Harbor Bay KinderCare

Alameda, CA

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Childcare Center
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Kindercare Learning Centers LLC
(800) 709-8803
2155 N Loop Road
Maximum Capacity: 
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Ages Served: 
2 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • Infant Center license # 013412627 (capacity=24)
  • Preschool license # 013412625 (capacity=81)

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  • Alameda Kinder Care

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    Does anyone have any recent feedback on Harbor Bay Kindercare in Alameda? Does anyone recommend in infant daycare in Alameda? Looking for care for my 3 month old son.

    Thank you very much!

    RE: Alameda Kinder Care ()

    I'd love to hear feedback on KinderCare too.  We toured and got on the waitlist in September and at that time the earliest opening was June 2019.  Little Seeds/Peter Pan was full until 2020.  We started to call around in-home options and found that the end of 2019 was the earliest for when existing kiddos would age out and create an opening.  Finding care in Alameda is really tough right now - we may end up with a nanny or nanny share.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Aug 2004

My husband's employer is considering subsidizing part of the cost of care at Kinder Care Daycare Centers as an employee childcare benefit. Has anyone had any particularly good or bad experiences with a Kinder Care facility? We would most likely be using the Bay Farm KinderCare center in Alameda, so if anyone has experience there, all the better. Kelly

My son has been in a KinderCare facility for six months now and we are looking to get out ASAP. My son is now 10-months old.

I have posted several times here about my problems with their facilities, although I have never mentioned them by name. Problems include: they fail to think that infants need naps and they use the swing far too much in my opinion, and they let sick children attend on a regular basis. That is just the beginning.

They also combine rooms at the end of the day. So when the toddlers join the infants all the babies are put in swings and highchairs so they aren't trampled on by the older children. They are left there for quite some time. I have told them point blank that my son cannot be in a swing as he is too big per the manufacturers recommendation, but they still put him there. Teachers rotate in and out from room to room so there is no consistency. Once, they forgot to feed my son for the entire day when he was 5-months old.

The director hasn't repsonded to my complaints. The district manager never returned my phone calls and the corporation said they would look into it. Nothing has happened.  My whole experience with their corporation/facility has been a let down. I would not recommend them. Even if your local center is good, keep in mind the district manager is the same as the one I dealt with and that the attitude of the corporate office can be downright unhelpful.

I am constantly looking for a new daycare and have yet to find one. We do not live in the ''bay area'' proper and there are only a handful of daycares here. And the others I have seen are worse. I wish our finances allowed me to stay home as childcare has become a very frustrating and stressful event for us. disappointed with KinderCare