Jai Osatharom

El Cerrito, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Jai Osatharom
El Cerrito
EC Plaza
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English, Thai

Parent Reviews

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My daughter was under Jai's care for 6 months, from the time she was 4 months old until our family decided to move out of the Bay Area.

Jai is real gem. She is efficient and energetic. She focuses on developing mature, well-behaved children in a warm and fun play-based environment. With each milestone your child hits, Jai is ready to encourage him/her to take yet another step forward. She sets reasonable behavioral expectations for children at every stage, helping them form healthy relationships with her, the other kids, and you!

Every day, Jai will have a new anecdote about your child's growth and another bit of knowledge or adivce to share. You will find her to be a great partner and guide, especially if you are a new parent.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more about our family's experience with Jai.

We came to Jai when my son was 6 months old; originally we were at another day care situation that just didn't work out. I told her my son doesn't eat much (all the pureed food sent previously was returned), she looked at my son and said; no that's not right, whatever food you pack, he should eat! My son is now 10 years old (you can't tell by looking at him) but he is hearty eater and I attribute to those early years of Jai taking care of him and making sure he eat appropriately. He stayed with her all way up the start of Kindergarten, he was so used to her that he didn't want to start school! He is in 5th grade now and still would want to visit her and periodically would ask about Jai (since our 5 year old is going there now and moving on to Kindergarten in the Fall). I think that's a testament that families are able to send the second child to Jai without hesitation. She treats all the kids like they are her own. She concentrates on socializing the children and making sure the older kids do not treat the younger kids any differently; they are all playing equally. If you want a partner in your child's life, Jai is there to work with you and help conquer whatever child development needs your child has (whether it be to potty train, share toys, play with others, etc). She definitely takes the time out to explain to our children the "why" when often times we as parents don't have the patience for. I highly recommend her. If you need more information I am happy to discuss.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2012

I highly recommend Jai's daycare. My girls are 3 and half and almost 2 and we started with Jai when my youngest was about 15 months. All the glowing reviews that are out here ring true; Jai is an amazing care taker. She takes a keen interest in each child and she creates a loving, fun environment for them. My girls both love going there. Jai has been very helpful with potty training and offers helpful advice on all kinds of baby / toddler scenarios (teething, naps, diaper rash, etc). She is firm and teaches the children about manners, cleaning up, sharing and being independent (learning how to put on shoes, coats etc). I think all of these things form the critical foundation needed before starting preschool / kindergarten. Jai is incredibly thoughtful - she always makes every birthday and holiday special for the kids. She has made my life easier as a working parent and I feel very lucky to have found her. My oldest is started preschool this week. I know she misses Jai but I also know she is ready to move to the next step - thanks in large part to Jai.

June 2012

I would highly recommend Jai for a Daycare. My girls are now 7 and 5yrs old and they have been with her since my oldest was 3 months old. Now because my youngest is starting kindergarten they are both leaving Jai. Jai is the best if you are looking for someone to teach and help you discipline your child. She is great at helping your child become a well rounded, social individual. If you are open to someone suggesting to you how best to handle or take of a situation with your child she is the best. My kids love her and the families that has and had Jai all really like and appreciate what she has done for us. If you would like to talk to me some more about Jai, feel free to give me a ring. You can also call Jai at 510-526-8679.
Emily D.

April 2012

I highly recommend Jai's Childcare for infants and toddlers to start with. My son stayed there for more than two years before going to preschool.

Jai is dedicated, energetic, loving and organized. She knows every child by heart and always looks out for the child's best interest. For example, knowing that my son didn't eat much vegetable voluntarily, she would cut the vegetable in his meal into small pieces and mix together with the rest; She would also recognize it and notify me right away when my son started the type of coughing that would lead to his asthma flare-up.

Jai maintains a close relationship with and among the children and their families alike. She involves herself in various things from potty training, sibling preparation (each family send their second child, if any, to Jai anyway), to fingernail cutting. She provides an intimate home setting where all the children behave like siblings in a big family interacting with and watching over each other. She is always available to give advices on parenting based on her wisdom of long time child care, but by all means support the way that the parents choose.

