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Pinole, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Luciara "Luci" Nascimento
415 240-1378
lucisdaycare [at]
Simas Avenue
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Ages Served: 
3 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
7:30am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Drop-in available, K-5 afterschool available, Sibling discount, Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Potty training support
Editors' Notes: 
  • 2020: the daycare has moved from Richmond to Pinole
About Our Program: 

I know how important it is for a child to be in a healthy, safe and fun environment so that is my primary focus for all children in my care at all times, we provide quality childcare in a loving home environment for children from 3 months old to 5 years old. My desire is to assist and encourage each child's abilities and skills throughout every stage of their development. We have a reading time, coloring, circle time, abc's learning, music time, singing, and crafts and outside play. I love kids and I will take care your child as if they were my own. Have a great helper and excellent references are available upon request. We have insurance. If you are interested please feel free to contact me with any question.

Parent Reviews

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Luci is my daughter’s “other mother.” She is simply that amazing. We sent our daughter to Luci’s Daycare from when she was 3 months to 2 years old. Luci and her assistant Suellen are warm, loving, treat all the children like their own, and give us comfort knowing our daughter is safe everyday. 

Outside of them being incredibly kind and compassionate, the other thought that comes to mind is clean. Luci runs a tight ship with her cleaning routine, and it’s not uncommon to catch her in gloves cleaning and vacuuming (a weird observation, but hey, it matters to me)! My daughter also came home with a clean bottom and diaper cream on her less than better days. 

My daughter also loves Luci’s food. Luci makes delicious, organic, home cooked meals that all the kids love...from what I can tell, often more than the food their parents send to daycare:-). I would recommend Luci over and over again. I’m happy to provide a reference or speak to anyone with questions. Thank you Luci, our entire family loves you!

Both of my daughters have attended Luci's Daycare and I couldn't be happier! Luci and her helper Suellen are caring, compassionate and love all the kids as if they were their own. I love that Luci provides healthy meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks) which makes my life as a working mom so much easier! The hours are also great for parents who have to commute great distances to work.

She has a good curriculum for the kids including lots of singing,dancing and art projects. My daughter always has a smile on her face when I pick her up!

I would highly recommend Luci's Daycare to anyone looking for loving home based daycare.

Where do I even start. It’s a bittersweet feeling writing this post because I honestly can see how happy my little one is going to Luci’s, so it’s sad to say good bye.

My son started this daycare at 4months and at now 18 months the only reason why I am transitioning is because I wanted to have one pick up/drop off and Mandarin exposure (we speak it at home), that’s why the transition is happening now since my older son’s school accepts kids at this age etc... I will be honest though, the thought has crossed my mind to just not switch schools because we love Luci’s so much.

However, lets get back to the point, we love love love Luci. My little guy is arms out ready to go when I drop him off. They provide breakfast which is great for days you’re running late. I love how the daycare is open as early as 7:30am.

She and Suellen are so attentive and loving, they truly care for my son as if he is their own. They communicate regularly throughout the day. I love the fact that the daycare is small, so you end up getting to know all the kids that are there. The daycare is clean (shoes off) and she actually has it professionally cleaned (during school break)!

I have also grown to appreciate the pick up process where they bring the kids out to you at their door. That way the kids don’t lag and drag their feet, which is totally what happens when I pick up my older one.

They do have more holidays than I was used to (compared to other home based daycares), so hopefully you have a work schedule that is a little more flexible. This is probably the only “negative” I can think of, but honestly, we all need breaks!! 

Our son has been in Luci’s Day Care full or part-time since he was just under three months old, and we have been really happy with her care.  Luci and her helper provide loving care to about eight or fewer babies and toddlers on a given day, and I appreciate that she keeps her child to caregiver ratios fairly low.  I have found that her program grows with the child and their interests, and by the time our son was two he knew the whole alphabet, could count to ten, and could identify most shapes and colors.  Her home is clean and organized, and there are lots of newer and age-appropriate toys, books, costumes, and play equipment for the kids. They have circle time, dance with music, and are introduced to yoga.  The children also color educational sheets and bring home seasonal art projects - including some really sweet ones that included our son’s hand/footprints or photo.

As a working mom, I also really appreciate the little things that made my life easier!  Luci has convenient hours, feeds the kids organic and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and would always send my milk and containers for homemade baby food back squeaky clean.  Both Luci and her helper are Brazilian and I see it as a big positive that our son can understand some Portuguese! That said, they both regularly communicate clearly with parents and children in English.  Luci is in touch as needed throughout the day, in addition to daily sleeping/feeding/diapering details, which really helped when I was returning back to work. My son is always excited to go to Luci’s house to play and see all his friends, and it is great for me to know that he is happy and nurtured.  I recommend Luci’s Day Care to parents in the Marina Bay, Point Richmond, and greater East Bay area and am happy to honestly answer any questions anyone may have about our experiences.

