call Gloria at 234-5966 for more info. AW

July 2013

Our daughter has attended the Little Red Schoolhouse for the past three years, and we have loved it there. I highly recommend a visit to anyone seeking a wonderful preschool experience for their child. The preschool is home-based in a quiet neighborhood just above Arlington Blvd. in the Richmond hills. It is run by Gloria Gardner and her husband John Gardner. Gloria is the head teacher, and does amazing work with the children. The Little Red Schoolhouse has been open for over 30 years, and Gloria was a public school teacher in Berkeley before opening her preschool. There are so many wonderful things about this preschool, but here are a few highlights: Daily ''Kids Meeting'' with wonderful lessons including strong science content; integrated units of study which teach spoken vocabulary, songs and sign language; great outdoor play space; strong pre-K work for the older students (excellent preparation for kindergarten); wide range of materials for the children to explore; photos sent home each week chronicling your child's experiences at school; and lastly, a loving teacher who is passionate about teaching and learning. You can get more info at their website at: Rachel

Aug 2012

I'd like to give a plug to The Little Red Schoolhouse, from which our daughter just ''graduated'' to go to kindergarten. I can't say enough good things about Little Red. Gloria Gardner has been teaching preschool for decades and has developed her own curriculum, which is absolutely terrific. The children do a variety of activities, games, and learning units, as well as art, dancing, singing, and lots of free outdoor play. They also learn quite a bit of sign language as well. John Gardner is an accomplished cellist and plays music for the children to dance to. We wish we'd known about Little Red when we were seeking preschool for our older daughter. She went to a pretty well-regarded preschool in the Lamorinda area, but after seeing the incredible experience our younger daughter has had at LRSH, we wish we could have had them both there! It's a gem. They're in the Richmond hills, on the Arlington just north of the El Cerrito border (510-234-5966; Margie

July 2011

Re: Seeking excellent Pre K program with 2011 openings
We will be so sad to leave the amazing Little Red Schoolhouse as our daughter turns 5, and begins kindergarten. Gloria's decades of teaching experience, her multi-sensory lessons, and use of original songs, sign language, and dramatics with her students have been a highlight of our child's toddler, and pre-school years. John's cello playing for the children, his reading to them, and his gentle assistance with crafts, games (indoor, and out), and play add to the children's feelings of joy, and security. The pack of photos they give you every Monday of your child's previous week take the sting out of returning to work, and leaving your child for the day. Shall I mention the amazing events/performances? They sponsor the Little Red Apolis yearly with Big Wheel races, and ''driver'' biographies, they have multiple presentations around seasonal observations (a nut party, or other Fall theme for instance), and different units throughout including in past years Japan which included Children's Day, The Rainforest which included learning many animal names in Portuguese, Long, Long, Ago-- from the Big Bang, through pre-historic anthropology. Each unit includes sign language vocabulary, languages from geographical/cultural subjects, often with songs in foreign languages, or with sign accompaniment, and amazing craft projects. Gloria is creative, endlessly patient, has the personality required to be permanently enthusiastic in a room full of young children, and is a person of tremendous character. The class size is small-- I think around 10-12 total with several being part-time, and their hours are great: 7:30am-6pm. They are up in the Richmond hills, near the El Cerrito border, and have a lovely home, with a sweet yard. They usually sponsor visits in Winter, and accept students by early Spring, but a family with 2 children in the class moved unexpectedly, and so they have openings. Here's their phone (510) 234-5966, and their link: Beryle

June 2011

Re: Structured preschool for 3.5 year old girl
From everything you said in your message, I think my daughter's preschool, Little Red Schoolhouse, might be an excellent fit for your daughter. She is also 3 1/2, and she is so happy there! I just posted a recommendation in the last newsletter, so you get can more details there or in the BPN archives. They are located in the Richmond hills, along the Arlington, near the EC border. Their website is You can also email me for more info. Rachel

June 2011

Gloria and John Gardner have created a wonderful environment for promoting social interaction and the joy of learning within our two children's lives. Thoughtful themes in subjects as Nature, Geography, and History run concurrent to learning projects that include baking, singing, sign language, sewing, dramatics and an endless array of art projects contribute to creating a foundation that learning is fun. We could not be more pleased with the care and education LRSH has provided for our children. Pleased Parent Matt