Jai's Childcare locates on Lexington at Central, close to El Cerrito Bart Station and Plaza. She accepts schedules of full time, or part time with at least 3 days a week. Hailan

August 2011

Jai's family daycare has openings this fall for infant up to 4 years. I've known Jai for over 5 years. My two daughters have had a wonderful care from Jai. She is a dedicated, energetic, loving caregiver. She emphasizes on social skills, conflict solving and positive interaction among the kids. If you are looking for a safe and nurturing environment for you little one where your child will thrive, I highly recommend her.

April 2011

Jai's Childcare currently has openings for an infant or small child.

Jai has been running her daycare for over 25 years. She puts a great deal of emphasis on social development and is exceptional at disciplining the kids. Her kids all learn to be respectful and polite, to share, clean up after themselves at an early age, to speak up when needed, and look after the younger ones. Jai makes nutritious meals for the older kids every morning. She knows exactly what each kid needs and when, and is always looking out for each one's best interests.

Other things we like about her:

  She's flexible and has decent hours(7:30 am to 6 pm)  She was open to doing cloth diapers. Her rate is reasonable. She knows a lot & will guide you. She won't spoil them. 

We chose Jai after interviewing about a dozen other childcare providers in the east bay. We feel very fortunate to have found her. Every parent we've spoken to also brings his/her second child to Jai's.

We highly recommend her and encourage any parent seeking great, dependable (and affordable) daycare in the Albany/El Cerrito area to contact Jai for an interview.

Feb 2010

My daughter has been going to Jai's daycare for over 3 years, since she was 9 months old. She loves Jai and so do all other kids. The warmth that the kids share with each other and with Jai is immediately perceptible and the kids have fun there. At the same time all kids are very well mannered and independent and that's mainly because Jai works with the parents on developing each and every child's social skills. My daughter is the shy kinds and because of Jai's loving encouragement she is getting more and more assertive. With Jai I never had to worry about potty training and all those gradual changes that occurred as my daughter grew from a baby girl to a little girl. I have always felt very confident leaving my daughter with Jai as it was like leaving her with a close, warm and loving family member. Jai accepts infants/toddlers and most stay till pre-KG. Jai's day care is conveniently located near El Cerrito Plaza Bart and she will have openings for infant or toddlers starting May 2010. You can email me for more information. Jai's contact is: Jai Osatharon, 526-8679.

Jan 2009

I would like to strongly recommend Jai Osatharom's Day care, at El cerrito (very close to the Plaza). Her day care will have openings for infant or toddler fall 2009. My son has been attending Jai's daycare for over 1.5 years. He is very happy going there and loves Jai very much. Jai is a dedicated, energetic, loving caregiver. She emphasizes on the social skills of the young kids. All of the kids from her day care have good manners, learn the basic skills of independence, how to share, and how to interact with kids at different ages. In her daycare, all the kids are like in a big and warm family. She knows each of them by heart. She also works closely with the parents to help the child's development and skills. For example, my son's speech started a little slow. She worked very hard to help him. She talked a lot to him and encouraged him to speak out. She also takes a great effort in potty training each kid when it's time. Overall speaking, we feel it a fortune to have found her and send our son to her daycare. If you have any question, call her or email me. Contact: Jai Osatharon, 526-8679.

Sept 2007

Jai's family daycare has openings for infant up to 4 years. She has over 20 years of experiences. We are very happy with her and my daughter loves her very much. She's like an extended family to us. She really cares about the kids and emphases a lot on social skills. Jai is the kind of person you meet and feel completely confident and at peace leaving your child with. I highly recommend her. Contact: Jai , 510.526.8679

