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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Eliza Salazar
elizasalazar [at]
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Ages Served:
10 months - 60 months
8:00am - 5:30pm
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Part-time available,
Breakfast provided,
Lunch provided,
Snacks provided,
Vegetarian options,
Special diet support,
Cloth diapers accepted,
Potty training support,
Special needs support

Parent Reviews

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Our son, Lennon, came to Hugs and Kisses from a large, local preschool where we felt there was too much emphasis on regimentation and production, and not enough indivituation. He was anxious and was not thriving in that environment.

From the moment he met Eliza, Lennon warmed to her. Like most children, he is highly sensitive to how adults feel about him and treat him and reacts accordingly.

Eliza provided the perfect combination of education and play. She possesses the rare gift of being both absolutely loving and firm; Lennon was rightly held to behavioral expectations and matured tremendously under her tutelage. Hugs and Kisses was the only school our son attended where on the weekends, he often wished he could “go see my friend Eliza.”

Eliza is absolutely reliable, and has a wonderful, safe space for the kids, including an amazing backyard. A music teacher comes in regularly to sing and dance with the kids. Lennon also learned quite a lot of Spanish while at Hugs and Kisses!

Of note, Eliza does a lot of very cool arts and crafts with the kids – we were really impressed by the variety of projects and how well executed they were.

My only regret is that we didn’t find Eliza and Hugs and Kisses sooner. Lennon is on his was to TK this August.

Eliza creates a loving, educational, happy and thriving environment for the children she cares for at Hugs and Kisses. Our son started with Eliza when he was 11 months old, and since then we have been so impressed by all of the ways that Eliza has supported his development- learning to walk, transitioning off the bottle, transition to one nap- and now that he's almost two- learning appropriate personal boundaries, cleaning up after himself, counting, ABCs, art projects, singing songs and speaking in Spanish. We are continually surprised and impressed by all of the things that he can do that he learns from Eliza! 

Eliza is also so nurturing and loving towards the children she cares for. Our son loves Eliza and going to daycare every day,  and we know that he is in the best hands when he is with her. Hugs and Kisses is safe and clean with a beautiful backyard and so many engaging and educational toys. Eliza also provides healthy meals and snacks for the kids (including apricots from her backyard during the summer). She is also accommodating and understanding about our concerns and special needs, like our son's peanut allergy. Finally, she has special perks for families, like her monthly Parents- Night- Out, which is such a wonderful bonus! 

We are moving from the area and are so sad to have to part ways with Eliza. We know that we won't find anything quite as wonderful as her program. This is truly a one-of-a kind special environment for your child and I recommend her in the highest terms! 

My almost-two-year-old daughter has been going to Hugs & Kisses for almost a year, and we love it! She is happy to go each morning and talks about Eliza and her daycare friends often. 

Eliza is amazing! She's very experienced, organized, reliable, flexible, great with communication, and she loves the children. She's an excellent partner in raising happy, respectful, responsible kiddos.

The home is clean, safe, and organized with lots of great age-appropriate toys and a lovely yard. She often switches out toys and moves things around to keep the environment interesting. 

She does lots of arts and crafts, circle time, age-appropriate themes throughout the year (apples in the fall, space and planets, etc), and does celebrations for holidays and special events. She also has a wonderful music teacher come weekly to sing and dance with kids. Our daughter often surprises us with things she's learned at Hugs & Kisses, such as counting, songs, and the ABCs.

Eliza does a great job with bilingual education, too. Our daughter didn't know any Spanish when she started, and now she understands quite a bit and uses Spanish words at home and daycare.

We are so happy we found Hugs & Kisses!

My daughter has been going to Hugs & Kisses bilingual daycare since she was 2 years old. She's now 4.5 and off to TK in the fall.   Eliza creates a warm and welcoming environment for all kids and really helps them thrive. She has structure to the day but also allows for lots of playtime both inside her home and outside in her yard.  My daughter has come home with art work each day as well as stories of trying to pick fruit from her fruit trees, from dancing and yoga time, to show-and-tell and music making with excellent visiting music teachers.  She prepares healthy food, keeps her home clean and well-organized and puts in daily routines and systems that teach the kids how to manage time away from home, how to listen and show empathy to others, how to communicate well with her and with the other kids, how to laugh and play, and mostly how to show love, love, love.  Additionally, Eliza helps to create a wonderful community with the families with gatherings around holidays and Halloween as well as a monthly Parents Night Out pajama party for the kids.  I would highly recommend Eliza and her warm daycare.  

Our son has been at Hugs and Kisses for the past 8 months (he is 2 now) and we could not be happier with this daycare! This is a small daycare and really feels like an extended family to us. Eliza is a natural with children and creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. She teaches the kids many things, our son regularly comes home surprising us with what he knows….identifying letters, singing his ABC’s, and counting. And Eliza sends us pictures and videos when the kids are being extra cute! I have seen our little guy attempting to do yoga, playing on a swing, singing karaoke, playing a drum, and dancing. The kids always seem to be having fun when I am there for drop off or pick-up. I really like how Eliza responds to the kids, redirects them, and supports them in understanding pro-social interactions (like sharing, taking-turns, being empathetic, helping one another).

