Kids on the Path

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Masooda & Maryam Miazad
Claremont District
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Ages Served: 
3 months - 60 months

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Oct 2014

We're writing to recommend Kids on the Path Daycare, run by Masooda Miazad, to anyone looking for care for young children. Our daughter has just left after three years with Masooda, and we couldn't be happier with the level of care she has received. We'll miss her!

Masooda has about 30 years worth of child care experience and accepts kids as young as three months and as old as five years. It's an intimate, at-home operation that provides hours of free play, music, dancing, art/craft projects and the occasional outing (number of children and age permitting). Kids on the Path provides a calm setting where the kids can really get to know one another and get used to playing nicely with one another regardless of age. Our daughter has developed wonderfully under Masooda's care, especially in the areas of verbal communication, creativity and social interaction. They watch no TV, have a healthy set of snacks and meals and plenty of active play time.

In our three years, Masooda has welcomed our daughter as a member of her own family and hopes that she'll come back and visit. She's also looking to fill her slot. The location is convenient to the university (many of the parents are grad students or university staff) and affordable as well.


Our daughter started with Masooda Miazad at Kids on the Path about 6 months ago. When I was going back to work, we wanted to find somewhere that felt like ''home'', and was not institutional. After looking at many centers and in-home care options, we decided on Masooda. After an initial adjustment period that was a little rough for everyone, our daughter, now almost 1, has come to love her days with Masooda. She always has a smile when we arrive, and goes right into Masooda's arms. We also love that the home is clean, with our own pack n'play and sheets, which makes me feel better. Masooda serves great organic food, and there is a beautiful outdoor area with plants and flowers where the kids play. We are very happy with the care our daughter receives, it's the next best thing to having a family member nearby to care for her, plus she gets interaction with other kids (all under 3). It's small, personal, and warm, and the hours are great (7:30am-6pm). Plus, unlike many of the centers, there is no fee charged per minute after 6pm. We are so grateful to have found Masooda! Happy Elmwood Parents

Feb 2010

Our two sons recently started at a new daycare - Kids on the Path (new to us and newly opened, though the providers have 20+ years of experience)

Masooda and Maryam provide a loving and structured day that includes music, projects, meals and snacks, outings and naps.

They are licensed for 8 children and are currently full on the two and under age set, but are open for kids that are above two. No TV and healthy foods only, which is great for us.

Kids on the Path is open from 6:30 to 6:30 M-F (great hours!) and is very reasonably priced. It is located on Eucalyptus Path, which does mean a hike up a set of stairs each day, but I find I'm enjoying the bit of exercise at the start and end of my day and the kids take walks on the path during the day. Contact: Masood Miazad, 510-849-1040