April 2011

Little Red School House a gem of a pre-school located in the El Cerrito/Richmond View Hills Gloria and John Gardner have created a wonderful environment for promoting social interaction and the joy of learning within our two children's lives. Thoughtful themes in such subjects as Nature, Geography, and History run concurrent to learning projects that include baking, singing, sign language, sewing, dramatics and endless array of art projects contribute to creating a foundation that learning is fun. We could not be more pleased with the care and education LRSH has provided for our children. Pleased Parent

Sept 2008

Little Red Schoolhouse - Best Bang for your Buck
The Little Red Schoolhouse( the Richmond View area (off of the Arlington) has been a phenomenal place of learning for my 3 daughters who have attended from 2004-present. The head teacher, Gloria Gardner, constantly infuses new content and learning into her curriculum. They learn in great detail about topics such as Italy, the Amazon, Space, and so much more. Each lesson plan is well thought out and comprehensive and the children do cooking related to the theme, learn signs, songs in other languages, and art projects. My girls have developed a love for learning from Gloria. ah

Jan 2005

Re: Part-time affordable non-coop?
We have found the little red schoolhouse in richmond view (near el cerrito border off arlington ave) very affordable and with an inclusive environment and very interesting and active program. our son (3 this weekend) enjoys it a few mornings a week and the kids are very gentle, sweet, affectionate, and verbalize well in conflicts. Our son is thriving there, and it is a bargain financially. carol

Oct 2004

My twins spent almost 4 years at the Little Red Schoolhouse and loved it - so did I. Every few months a new unit is begun e.g., China, Australia, Early Settlers/Native Americans, etc. and the kids do art and cooking, learn language and cultural issues etc. on that theme (in 4 years no unit was repeated!). Simple science experiments at circle time each morning stimulate creative thinking. I could go on and on. My kids were remarkably well prepared for kindergarten, both academically and socially, and three years later still clamor to visit Gloria whenever possible. It's tremendous value for the relatively inexpensive cost.
Contact: Gloria Gardner, 510-234-5966

Oct 2004

My daughter has attended Little Red Schoolhouse for one year (from age 2.9 to 3.9) and we're so pleased this little preschool.

Part-time and full-time care is available, prices are reasonable, and there is a good balance between playtime and learning new skills to prepare children for kindergarten. In addition to science, language arts, and math skills, the children learn ASL, participate in theatricals, and do cooking projects together. Gloria, a former schoolteacher, is creative and inspired in her approach to teaching children.

My seven-year-old second grader is jealous of how much fun his sister has there.

They are located just off the Arlington near the El Cerrito/Richmond border.
Contact: John and Gloria Gardner, 510-234-5966

Jan 2004

Re: Affordable Pre-school for Toddler
Try Little Red Schoolhouse in Richmond, off of the Arlington. The cost is about $150 each week for full-time care, 7:30-6:00. It is a daycare with a preschool curriculum. It has been a good program for my 2 children. Director: Gloria Gardner 234-5966 jc

Nov. 2003

Re: Preschool in Richmond
Try Little Red Schoolhouse, off the Arlington, in Richmond, 234- 5966. They may not have scholarships, but they are pretty modestly priced, about $30 for a full-day. anon

October 2003

Re: Small part-time preschool
Little Red Schoolhouse is located on the El Cerrito/Richmond border one block from the Arlington. My 2.5 year old daughter just started there, loves the teachers and is making lots of new friends. It's been in business for over 20 years and is a warm nurturing environment. Gloria Gardner, 510-234-5966.
--big fan of small preschools


The Little Red Schoolhouse has openings for the summer. They are located in Richmond at 6344 Highland which is just off the Arlington. The age range is 2 -5. There is a strong possiblity for long term. Their hours are flexible M-F, 7:30a.m. - 6:00 p.m. It is a great place run by Gloria and John Gardner. They offer an interesting program with lots of play time. They can be reached at 234-5966. My two daughters (9 & 5) both attended there from age 2.5 on! Kathy