Eliza is flexible and easy to work with. I was a nervous first time parent and she allowed us to do what we needed to feel comfortable when our son started, which we were so grateful for. She brings in two different music teachers to have music classes twice a week! On top of all that, Eliza has parties to celebrate holidays and offers parents night out once a month. She creates community around the daycare and provides opportunities for the parents to hang out and everyone gets to know one another, which is very nice! I know how formative the early years are for children and that is why we were very picky when selecting a daycare. We feel so lucky that Eliza is helping to raise our son and that she will play a part in who he becomes as a person because she really is that awesome! Children regularly stay here for years and everyone we have talked to that has had a child at Hugs and Kisses raves about it. This daycare is a gem and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

TLDR; If a rare spot opens up in this small, licensed family daycare- don’t wait. Having my son here is one of the best parenting wins we’ve had! 

When my son was 18 months old we moved him from a nanny share to Hugs and Kisses. It was amazing to see his transformation! He was the “baby” at first and I think he really benefited from being with older kids (they range from 1-4 years old). 

Eliza has helped guide him through many transitions; eating with utensils, drinking from a cup, playing gently with younger kids, sharing toys and learning cleaning responsibilities.

She has also really helped us as parents with potty training, discipline, understanding our kids temperament in context and helping us see how he interacts with the world outside of our home.

The structure works really well for him, where there is optional structure (music time with excellent instructors, yoga, dancing, art-making, performing, dress up) or he can just play when he needs to. 

There is a great outdoor space with swings and play structures which is kept beautifully landscaped and clean. The kids are often sent home with fruits they foraged from the garden’s trees and in the summer they have lots of fun playing with the water table. 

I have to say the absolute highlight for me is how Eliza goes all out for different special occasions. Whether it’s celebrating the kids birthdays, the winter holidays, she is showering the kids with gifts and hosts events often where we get to hang out with the other parents. The kids annual halloween party is one of cutest things ever, when the wonderful music teacher comes and they have a singalong with the parents. 

Even though we don’t speak spanish at home there are many words our son chooses to say in spanish and songs he has learned. I see him light up when he hears spanish and know he understands a lot. 

He can count in spanish and english, knows his ABC’s and proudly brings him art projects almost everyday. 

I can’t say enough nice things about Eliza - who is warm and loving but also firm with the kids. 

Her daycare is truly a special place and we feel so grateful to have found our community here. If you have any questions about it feel free to reach out to me. I have a three year old son there now and three month old who I plan to have there as well!


Our son has been with Eliza for 2 years now and I can't believe its time to transition! We are leaving with heavy hearts! He went from a crying toddler when he first started to now regularly asking to... go to Eliza on the weekend! Eliza thank you for your patience, kindness and warm heart. It has been wonderful watching his growth in your care knowing that I had nothing to worry about it. We will miss you dearly!

Our son has thrived and learned so much at Hugs and Kisses bilingual daycare this year. I can't imagine a better daycare setting for a toddler! After having our son in a nanny share as a baby, we knew that before he turned 2 we really wanted him in a larger setting to gain social skills and have more interactive stimulation for a year before heading off to preschool (although some families definitely leave their kids in the program into the preschool years as well). I'm so happy that we picked Hugs and Kisses - and are mostly moving him on to preschool just for practice in a larger setting and to get a Jewish education at a Jewish preschool.

Hugs and Kisses is a small, really cute family-run daycare, with just 6 kids at a time in the program. Eliza is incredibly warm and friendly, and also has a strong background in early childhood education within the Oakland Unified School District- and it shows! Our child is learning Spanish and English, all the colors, how to count, tons of names of items from the natural world, sign language for weather patterns, the ABCS, and even learning about the days of the week and the calendar! The kids have a music class with an outside teacher once or twice a week, do yoga or have dance parties almost every day, and have tons of help navigating through peer relationships with each other. They spend a lot of time outside in Eliza's amazing yard, with a fun play structure and lots of toys. Eliza has a great house, and it's very well set up for children. It's amazing how clean and organized she keeps the play spaces - I can't manage keeping our toys organized even with just one child at home!

Eliza takes great care to give love and attention to each child, and meet the kids where they are at developmentally. She cooks breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snacks each day, and has been incredibly open and attentive to my son needing extra help eating (as he is underweight and has some medical issues). I know that she can help potty-train if a family is ready, and has lots of great parenting/developmental advice if you are needing help with a new stage. Eliza also provides a little something extra for the parents, in the form of a 'parents-night-out' usually one time a month, which is a Friday night when daycare is open late and kids can stay for a pajama pizza party and parents can have a date night or extra time off!

