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El Cerrito, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Tsering Yangchen
510 610 1711
tsering.daycare [at]
El Cerrito
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Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Hindi, Tibetan
Ages Served: 
12 months - 36 months
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8:00am - 6:00pm
About Our Program: 

Dear Parents, We do have an opening for 12 months and up. Please let me know if you have any question. Call me or email. 
We are a walking distance from El Cerrito plaza bart station and 2 minute from 580 east and 80 west. Our days consists of indoor/outdoor play. Your child will be in a loving, stimulating and happy environment. He/She will learn the Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes and lot's of children rhymes and much more. I love to work with your kids, nurture them and treat them like my own. You may see green daycare El Cerrito on yelp too. 

Thank You

Parent Reviews

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 My son, Theo recently transitioned from Green Daycare to preschool. I kept dreading his last day because Green Daycare and Tsering have had such a positive impact on my sons life and we are very sad to leave! Tsering's setup is similar to traditional preschool where she offers 2 healthy snacks, naps, and wonderful, clean play-based environment. Everyday I was astonished by the amount of activities he did each day whether is was learning a new song or a new art project. I can't recommend this facility enough and I feel really blessed that we were able to send our son here.

Leaving a review for Tsering is extremely difficult as there is really no way to convey how absolutely amazing she is and how fortunate we are to have her as a caregiver for our daughter. She usually has children ages 1-3 years, and we were lucky enough to find Tsering around our daughter’s first birthday last year. She loves going to Tsering’s and talks about her constantly. We have learned so many new songs! We are first-time parents and were very nervous about childcare. We toured a few daycares around the area, but as soon as we walked into Tsering’s beautiful setup we were instantly clamoring to give Tsering a deposit to hold a spot for us!

Tsering’s parenting style closely parallels our own. She serves healthy organic snacks and milk (you provide main meals) and has the day centered around playing and reading. There is no daily TV in the routine! The kids are all well-adjusted, and Tsering has helped both our daughter and us through some of the more difficult milestones (teething, naps, etc).

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Tsering has helped keep normalcy in our lives and a laughing smile on our daughter’s face. Her hours and capacity are temporarily reduced right now, but as of this review she has spots open.

This review is going to be placed on her profile in Berkeley Parents’ Network and on her Green Daycare yelp page. Reach out to her, me, or anybody who has ever known Tsering and we will be happy to gush about how happy, lucky, and thankful we are to have her in our lives.

Victor, Norah, and Isla

Tsering and her husband Jampa have been the biggest blessing in our lives these past 2 years, and there will be many tears shed when my son starts preschool next month. In short, they have been like family. They have loved my son like their own and been the best stand-ins for my husband and I that I could have ever asked for. I'll never forget the stress I felt as a new mom, juggling work and trying to afford our private nanny, and how long I resisted the idea of leaving him with strangers for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week. I never wanted to be a working mom so this was a very tough pill to swallow. The moment I walked into Green Daycare, I felt such a sense of relief and belonging. My son fit right in and was instantly comfortable there. He never once cried for me!! 

Tsering's parenting philosophies have been so in line with mine. Gentle, nurturing and loving in all ways while having just the right amount of structure. She has taught my son manners, compassion (they all know that spiders and bugs "have their own life" and get escorted outside instead of squished), how to clean up after himself (even at home he picks up his toys singing "cleean up, cleeaan up, everyone, let's do our share") in addition to the non-forced, fun and play-centered education. He knows all of his colors, numbers, letters, opposites, and more songs than I could ever remember all the words to! He constantly comes home singing new songs and sharing things he has learned there. I never wanted him to be in an environment that was too "academic" but it's SO not like that. They just incorporate learning into the songs and silly things they do and they have a blast doing it. 

Tsering reads to the kids every morning, leads arts & crafts, hosts a very sweet birthday celebration for everyone where she decorates the room, and even creates a photo book every holiday season for the parents which is such a treasure. They do stretches and yoga poses and lots of healthy movement. Tsering takes her role very seriously and is continuously learning how to do things better. I love the location, the inside room is so cozy and colorful, and the outside has a nice new deck and grassy area that they spend lots of time on. I love that there's NO TV (they have one, but it only gets used VERY minimally on heavy rainy days when they are stuck inside and restless. The rest of the time it's actually removed from the room!). They never fail to put on sunscreen and have been so patient with his potty training. The facility is SPOTLESS and they work so hard to clean and tidy every surface inside and out each morning and night. 

