Kinder Creations

Oakland, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Magic Hampton
Oakland Zoo
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  •  This daycare has closed, and the owner now operates The Wiggle Room in Brentwood.

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Archived Reviews: 

I live in East Oakland, where it can sometimes be challenging to find childcare, so now that I've found someone I'm very happy with, I thought I'd pass the recommendation along: Magic Hampton, who runs KinderCreations just off 98th (near the zoo and Bishop O'Dowd) . She has a couple of other recommendations here. Her number is (510) 382-1150; she is a former HeadStart teacher with several years of college in child development under her belt. and has been running a family daycare for six years. She was doing mainly preschoolers and afterschool care, but is now going back to just infants and young toddlers because she has a 6-month old of her own. Monika
Nov 2002

I recently started my son in an adorable little in-home childcare/pre-school program. It's called Kinder Creations and is located right off 580 across the street from Bishop O'Dowd High School (off of 98th). The school is fully licensed and has a play-based learning structure. My son instantly bonded with the 2 childcare providers. There are currently 7 children in the program - mostly boys. My son is the youngest at 16 months. The other children are 2-5 years old. There is a set schedule that they follow and will also provide you with weekly progress reports on your child's developmental milestones and any behavioral issues.

There's a large backyard nicely appointed for child play as well as a huge playroom.

They do school drop offs and pick-ups and the owner takes a few kids to an after school karate class. They also go on various field trips throughout the year.

Hours: 7:30a - 6:00p

The rates are very reasonable and the owner is willing to work with you on costs and payment arrangements if necessary.

I'm a single mom too, so the extra understanding that the owner had in terms of cost was really helpful and actually played a big part in my final decision.

For more information please call Magic or Jereka at Kinder Creations: 510-382-1150. Candace

Sept. 2002

Re: School Age Childcare 10/17-10/18?
Many parents look for alternate care providers such as Home Day Cares and afterschool programs which allow for Drop-In care. This way, if school is out for a day or a week during vacations you have a dependable place to send your school-age child. Besides if there is an emergency that person or childcare may able to pick up your child from school. I reccommend Kinder Creations Preschool and Afterschool program in Oakland. They allow for Drop in care with a (daily or hourly rate)as long as space is available and short term care (such as a week when school is out.) Please call Magic Hampton @ Kinder Creations (510) 382-1150. Magic