Kidsland San Leandro

San Leandro, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Leticia (Lety) Ocampo
San Leandro
Castro St.
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Our daughter has been with Leti for over a year now and we are incredibly grateful to her for the wonderful care she provides.  My wife and I call her the "child whisperer" because she is absolutely amazing with children.  I have never met someone so hardworking and with so much love for kids in their heart.  Each day I see some of the older kids (our daughter is only 1 year old) leaving the daycare and they all give Leti a huge hug before leaving.  It is extremely unfortunate that we are moving and that we will have to say goodbye.  Leti is the perfect grandmotherly figure that I would have loved to have in our daughter's life till she's ready for kindergarten.  Leaving this daycare was literally the hardest and most difficult part about our move.  I can't say enough good things about Leti.  She is organized and has the perfect blend of love and discipline that I am looking for in a caretaker.  I would HIGHLY recommend Leti, hands down!!!

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Nov 2013

Re: Daycare in San Leandro? (Spanish Speaker preferred)
Try Lety Ocampo / Kidsland San Leandro, (510)355-4539. She offers everything you mentioned in your post. I still send my son to her when school is out! JB