Kiddie Kampus Parent Co-op Preschool

Alameda, CA

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Non-profit parent cooperative
kiddiekampusmembership [at]
1711 2nd st.
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33 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2012

Hi there, I recently did a tour of Kiddie Kampus Cooperative preschool in Alameda. I was drawn to it because it is the only cooperative on the Island (a co-op really appeals to me). However, I notice that feedback for the school seems really dated and was wondering whether anyone can give me more current feedback about the school? I really liked the teachers and program from what I saw, but does anyone have any insight? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks Rebecca

Both of my boys have attended Kiddie Kampus and had great experiences. The facility itself is fantastic with a light filled classroom that offers ample space and well organized supplies ranging from magnifying glasses, games, blocks, animals, trains, all manner of art supplies, dramatic play area, puzzles, small manipulatives, and plenty of fun cooking/science/creative projects that rotate daily. Outside the yard offers gardening, plenty of play structures, sand, gravel/construction zone, composting/worms, grassy area, covered outside art patio with clay and giant painting wall, not to mention bikes, scooters, and a tire swing.

The teacher and director are very engaged with the children and really promote independance, cooperation, and problem solving all through play. They are both very open to children's ideas and encourage them to explore things that interest them as well as help them to find new interests, but without pushing them. The children really respond and absorb so much when they are pursuing their interests.

I loved being a part of the school community and contributing to my children's education in such a direct way. Being in the class once a week as well as being part of the running of the school gave me tools to use as a parent as well as allowed me to get a new perspective on my children's developments. Also, it was great to know the other children and parents and day to day happenings since my preschoolers weren't exactly huge on details so it gave me the ability to really talk to them knowledgably about their day.

Happy Kamper!

Oct 2005

Re: Alameda preschools: NON Montessori
Try treating yourself and your children to a playbased, coop: Kiddie Kampus. Call for a visit and see how your child blends in almost right away. The director is amazing! With her 35 years of teaching experience at the pre/school level, her musical talents as a cellist (she has gigs al! most every weekend) and her ability to keep YOUR child's interests as her point of departure for working with him or her, she is truly an amazing individual. THere is an ''academic'' component, but it is a very practical one that I would refer to as one that espouses a Joyful learning approach. Learning is ALWAYS done in the context of play and socializing with others is of utmost importance. I had my son there for 7 months, then, because of changes in our jobs, my wife and I took him out and placed him in a Montessori based school--three weeks later we had to take him out because he just couldn't handle he fact that his freedom to be a social learner was not given the importance that Kiddie Kampus gave him... MOreover, the coop atmosphere is incomparable and with the help of our director, all of us parents learn to be each other's support and our children's loving teaching assistant. Oh.. I almo! st forgot, the site itself will set you dreaming. Look us up and stop by Kiddie Kampus, in your own hometown of ALAMEDA. Doug

April 2005

I'm looking for information/recommendations for Kiddie Kampus in Alameda - anybody have any information?

My son has attended Kiddie Kampus for two and half years, and we will miss it very much. It is a wonderful play based program, and the current director has exceptional talents in channeling kids ideas via emergent curriciulum. She really encourages the kids to think and imagine, and has a plethora of art and science ideas to enhace the children's experiences. Play-based programs are becoming scarce, and so this is a real treasure. I have chosen to be participating, and work one day a week, which drastically cuts the tuition price. It has been great fun learning right along with my child, although parental politics can be a challenge. There aren't too many schools where you all work together, so patience and a positive attitude are musts. Simply call the school and arrange a visit. Ask for the Membership Coordinator (521-1218). My son loves Kiddie Kampus. Leslie

Recently, I was a visiting artist at Kiddie Kampus. I had never been there before....... It's completely lovely! It has a charming energy---a little flower vase of nasturtiums at the door........organized and engaging play areas ......the science area with shells......the ''softy lofty'' ......the costumes! Each child had their own handmade placemat during snack time...... The volunteer parents of the day were marveling at the new sprouts in the garden......the Director had a great sense of humor and musicality. It seems to be a very special place with a lot of caring. rebecca

My 4 year old son has attended Kiddie Kampus for about a year now and we have been really happy there!! The teacher has created a curriculum that is play-based, with lots of open-ended arts, music and movement, nature/science exploration, cooking and gardening, multicultural themes, storytelling/reading and dressing-up, and lots of outdoor play. I really like that the education is dynamic and flexible so that the days/weeks activities can follow whatever the kids are ''into'' at that moment. And the same goes for the parents so for example, if someone knows how to teach yoga, we have yoga! We have a great snack program (developed by one of the parents-a nutritionist) that is healthy, mostly organic and the kids love. I was amazed when my son brought home a bunch of kale from the garden and proceeded to eat it all! The yard is nice with old but pretty cool play structures, sandbox, outdoor art area, water play etc. It's a great group of parents and a wonderful, supportive community that is helping me raise my kid! I feel this is one of the few chances I will get to really be a part of my child's ''school education'' and at Kiddie Kampus my input makes a difference. Mon- Friday 9am-12pm. Parents participate one day a week and go to one monthly meeting. $$ is pretty reasonable. Amber