La Casita

Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Rosa Jaramillo
(510) 527-3951
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Ages Served: 
12 months - 60 months

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2009

We are looking for a good preschool for our son in Albany, preferably one where some Spanish is spoken. I have not seen any recent reviews of La Casita (Rosa Jaramillo) or other programs. I would love to hear any feedback if possible. Grateful mom

My girls are bigger now, so I don't know if you would call this ''recent''. But finding La Casita was a HUGE deal for me. I had been a SAHM until my two daughters turned 1.5 and 3.5 and was concerned (bordering on paranoid) about finding a place they would be happy and I would feel comfortable about their security. Rosa always keeps a very good ratio of adults to children, and her home was always a home, and just felt welcoming. The older kids having separate activities and areas from the very little ones was also a relief to me. The activities were interesting and age appropriate, and the very homey atmosphere never felt chaotic. My kids went into kindergarten with a great preschool jump, knowing their letters, numbers, naming all the shapes, even writing their names and a few simple words. There is a great, well-equipped and fenced in back yard, and enough free play is scheduled to suit kids who are there for the whole day, as well as a nice nap for ALL ages in the afternoons. Even when my older one would no longer nap at home, she would still fall out right on schedule on the days she was ''at Rosa's house''. The first day I took my girls in, I planned to stay there for a couple of hours and then take them home. I had planned to do this kind of visit without drop-off twice, then leave them for a half day and see how it felt. Completely unnecessary. The first time they walked in, the girls were immediately drawn in by the friendly ladies and the activities, and I was forgotten. They seemed so excited and involved I just told them I was going to the store and left. When I came back three hours later they still didn't want to leave! My girls finally, sadly, aged out of La Casita when they were 5 and 7 and we moved. They are 9 and 11 now. But they would ask to be taken by there to say Hi to the ladies for years after. What a load off the mind of a working single mom, huh? If I'm gushing it's because I do feel very lucky my kids had that security and rich, loving preschool experience. Koko

We have had our daughter at La Casita from January of 2008, from age 3 and are extremely happy with Rosa and her family members who run the preschool. We plan to send our younger son when he is ready. It is very small (12 kids I think) and run from her own home, bilingual, and an incredibly loving and respectful atmosphere. They have a great back yard with huge climbing structure, sand, and art house, they are given home-cooked hot lunches as well as breakfasts. Just the other day an acquaintance recognized my daughter with the La Casita kids at a library, and she complimented the ladies' manner with the children and was very impressed. There are several mothers who are teachers (at least 4) who have their children in La Casita, so I feel confident the school would compare very well to others. Happy La Casita parent

My children are now 6 and 9. We loved La Casita. When I began looking for pre-schools I knew that I wanted a home environment; not a school atmosphere (I figured my children would be getting plenty of that later). La Casita was only the 2nd place that I looked. After visiting La Casita I knew that this is where I wanted my children to be. You could just feel the love from Rosa, Vicki and Pilar. These women speak to the children with such love and respect. They listen to the children. When a conflict arises it is worked out. There is structured play as well as lots of free play. My children loved the backyard. I loved the fact that this daycare goes on regular field trips. For us it was every Thursday. In the summer, Rosa signs up whoever is interested for a week of swimming lessons. I loved the hot lunches that Rosa served; they were very nutritious. I would highly recommend La Casita. Paula

March 2004

I would like to recommend Rosa Jaramillo's bilingual (Spanish and English) childcare program ''La Casita'' for 1 to 5 year olds. Rosa has been providing this loving, nurturing and educational environment with the help of her sisters for 20 years out of her home. Her house offers stimulating play areas inside and a wonderful backyard with a large climbing structure and playhouse. The children go outside every day and Rosa provides a nutritional warm lunch and snacks. La Casita's hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with a 20h/week minimum. In September some children are going on to Kindergarten and there will be some openings. My 3 years old daughter has been going there since April 2003 and loves everything about it!