Kidz R People Too

Alameda, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Elizabeth Rollins-Rucker
(510) 604-6262
Alameda West End
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Parent Reviews

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Myself and husband are over the moon that we found and. Elizabeth and her daughter. They are very hands on, structured, encouraging, and down right amazing with our 3 year old son. After visiting and speaking with several schools, and daycares in the area. We were sold after 30 minutes of speaking with Ms. Elizabeth! The changes we’ve seen in our son words can’t express the amount of gratitude we have for them! We were planning to start him with a speech therapist because we were told his speech is behind and that in itself is concerning. But when we relocated to Alameda from Pleasanton and decided to relocate our sons care as well, we met with Ms. Elizabeth and decided to wait a month and see. Absolutely no need for speech therapy!?!? He’s a chatter box after just a few weeks with them. They go out daily to the park, crab cove, and recently had an amazing time at a carnival and magic show she arranged for the children. He comes home excited he goes in the morning excited, which is a major difference from before. The meals are very healthy for the children. As parents we always love to know our children are in good hands and with daily texts, pictures and videos that she sends with updates of his day. It’s truly a special place for our son and us as well. The anxiety of being a working mommy hasn’t been easy but I know when I drop our son off in the morning he’s going to be just fine. I highly recommend this center to any parents looking for quality care. On top of all of this she is affordable, and within reason. Thank you so much for all that you do Ms. Elizabeth and her daughter are the best! 

I highly recommend Kidz R People Too. I’m grateful everyday that we found Miss Elizabeth. Our daughter started there around 5.5 months and is now 17 months. Miss Elizabeth has created a very warm, relaxed environment for her kids and has a big heart for the little ones. When we drop her off each morning she gets a big smile and is excited to see Miss Elizabeth. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for better. Miss Elizabeth does different activities with the kids throughout the day including walks to the park, story time, music time and free play. She also feeds them nutritious meals throughout the day with a large variety of healthy foods. Our daughter has thrived there and enjoys the company of all her friends. I would highly recommend Miss Elizabeth to anyone!

I can not recommend Kidz R People Too highly enough. Miss Elizabeth and her team care for the children as their own and I always feel like my kids are in good hands while I’m at work, which is such a relief.

We first met Miss Elizabeth via another parent who raved about the daycare. Our son started there at 4 months old and absolutely flourished. He’s currently 4 1/2 and is confident, happy, and outgoing, partly because of the care he received, and continues to receive, at the daycare. He still goes there after preschool, which is so nice because I know he’s comfortable there. My daughter started at the daycare when she was 4 months old and she is currently 19 months. She loves it there and reaches for Miss Elizabeth whenever I drop her off in the morning. It is so nice to have someone you completely trust look after your children. We’ve developed such a little community with the other kids and parents, which I also appreciate. I highly recommend Miss Elizabeth and her daycare to anyone!

Kidz R People Too is a great in-home daycare in Alameda. Both our children have attended. Our littlest has been going there since he was 4 months, and he’s a year and a half now. He’s very happy there, as are we. My daughter always asks if she can visit Ms Elizabeth when we drop off her brother. She takes the children to the local playground, feeds them healthy lunches, plays music for them, teaches them new things, and we get photo updates. I know his days there are full of love, fun and learning. Highly recommend!!!

We love Kidz R People Too! My son started with Ms. Elizabeth when he was 4 months old and she was his daycare provider until he was 2 and a half. We had him move on to preschool so that his sister could be raised under the same loving care, in the same great environment. Both kids have thrived under Ms. Elizabeth's care and we are beyond thankful to have had our children learn from her and grow up with a community of diversity, friendship, and love. My days are instantly made better when Ms. Elizabeth sends my husband and I photos of our daughter playing with her friends. We have many photos of both kids over the years with smiles on their faces enjoying their day with the other children at Kidz R People Too. Ms Elizabeth is great about getting the kids outdoors at the park, or just going for walks in the neighborhood. She keeps the kids active and engaged all day by doing everything from yoga to arts & crafts. My favorite things about this daycare is that my kids are fed so well and they are always surrounded by music. All meals are well balanced and nurturing, Ms. Elizabeth feeds them better than I do! Throughout the day she has upbeat music for the kids to dance to, or calming music for them to fall asleep to for naptime. My children are happy, go-lucky, friendly and interactive, much credit goes to our "Momma E" <3!

We have had our daughter with Ms. Elizabeth for over a year now. She has transitioned with her from bottles to food (6 months to 16 months). Ms. Elizabeth always feeds the kids a variety of healthy meals. She creates a warm and loving environment. We are endlessly impressed with how incredibly clean and organized her in-home daycare is! We love getting photo updates of our daughter playing with toys or during their walks or picnics at the park. Our daughter has learned a variety of words and skills that we know for a fact did not come from us. We feel our daughter is safe and loved and is learning everyday.

Our daughter giggles and laughs when she sees Elizabeth every morning---really that says it all. It is easy to understand why other families have stayed and sent all their kids to her. 

I'm recommending Kidz R People Too Family Daycare in the city of Alameda; which is owned and operated by Ms. Elizabeth Rucker. Ms. Rucker is extremely personable and attentive. All of the children she facilitates, love her and her assistants.  If you're a family looking for a loving, fun, upbeat, structured daycare this is the perfect place for your child. Ms. Rucker nurtures the children so beautifully while also teaching them independence.  

My child has been enrolled in this in-home family daycare from 3 months old and is now 3 years old. His vocabulary is extensive, his personality continues to flourish, he has amazing table etiquette, and is extremely independent. He loves daycare so much! 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2013

Just wanted to recommend the daycare provider that I use part-time for my 16 month old - Kidz R People Too run by Elizabeth Rucker.

It's a small family day care (only about 4 or 5 kids), but is set up and run like a preschool - so, in my opinion, the best of both. My son loves the two caregivers there and they love him. So glad I found them. They are super affordable and usually have at least one or two openings.

Anyway, in case you're looking for Alameda (West End) day care - she doesn't do a ton of advertising, so I wanted to post here. Heather