Little Foot Family Daycare

Richmond, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Mirian Barboza
rmsxodo [at]
Lowell St.
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • (July 2014) CCLD lists this daycare as "Closed"

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July 2010

I wish to recommend LITTLEFOOT FAMILY DAYCARE as a wonderful daycare that has openings available now for newborn through age 5. My 2 children have been very happy with Mamai's care which includes healthy snacks and home cooked meals, large indoor and outdoor play areas, music class, age appropriate socialization and early education, and potty training. Littlefoot is open Monday through Friday 7am - 6pm. Mamai has been operating her daycare for 12 years and has a special way with children. Littlefoot is centrally located near highway 80 in a quiet part of Richmond. Mamai will give you contact info of her many current and former families to get references from and talk directly to. Contact: Mirian Barboza 510-778-9258

July 2010

Little Foot Family Daycare (Mirian) has been my daughter's home during the day for the last 3.5 years. Though my daughter has now moved on to preschool, thanks to her time at Little Foot Family Daycare she is easily transitioning. Mirian has lovingly cared for my daughter since she was 4- months old. I trust her completely. She teaches children the importance of getting along with others and treating each other with respect. It is a play-based environment with a huge backyard filled with toys. She provides nutritious home cooked meals so you don't have one more thing to worry about. Mirian potty-trains, does arts and crafts and some numbers and letters work with the kids- depending on their age. I can't say enough good things about her and her family. She has openings due to kids moving on to preschool or moving out of the area. She can be reached at her NEW NUMBER at (Mirian)510.778.9258. Her hours are 7am-6pm. Tiffany

March 2010

My daughter has been at Little Foot Family Daycare since she was 4 months old (she's now 3 1/2). I can not say enough about how wonderful Mirian (Mamai) is with my daughter and the other children in her care. She treats them (and the parents) as if they're family. It's a very social environment for the kids. She is fun, energetic and lets kids be kids but also teaches them how to play well with others, be courteous, and when to pay attention. It was hard finding someone to trust my child to and I definitely made the right choice. She has a huge backyard filled with enough toys to keep any child happy. Though it's play-based, they also have art and music related activities. She teaches some basic letters and numbers depending on the childs age. She has a few children moving on to preschool or out of the area and currently has openings. I can not recommend her enough. Feel free to contact me or call her at 510.232.5071. Tiffany

March 2009

Mirian, ''Mamai'', offers a wonderful home away from home for the young child. My first daughter started there at 2 and my 2nd daughter has been there since she was 2 months old. Mamai provides a safe and caring environment where my children have thrived. She provides healthy and delicious home cooked meals and snacks, full and part time hours, and her schedule is working parent friendly. Little Foot is close to Hwy 80 and San Pablo Avenue. In addition to being an intimate place for a young child to make their early advances, it is also one of the most affordable in the area. Little Foot is a little gem of a daycare and Mamai's years of experience working with children is evidenced daily. If you are interested contact Mamai and she will put you in contact with me or other parents. 
Contact: Mirian Barboza, 510-232-5071

Sept 2008

I would just like to recommend Little Foot Family Day care in Richmond. Our 18 month old daughter has been there almost a year and loves it at this home day care. Miriam takes care of kids ages 0-6 and has been so loving and caring to our daughter and all of the other kids there. She has a huge backyard play area full of toys, games, and activities and my daughter is even learning Portuguese. Mirian cooks nutritious meals for them everyday and has a music teacher that comes in once per week to teach songs and play instruments. She is open and flexible to schedules and other needs so if you are looking for a home daycare in the area, I highly recommend her. Feel free to contact me with further questions. 

Sept 2008

The home based daycare I take my little one to has openings. Miriam is great with kids and has a lovely home with a nice back yard. She also provides meals and snacks for the kids. Contact: Miriam Barboza, 510-232-5071

August 2008

Little Foot Family Daycare has two openings. My little one has gone there since April and we are very happy with the care he receives. It is a small home based daycare. Miriam has a huge back yard, provides all the food, and has great love for the kids. She charges $770 per month for full time. She is open 7 AM to 6 PM. Located on Lowell Street in Richmond. Her phone number is 510-232- 5071. 

Feb 2006

We are leaving the area and highly recommend Miriam at Little Foot Day Care. She is amazing and just like a mother to the small group of children. Her number is 510- 232-5071. Please call me if you have questions, we love her and are so sad to leave her wonderful care. 
Contact: Miriam at Little Foot , 510-232-5071

Sept 2005

Mirian Barboza's Littlefoot Family Daycare has been fantastic for my newborn and my 2yo. Mirian takes great care of the children and I feel extremely comfortable leaving my girls there. She is very warm and she treats the kids as if they were her own. PLUS, she is very affordable. We live in El Cerrito, but we drive all the way out to Richmond/San Pablo area for Mirian - it is worth the drive for both the incredible care and the $$$ savings. Her number is 232-5071.

April 2003

Our wonderful family daycare provider, Little Foot Daycare, will have 3 openings coming up in a few weeks, due to the families moving and my daughter joining her older sister in preschool. Mirian is a wondeful, nutruring provider offering full time care in her home in El Cerrito (easy access off the Potereo off-ramp). She provides warm, delicious home cooked meals, has a big yard for kids to play in and a separate sleeping area/rainy day house. All the families have been with Mirian since the children were tiny infants (now between 18 mos and 2.5 years) and she would like to get another group of small infants again to grow up together with her. She only takes 6 children total. I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Mirian. I truly feel a part of her family and know that we will have a lasting relationship as my daughters get older. You can contact me for more of a referral and/or call Mirian for an interview. Contact: Mirian Barboza, 235-3668

July 2001

My current day care provider (a former teacher at Nini's Place) is wonderful! Mirian Barboza is in El Cerrito and has a small family day care called Little Foot Daycare. There are rarely more than 3-4 children there and they get lots of special attention. Mirian is very warm and loving, makes great healthy home-cooked meals, takes the kids to the park near her home regularly, and the children dance and paint and play. There is a consistent schedule but not a lot of structure and it is exactly what my 23 month old needs. He is very happy and secure there and sometimes is having so much fun he doesn't want to come home. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a really homey family daycare (added plus is that our son speaks and responds to some Portuguese as Mirian is Brazilian and bilingual - nothing cuter than a two year old who says "Ciao, Mami!") Mirian can be reached at 235-3668 after 8/3 (she's on vacation now) . cyfloyd