For my full review (no really, there's more!) please visit Green Daycare's Yelp page!

A++, Highly Recommended!! 

Green Daycare, with Tsering and Jampa at the helm, have provided the most loving, safe, and caring environment for our daughter over the past two and half years.  We have been so fortunate to be able to call them family since she was 7 months old.  As new parents, Tsering has guided us through all the parenting milestones of teething, tantrums, walking, running, talking, sharing, potty training...ah, the potty training.  Thank you, Tsering!!  

Both Tsering and Jampa, as well as their helpers, have gentle and patient personalities that children, and parents, respond positively to.  Our daughter has blossomed into an amazing little person under Tsering's kind influence, and I am grateful to see how conscientious and thoughtful she is -- which I attribute to her just watching and learning from Tsering.

I also appreciate the beautiful, clean, and spacious indoor and outdoor areas.  This is what immediately attracted us to Green Daycare.  The toys and surfaces are cleaned regularly, and Jampa works hard to provide an inviting outdoor area.  He has redone landscaping, repaved the yard, and built a lovely shaded deck.  They both always have projects to make the daycare more interesting, fun, and safe.

I am grateful each day to have had Tsering in our lives, teaching both us and our daughter how to navigate parenthood (and life) with grace and kindness. It is such peace of mind knowing that your child is safe, happy, and loved when you are at work.  I recommend Green Daycare most highly, and would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

Warmly, Marlena

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Tsering and her daycare. At 15 months, my daughter easily and quickly transitioned into Green Day Care from a nanny share, and I really don't think there could be a better environment for her. I wish we'd started her earlier, since it has been the perfect environment for us. In the past 4-5 months, it's obvious how much she's learned being in daycare with Tsering, and I feel like they are an extension of our family.

First and foremost, Tsering and her husband Jumpa are loving, caring, attentive people. It's easy to see how much they love the children in their care, and my daughter is SO happy around them. In addition to have a great skill in redirecting upset toddlers and soothing littler ones too, Tsering is also a natural teacher and finds the learning opportunities in the littlest experiences. In the mornings when I drop off my daughter, she's always reading books to the kids and/or singing songs that teach them things.

Second, the space is just beautiful. They have a large, partially shaded, flat backyard that feels like an oasis. Tons of age-appropriate trikes, toys, play structures, slides, water play- they have it all. Everything is immaculate and well-organized each morning. The indoor space is large and there are tons of toys and books, and there are two spaces for napping - so that smaller infants or those that have trouble settling can be separated. There is also shaded outdoor area, so lots of spaces for the kids to play and get fresh air. I also quickly noticed- Tsering rotates the toys and is always bringing out new items to keep the kids interested, engaged, and interacting. She also keeps things clean and organized, which I appreciate!

Third, the ratio is wonderful. It is REALLY hard to find a home-based daycare with a better than 1:6 ratio, and at Tsering's, it's often 3:8. Tsering's full-time helper Dolma is positive, energetic, caring, and great with the kids. And Tsering's husband is there in the afternoons, always quick to prevent an over-adventurous toddler from tripping or getting frustrated. He could not be sweeter. My daughter always has a giant smile whenever she sees him.

Finally, all the little "extras" - Tsering provides healthy (often organic) snacks, and organic milk. She's incredibly responsive and flexible to dietary restrictions, and just makes a parent's life really easy. She always sends us home with a little report card that tells me how my daughter's day went, along with art projects, and milk for the car ride too! Tsering does birthday celebrations for the kids, as well as holiday treats (each child got an Easter basket!) - she clearly puts in extra time and effort well beyond daycare hours (which are flexible and long!)

I feel like we have been incredibly, incredibly lucky to have this family be part of ours for the time my daughter has been going to Tsering's daycare. I could not more whole-heartedly recommend anything or anyone. I'm going to cry my eyes out on our last day, since we love them so much and so does my daughter!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2014

I wholeheartedly recommend Tsering and Green Daycare without hesitation! If you are looking for a nurturing, peaceful daycare for your 1+ year old, there are currently openings at Green Daycare as two children have recently ''graduated'' to preschool. Tsering is a wonderfully gifted childcare provider, and the children (and parents) just love her. Both of my children have flourished under her care, my daughter from age 4 months and my son from age 6 months. We were so happy that they could both learn and grow in this wonderful, nurturing environment. Tsering teaches the children about their surroundings and helps them to develop an appreciation for nature. They spend a good amount of time outside in the tree-lined yard, playing in the grass, sandbox, or on the sunny patio. Tsering teaches the children about seasons and holidays, which are reflected in the original artwork that we get to bring home almost every day. There is plenty of reading and music, as well as group play and free play--with so many options, the children simply cannot be bored. We have been so happy over the years that we have spent with Green Daycare!

