Growing Years Preschool

Castro Valley, CA

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Catherine Eckhardt
(510) 581-3731
Castro Valley
Anita Ave
Maximum Capacity: 
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  • May 2021: license # updated (Feb 2019 change)

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2013

I am thinking of sending my daughter to Growing Years Preschool in Castro Valley, but I have been able to find very little info online. I would be grateful for any info you could provide about what it was like for your child. margarita

My son started at Growing Years this last fall and it has been a great experience. He transferred from a coop school when my work load got to be too much for our involvement. The teachers were very supportive and nurturing with this transition. The kids are always having a great time, it is a clean happy environment. I have known many families that have attended over the years and all have loved the school. Please contact me via email if you have any other specific questions. Heather