Giggle House

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Angela Hall
(510) 725-7235
UC Campus
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April 2013

Angela Hall runs a small in-home day care that is open from 8 to 5:30, close to the UC Berkeley campus and very reasonably priced. The children range in age from infants to approx. 3yrs of age. She is caring with the children, makes sure that they get to spend time outside on sunny days, and somehow always manages to have a smile on her face at the end of the day.

My daughter has been with her since she was 3 months old (now 13 months old). I learned about the daycare at the recommendation of a friend/co-worker whose daughter was already in her care. It was Angela who gently and patiently convinced my daughter to accept the bottle when I returned to work. My daughter now absolutely adores Angela and has really benefitted from spending time with the other children (particularly because she is an only child).

I am moving out of town and wishing that I could take Angela with me.

April 2009

I wish to highly recommend Angela Hall and her small daycare: Giggle House. We are moving, leaving 2 spots open. Angela is very loving, intelligent, calm, resourceful and experienced. Our children have food allergies: they need constant vigilance, and finding a safe daycare was hard. Angela is always flexible, takes fewer holidays and has lower rates than most caregivers. Children in her care have a lot of fun, feel safe and confident, are happy and relaxed in the evening. They go out everyday, often twice: playground mostly, story time at library once a week, sometimes to habitot, other places... With her my kids have learnt excellent social skills, and to help in the group's life as they can: picking up toys, setting up the table for lunch, caring for each other's needs. I often see the children getting a toy for another child who seems tired. Angela provides them with plenty of love and laughter and it makes a huge difference in everything they learn with her. Please contact me with questions: -- bories
Contact: Angela Hall, (510) 219 3802

Jan 2008

We want to recommend Angela Hall, of The Giggle House Daycare, 2735 Milvia Street, Berkeley to anyone looking for a loving small family care situation near the Berkeley Bowl. Angela mostly cares for infants and toddlers, we used Angela as interim care for our 4 y/o. Angela is wonderful. She provided our son with a safe and caring environment and each day our son was happy and excited to go to her house - he even resisted coming home! Now that we are moving to a new preschool, we intend to keep using her for date nights and school breaks. Angela provides care out of her home, which although full of toys, is tidy and clean. Every day she fed him a yummy home cooked breakfast and lunch, along with snacks. My son liked what she cooked. They explored local parks, Habitot, and even went out to local restaurants for breakfast and/or lunch. Angela's own children are also testaments to her fantastic parenting. Both of her teen children, made eye contact with me the first time we met and were really nice. Wow! Contact: Angela Hall, (510) 219-3802

Dec 2004

My son's home-based day care has openings at her home-based daycare, Giggle House. Angela has 15 years of experience as a nanny, child care center worker and Montessori teacher. She is, quite simply, wonderful. (We had to say a tearful goodbye because my son moved to preschool.) The daycare is play-based, but Angela sneaks in lots of social & cognitive learning. She is incredibly patient, responsible and creative in offering a variety of activities. She offers meals and snacks (including a vegetarian menu). The kids go outside every day, often to neighborhood parks, and they do occasional special outings (e.g., to Berkeley's Habitot). Angela takes children between 1-4 yrs, with a maximum of four during the school year. She is licensed, and CPR & first aid certified. Hours from 8:30 to 5:30, full- time or part-time. For further information, contact me (bloemr) or Angela, 510-898-5100s

Oct. 2003

My son's home-based day care has an opening after one of the children moved on to pre-school.

Angela Hall has 15 years of experience as a nanny, child care center worker and Montessori teacher. She runs her play-based daycare, Giggle House, out of her home (just around the corner from the Berkeley Bowl). Angela takes children between the ages of 1 and 4, and takes a maximum of four children.

My son (1.5 yrs) has been with Angela since July; he loves her! Angela offers healthy meals and snacks (including a vegetarian menu, if requested). The kids often do musical activities and Angela reads to them regularly. She brings the kids outside (in a gated yard or local parks) every day, and she regularly plans outings. (Angela has taken my son to Habitot, the Oakland Museum for Children's Art and the Lawrence Hall of Science.) Angela is licensed, and CPR & first aid certified.

Contact: Angela Hall, 510-898-5100