I completely and unreservedly recommend Hugs and Kisses if you are looking for an Oakland daycare for your older baby, toddler, or preschool age child. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

Hugs & Kisses daycare is the best thing you can do for your child. When our first son was about 16 months old we began our quest for the right place for him. We visited a lot of places and thought we would have to compromise on a place, but when we toured Hugs & Kisses it was like walking into our dream place.

Eliza keeps her home clean, friendly, warm. The kids are happy, well loved & well fed. They are treated warmly and with respect. Eliza educates them in Spanish and English from the basics of shapes, colors, animals, to fine motor skills, ABCs and math. Their days are structured, but with plenty of play time too. They go on occasional field trips and she brings in a music teacher for in-house dance parties every week.

Play time outside in Eliza's beautifully kept yard is a favorite time of the day for the kids. Parents often stay to chat and get to know each other while the kids continue to play until it was time to leave. Eliza provides a community for the parents and the children - with festive Halloween and Winter Holiday parties where all are invited, including alumni of the daycare.

We wholeheartedly recommend Hugs & Kisses. Go'll fall in love with this place too!

July 2014

I am writing to strongly recommend Hugs and Kisses, run by the incredible Eliza Salazar. My son started at Hugs and Kisses when he was 18 months, and from the very first moment we knew this was a special place. Eliza is exceptionally well organized and experienced, maintains an adorable and spotless space, provides fantastic and age appropriate activities (including music and creative art projects), and most important, provides a calm, safe and loving place for the children she cares for. My son was with Eliza until he turned 4, at which point we "swapped" him out so our daughter could have her turn. My daughter recently turned 4 and is headed to preschool, her last day was bittersweet for all of us (my son, now a much older and wiser 6 , still runs to Eliza for hugs when he sees her). Eliza is part of our family, and I can't imagine NOT having her (and her delightful family) in our lives. I felt like we were (and still ARE) part of a wonderful community at Hugs and Kisses, with Eliza and the rest of the families. I truly cannot express in words how awesome Eliza is, and how much she genuinely loves those kids, and will not hesitate to recommend her! Eliza's biggest fan

Jan 2012

I cannot give enough rave reviews about Eliza Salazar and her amazing daycare, Hugs and Kisses Bilingual Daycare! My daughter has been at Hugs and Kisses for over two years (since she was 8 months old), and at each stage of development Eliza has given her and all of the other infants and toddlers in the daycare incredible love, attention, support, and appropriate motor and cognitive challenges. Eliza is, hands down, one of the most loving, warm, caring people I have ever met, and she goes out of her way to make sure her daycare is a true learning environment. Many parents at our daycare comment on how much our children are learning, and how safe and secure they feel. Eliza is able to maintain a positive environment among the children, and both minimizes and resolves conflicts highly effectively among the children, to the point that there have been no recurring issues between kids in the entire two years I have been there. I am 150% confident in Eliza's ability to do just about anything, and would trust my child with her in any and all circumstances. She is truly amazing, and kids at her daycare thrive in all dimensions - emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally, etc. If she has an opening, don't hesitate, she is fantastic!

Oct 2010

Hugs & Kisses has been an amazing experience for my son who is transitioning to preschool. Eliza Salazar has over 10 years experience working in special education with the Oakland School District and has a gentle, caring, very clean and nurturing home-based daycare. Breakfast, lunch and snack are included. There is a lovely backyard with a lawn and tons of toy cars to ride, play structure etc. A music teacher comes in once a week. Part-time opening, for M, W, F 8am-6pm. Call her quick!

Sept 2009

Hello my name is Vanessa and I would like to recommend Hugs and Kisses Bilingual Daycare. My son started going there when he was 18 months old; it was the first time we were separated since he was born, and eventhough he had a hard time at the begining. Soon after he got very attached to Elisa and her family. Elisa's daughter, Alejandra loves playing with the kids and kids love playing with her. Elisa is very attentive to each child's needs and she providies the care my son needs. Elisa is very dedicated to her daycare and my son loves her very much. Her home

August 2009

I highly recomemnd the bilingual daycare Hugs and Kisses. Eliza is great with the kids. I don't know how she does it, but my son obeys her at averything. I love the care, love, dedication and responsability she gives to the children. She makes home cook meals that my son loves. She pays close attention to each child's needs and provides a loving family environment for them. Her home is always clean and has a nice backyard for the kids to play. I feel 100% worry free after I drop my son off. I know that he will have fun, learn and be well taking care of. She even makes breakfast burritos for the parents every Friday and also gives us ''parents nightout'' once a month. Contact: Eliza Salazar, 510-533-0320

August 2009

Hugs and Kisses, a small, bilingual (Spanish) home-based daycare has an opening. My daughter has been there full time for two years and is now moving on to a bilingual elementary school. My husband and I have been thrilled with the care our daughter receives and particularly impressed with the one on one attention she gets in learning numbers, writing and other skills. The program is run by Eliza Salzar and I can't say enough great things about her. Do contact me if you would like to hear more. Hugs and Kisses Daycare (510) 533-0320 Lic #013419241