Kidsland on Russell

Berkeley, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
David Ocampo and Maria Munoz
510 229-3548
S. Berkeley Russell/MLK
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Nov 2012

Kidsland is an exceptional place: Small, personal and loving. Each day there are unique activities led by the adults or offered in a play-based fashion including (music, magic, dancing, baseball, art, reading, puzzles, trains, cars, observing nature, conducting experiments, bicycles, etc,.). The entire day is in Spanish and there is an empahsis on positive discipline and empathy training with the kids. We feel like we are part of a large and competent family and respect the care our son recieves highly. Carmen and David, the owners, are parents themselves and are incredibly professional. There is a cook on staff who prepares nutritious and interesting organic meals. And we leave to go to work knowing our son has a rich, exciting and personal experience ahead. We recommend them highly. And the other families are interesting, approachable and friendly making for a really special community.

Sept 2012

Re: Spanish Home-Based Preschools (S. Berk or Oakland)
I suggest you reach out to Kidsland on Oregon St. They are a small family based day care that is spanish based. They are fabulous. My 3 year old daughter loves it there and is fluent in spanish as a result of their care. Not sure if they have any spots but they have a very extended family in the day care business all around Berkeley so if they don't have a spot perhaps one of their extended family does. You can reach them at 510-229-3548.

I am writing to recommend Kidsland Russell in South Berkeley as an incredibly nurturing, dynamic home preschool. Both my daughter (now in kindergarten) and son (in second grade) were part of this community from the age of four months through the age of five. This is a family run daycare/preschool with two home based sites- one for infants/ toddlers and one for ages 3-5. It is a monolingual Spanish program serving organic meals and providing outdoor play in the surrounding community on a daily basis.

My family has been incredibly fortunate to grow with the support of the Kidsland care providers and other children and families enrolled at this program. It is an active, joyful setting, full of music, art, movement, warmth and creativity. Our family was so committed to the program that we continued to commute to the school for two years after moving from Albany to San Francisco. My children have transitioned smoothly into a SFUSD elementary Spanish immersion program. We are very proud of the fact that they tested into the program as fully Spanish proficient, despite the fact that everyone at home speaks only English. Our kids' current school success is completely contingent on the love and learning they received at Kidsland Russell. This is a beautiful preschool run by thoughtful, intuitive teachers. Amy J

Kidsland Oregon is a hidden gem in South Berkeley. Located in their home near the tennis courts, grassy fields and community center at MLK and Oregon, it is run by a warm loving family oriented Spanish speaking couple. They have spaces for 0-5 year olds. There is lots of music, many art projects and even a summer fiesta/graduation with costumed kids performing the many songs and dances they have learned over the year. They serve delicious homemade food, spend time at the nearby parks and play fun games that help kids learning their letters. One week they organized a variety of science projects for the kids to watch and do. My first grader spent three years with both Kidsland Oregon as well as the preschool, Kidsland Russell, run by the couple's daughter just around the corner. And my younger son has been at Kidsland Oregon for over two 1/2 years. In addition to the lovely adults, the other kids who have been there are wonderful. I have met folks there who we still keep in touch with even years after we are not in preschool together. I love the tight knit fun loving family oriented nature of Kidsland. And I love how much Spanish my children are learning as well. Call David at 229-3548 Britt

Feb 2012

Hello, I am looking at childcare for my child who is under 1 year. I am looking into Kidsland, can anyone tell me if you have had any experiences with them? Thank you so much! Mom of infant

Just to clarify- there are two day-cares in Berkeley going by the name Kidsland. My daughter attends the one run by Carmen and David in South Berkeley and they are fabulous. I just cannot say enough good things about them. They maintain great teacher / child ratios, do really fun things with the kids, serve wonderful food and are very kind and caring. They also are bi-lingual - my daughter is fully conversant in Spanish. I think they are the ''bar'' in daycare, I think they really set the standard in how a daycare should be. happy kids land parent