Little Munchkins Academy

Hercules, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Sarah Kazmi
(510) 245-0678
Hercules on Tanager Way
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Sept 2007

This is a recommendation for the family relocating to Hercules that has a 2 year old & is looking for daycare or anyone else in Hercules. Little Munchkins is the name of the facility & it is a warm & nurturing place.My son(who will be 2 in February)loves it there & often cries when we leave,LOL.There are 2 boys who are just approaching 2(in a few weeks)& 2 sweet girls who are about 2.5.It is a nice group of kids, there are older ones too but most are in kindergarten most of the day. The teacher Sarah is calm,competent,gentle and professional and her helpers are very nice as well. Also, Sarah has 3 daughters that the kids all love, my son sure does.Sarah emphasizes respect for others & reading is is a big part of her program. There is circle time and songs.Her backyard is spacious and stimulating and she has great toys, inside and out.I had switched daycares after a bad experience & my son (at 15 months & not a lot of words yet)was saying thank you after 2 weeks in this daycare.She is going for Natl Accreditation & on the last inspection got a very near perfect score & they look at everything. Contact: Sarah, 510-245-0678

July 2007

I feel SO lucky to have found Little Munchkins.All the warmth,fun,structure & learning that many places claim (but don't deliver,I've sadly learned @ my son's last daycare)is here in abundance.The owner Sarah is so pleasant & calm & this is transmitted to the students.Sarah has 3 school age daughters of her own who are all great with the children and her helpers are terrific college kids that have lots of energy and patience as well.Manners and respect for others is stressed, really.It is SO clean, there are fantastic toys (not just the usual stuff)hundreds of books & the outside play area is HUGE with more great toys!My 16mo son has blossomed in the 5 weeks he's been there. He uses Thank You in context(almost overnight)& is pleasant in the evenings now, not cranky.E-mail me if you want any more details about my son's actual experiences or just call Sarah to check it out. Contact: Sarah, 510-245-0678