Aug 2014

Dear Parents,

Tsering's Green Daycare at El Cerrito has openings for 20 months or older. Tsering does her best to provide a safe and happy place for children to learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Tsering will take care of your little one with love and encouragement. Tsering's day care is a loving, stimulating and happy place that you should not miss.

My son has been there for more than a year and a half. He loves there. He has learned alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, and panting. He enjoys circle time, music time, and story time with Tsering everyday. He has also learned to love reading books.

Tsering's Green Daycare is conveniently located - walking distance from El Cerrtio bart station and three block from freeway. It opens 8:00 am - 6:00pm. Monday - Friday. It is fully equipped with indoor and outdoor play area and has a nice back yard with a real grass and sand box.

Tsering is certified in Early Childhood development, CPR and FIRST AID. She has also completed education with Child Care Preventive Health and Safety programs

Aug 2014

If you're looking for a daycare, I can't recommend Tsering (say ''SEE-ring'') highly enough. My kids have gone there, now for a combined 36 months.

Tsering is extremely loving and patient. Having raised two children of her own in addition to her experience running a daycare, she gives good advice about what is age-appropriate when I ask for it. More importantly, she attends closely to each child, wherever they are and whatever they're interested in. She rotates the books and toys based on them, so when my older child started learning the alphabet at home, I noticed that magnets and posters with letters on them appeared at Tsering's. When outer space became his hobby, she started reading books about space during story time. She is that attentive to all the children, and it shows not only in their relationships with her, but in their relationships with each other. They are kind, and play really well together.

The physical space at Tsering's house is also wonderful. The playroom is spacious, bright, and always clean, and for outside play, there is a lovely grassy area, shaded by trees, with climbing structures and a sandbox.

If you have any questions about Green Daycare, feel free to email me. Or just contact Tsering directly. She currently has an opening for a toddler (12 months or older).

Nov 2013

When our daughter started at Green Day Care at 10 months old we had looked at other day care options and were pretty disheartened until we visited Tsering's day care. Her calm and polite demeanor, well- organized, well-lit, clean facility combined with an open door policy led us to believe that our daughter would receive excellent care. Since then we continue to be impressed by her passion for excellent care and affection to kids in addition to imparting good values and etiquettes to help them be better individuals. Tsering keeps the kids occupied with books, puzzles, paintings, crafts and outdoor play time all of which have helped our daughter become a creative, fun loving and inquisitive toddler. Ever since our little one has started talking, she fondly talks about her playtime with Tsering and her husband Jampa and all the things she learns during her interactions there. Green Day Care now has an extended indoor space for the kids, a lovely backyard with a safe park like setting including slides, play structure and a roofed sand box. Tsering provides milk, snacks and fruits to the kids. I would highly recommend Tsering's day care as a wonderful place for little ones to get the love, affection and happiness they deserve. Tsering can be reached at tsering.daycare [at]

May 2013

Our son absolutely loved his time at Tsering's daycare. He was in daycare for about 18 months and is now moving on to preschool. What we will remember most is all the fun songs he learned and would sing to us later at home. He learned a lot of phrases too, like 'it's puzzle time everyone' and likes to say them at home now. Tsering teaches some sign language to the little ones too, which helped my son to communicate early on. He still uses the sign for 'more, more'. Recently, my son had started potty training and Tsering was very willing to help (she had good advice for us too).

Tsering is very gentle and respecting of the child's feelings. We can tell how much the children have enjoyed their day when we visit at pick-up time.

About the daycare: It is kept very clean and there are many activities for the children, including painting and water activities. There is a huge outdoor play area with both shade and sun. Tsering and her husband are always looking for new ways to improve the daycare environment too.