July 2007

I cannot say enough good things about Jai. She has over 20 years of experience and has been a godsend to me, a busy mom with no relatives in the area. She took care of my son from 6 months to 3.5 years old, until he started pre-school and she is now taking care of my 13 month old daughter. She takes excellent care of the kids, is very reliable and energetic. The kids loved her. She is hardly ever sick and takes little vacation (perfect for working parents) and is licensed. She is also willing to take care of the kids in the evenings or weekends if you have an engagement or want to have dinner with your spouse. She does this only for the kids in her daycare and their siblings. We are moving out of State in August so unfortunately we'll have to leave her but we are really going to miss her! She has become part of our family. Contact: Jai, 510-526-8679

March 2007

I would like to recommend Jai Osatharom's Daycare which currently has openings. Both of our boys went to Jai's. One started at 14 months and the other at 6 months and were under her care until they were ready to start preschool. Her apartment is very homey and filled with toys. She also has an outdoor play area. She puts a lot of emphasis on using their words and being polite. There is just enough structure; such as being responsible for their shoes and backpack and putting toys away when they're done with them. One of her goals is to prepare your child for preschool and she definitely helped our children with this milestone. Even though our kids are in preschool, they happily return during school breaks. We are very fortunate to have had her be such a big part of our kid's early development. Caitlin & Chris Contact: Jai Osathrom, 510-526-8679

May 2006

My friend, Jai does home-based childcare business for more than 15 years and she has some openings for infants/toddlers. My children went there until they ''graduated''. She is extremely responsible. I always had peace in mind when my kids were there. She is originally from Thailand and her English is very good. If you have any questions, call her or email me.
Contact: Jai, 510-526-8679


Jan 2006

My son whent to Jai for one wonderful year. Most of the children (4-6 or 7 children at a time, Ages 1-4yrs old) whom she cares for are siblings of children who have been in her care in the past. If your child thrives in an intimate womby setting, Jai (pronounced ''jay'') is the caregiver for you. She does have a Thai accent, but it does not seem to get in the way. She puts a huge amount of emphases into social skills, empowereing children to use their words,ask for help, say please/sorry/thank you...and ask with words for what they want. Her fee is $150/wk, 7-6pm
Contact: Jai Osatharom, 510-526-8679

Nov 2005

Jai's family daycare has an opening and I would like to recommend her. I cannot say enough good things about Jai. She has over 20 years of experience and was a godsend to me, a busy mom with no relatives in the area. Jai works from her modest 2 bedroom apartment near El Cerrito Plaza Bart station, but most of the place is dedicated to the kids with lots of toys and activities for them. She also has an outside play area. My son has been under Jai's care since he was 6 months old and she's been great. She takes very good care of the kids; she's very reliable, energetic, gets down on the floor with them and knows every kid by heart. She remembers everybody's birthdays and has a gift for the birthday child. I really feel that she loves the kids and thinks of them as part of the family, not as her job. My son is over 3 now and starting preschool. We are really going to miss her! Liliana
Contact: Jai Osatharon, 526-8679

July 2005

My friend, Jai, is looking for children in between infant and pre-K ages. She has been operating this business more than 15 years and very experienced. She is one of the most responsible persons I have ever seen. Both of my children went there and they still want to go sometimes. I think her rate is $30 for a full day and $15 for a half day if there is no change. ( PLEASE double-check the price with her.) She is originally from Thailand and her English is pretty good. If you are interested, please call her. Or if you would like to know specific questions as a parent, you can email me. Rie
Contact: Jai, 510-526-8679

Feb 1999

My two-year-old daughter's excellent family daycare provider in El Cerrito has an opening for two children between the ages of one and three in her home. She does both full and part time day care. My daughter has been in Jai's care now for a year and a half, and I have only good things to say about the type of setting my child is in. Although Jai (pronounced "Jay") lives in a modest two-bedroom apartment, it is clean, has a nice outdoor play area, and, most of all, the children she watches have become a loving little family. Jai makes many homemade meals, and her daughter Lyn helps with childcare when she comes home from high school each afternoon. The kids are crazy about Lynnie. Many of the children Jai watches have been in her care for years, and some of them, now in elementary school, return for after school care. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Jai Osatharom's home phone is 526-8679.