We strongly recommend Tsering's daycare and there is now an opening. For a visit, contact Tsering @ 510-610-1711 or tsering.daycare [at]

April 2013

Are you struggling about sending your little one to a day care or quitting your job? Are you wondering if you have made the right choice in selecting the best day care for your precious one? I was in that boat at the beginning of this year. Luckily I found Tsering and her safe, clean, happy, loving, and cozy home based child care. My son started there this February when he was 9 months old. With Tsering's tender care, he has adjusted well and quickly and is now thriving there. I saw him gradually changed from a crying/sad/angry baby to a smiling/happy/peaceful cutie. Tsering and her husband Jampa have done a lot to help him adapt, such as holding him in arms to give him comfort, rocking him or walking him in a stroller to help him fall asleep, using different toys for his changing needs, studying his likes and dislikes, sitting next to him to make him comfortable, engaging him in games with other kids, playing with him to explore his new interest, gently talking to him to communicate, playing music to calm him down, and so on. Looking back, I can say without hesitation that I made the right choice for my little boy. Tsering's day care now has an open for a 12 months or up. Please contact her for a visit. J.

March 2012

Green Day Care is a baby and toddler's oasis! Nurturing, neat, colorful, small, safe and sunny with a great outdoor space, Tsering Yangchen's facility is a place where day care feels like a gift to give your child. My 1 year old is thriving under Tsering's tender, attentive care--learning sign language, increasing his spoken vocabulary through songs, books and play, socializing with others, and even discovering how to play on his own. Tsering gives ample attention to each child (up to 5), makes sure everyone is well fed, hydrated, stimulated, and rested throughout the day, gives each child time on her lap and lots of hugs, goes on daily walks, and passes on her calm, loving demeanor.

Some things to know: snacks and drinks are provided but meals and formula are not. Prices are competitive. Tsering's kind husband lends a hand from time to time, holding babies or playing with the kids. Tsering keeps a good relationship with the adults, too--she is flexible, fair, approachable, and honest. I give her my highest recommendation and a great deal of respect.

Currently, Green Day Care has space for full or part-time children 12 months old or older. Check out her website, then give her a visit:

Nov 2011

I highly recommend Green Daycare!! Tsering Yangchen and her wonderful husband Jampa started this brand new home daycare this summer. My daughter started there full time in August when she was 4 months old. I was very hesitant about leaving her with anyone when I went back to work, but I know that Tsering is the best daycare provider that we could have. Our daughter absolutely loves Tsering and is always happy and playing or being read to when we come to pick her up. Tsering is very accommodating and has worked with us around our personal requests. She is a very caring and nurturing woman who takes the children on walks, sings songs to them, teaches them colors and shapes, and baby sign language! I even get a picture message or a text letting me know how our daughter is doing throughout the day. You can tell that she loves our daughter as well, and we feel very assured while she is in her care. Call her so you can come and visit!! Tsering- 510-610-1711
-rocky and krege

August 2011

An Enthusiastic Recco for GREEN DAY CARE

Ever since I first met Tsering more than 5 years ago, it has been her dream to run her own family daycare. This fall she opens her home and her arms to welcome your child to Green Day Care.

I am a mother of 3 who was fortunate enough to have my two youngest children blossom under Tsering's care. Today they are confident, kind and share without hesitation.

The children followed a daily routine that was predictable, yet never boring. We often joked that we were sending them off to ''the Baby Spa'' where they would be indulged them with music, art and even the occasional massage. All this was within the framework of regular naps, healthy meals and age appropriate limits. I credit Tsering entirely or shaping them into great nappers, adventurous eaters and respectful listeners.

I remain so grateful that our family has been blessed with Tsering in our life. Now it's your chance! With the highest regard for children, she will love your baby like her own and be your blessing too. Susannah

June 2011

I would like to recommend Tsering Chen and Green Day Care, a new home based day care in El Cerrito. Tsering cared for my daughter (along with two other children) for 2 years since she was 4 months old. She was the most loving and hardworking nanny that we could have ever asked for. In addition, she had a special gift for connecting with children. While babies, the children's days consisted of singing, stories, outings and baby massages. No matter what the activity Tsering was always finding subtle ways of teaching them about the world around them.

Over the years we became very close with her wonderful family. She has a very loving husband and two great sons. Green Day Care offers care for children age 4 months to 4 years old, from Mon-Fri 7am to 6pm. Her home is newly renovated and well arranged for the children's care. Tsering is CPR, First Aid and pediatric certified. I can assure you that your child will be in a loving, stimulating and happy environment. Joelle