Luci runs an amazing in-home day care in Richmond that is a true hidden gem for those seeking quality childcare for working parents and she has provided a consistently nurturing and safe environment for my son to thrive and learn critical social skills during his most important early years of life. I have sent my son there from when he was barely walking at 12 months, and he will be graduating this summer when he is transitioning to preschool at age 3. Luci is very dedicated to all of the children in her care, alongside her assistant Suellen who is equally caring and loving. At Luci’s everyone is family and I feel very fortunate that we were able to bring her into my son’s life. Luci keeps a very clean and organized home, and engages kids in a lot of festivities throughout the year and it’s always a delight to see her house occasionally turn into a wonderful, sensory stage for kids to have fun and stretch their imagination. My son already knows his numbers and alphabets so I don’t know what else he has to learn at preschool! We love Luci and I know you will too.

Luci's Daycare is wonderful! Luci took amazing care of our 2 children (baby and toddler). She is so kind and caring and helped my children feel welcome and loved. Everyday the kids eat healthy food, play, and work on wonderful crafts and learning projects. My daughter especially loves all of the dress-up costumes available for play! Luci also has fun celebrations for the kids on many occasions. She is very communicative with the parents, and is very thorough in keeping track of naps, bottle feedings, etc for the baby. She even got my very picky toddler to eat her meals- no easy task! I highly recommend Luci's daycare if you are in the Richmond area. It's a safe and loving place and we love her very much!

Luci's Day Care is an amazing in-home daycare.  My son started at Luci's at 4 months old.  He was a hard baby who cried a lot, but Luci and Geane gave him the cuddles and love he needed. Because Luci has a full time helper (Geane) and keeps her numbers fairly low, they are able to give the kids individualized attention when needed. I came to pick him up on several occasions to find him either asleep in Geane's arms or on the floor with her helping him stack blocks.  

As he got older I came to appreciate the learning and activities that are a part of Luci's daily routine. Luci and Geane run organized circle time with art projects, dancing and education.  At 2 1/2 my son has learned everything from his colors to counting and yesterday while we were singing the ABC's, I noticed he was signing them!

All of that being said, the biggest reason that I feel fortunate to have found Luci's Day Care is that my son wants to go. He is excited every morning to be dropped off and that makes all of our days start off better. In my opinion, you cannot find a better combination of the loving, caring environment of an in-home daycare and the organized learning of a preschool.

I feel so blessed to have found Luci's Family Daycare. From having a wonderful nanny experience, I was worried that my eldest daughter would not get the same special care and attention when I transitioned her to Luci's at 11.5 months old. In fact, I was blown away by how much attention, individualized care, guidance, patience and kindness she received from Luci and Geanne! It was so reassuring and heartwarming, that I had no qualms about sending my youngest daughter there after I returned from maternity leave. Luci and Geanne truly love and care for my daughters as well as each of the other children they care for like their very own, and my girls love them just as much. They are so patient with the children, and I love getting the occasional photos and updates. Luci offers a very nurturing and safe environment for the kids, while making it fun for them to learn and develop. I highly recommend Luci's to any family that lives and works in the Richmond area. It's top notch!

Luci's Family Daycare is a second home for our son. Our son has been attending this care facility since he was six months. Having peace of mind while working is essential. Knowing that our son is well taken care of by such a kind, genuine, caring, person like Luci and Geanne.... I am blessed. Since being in the care of Luci I will say that our son took his first steps at 10 months and continue to develop leaps and bounds at every turn. The attention to detail sets this care facility apart. Receiving Photo's and recordings our son during the day brings a smile each time we receive one. My highest recommendation is extended to this care facility.

Luci's Family Daycare is my son's home away from home. My son started at Luci's when he was six months old. She and her assistant Geane provide excellent care and individualized attention to each child under their charge. Different fun activities that encourage learning and motor skills are incorporated in their daily routine. Luci makes it a point to communicate any concern she may have for my son; she occasionally sends photos and short video clips which, when I receive them puts a smile on my face and lightens my day at work knowing that my son is happy, content and safe. She is very dedicated, accommodating, responds to each child's need, and strives to make each and everyday exciting. She is also a mother to two young kids which makes it easier for her to understand a parent's anxieties. I would recommend her daycare in an instant especially if you live or work in the area of Marina Bay in Richmond. Thank you, Luci!

My son has been taken care of by Luci from when he was around 1 1/2 years old up until recently at 3 years old. When I started looking around for childcare I know I wanted the comfort of having my son close by while I was at work. Although Luci's is located 20 minutes (minus commute time) away from my actual home I felt it was worth it to have him close to where I am for most of the week. This helped ease anxiety for me as well as finding that Luci is very warm and welcoming and is very caring towards my son as if he was her own. It took sometime for my son to adjust but Luci was very patient with this and many things (like my son's picky eating). I believe she takes special care not only with my son but with all the children. Even on days when my son wasn't able to attend for various reasons (i.e. out sick, etc.) Luci made it a point to check on how he was doing. When it came around time to potty train my son, Luci saw all the signs. She made the transition for all of us during the stages of potty training much easier. It took my son about 2 weeks to be fully potty trained and I owe a lot of credit to Luci and her helper. Unfortunately, I no longer take my son to Luci's because he has moved on to a slightly bigger preschool located closer to our home. We miss Luci and her children very much, but still manage to keep in touch. We love hearing how each other's families are doing. I would recommend Luci's daycare.

Luci's Family Daycare is probably the best daycare in the East Bay or perhaps the entire Bay Area!

Luci and her helper Geane are wonderful caregivers who genuinely care for your child. She offers a fun and safe environment for the kids, is always looking for creative ways to engage the kids and is very supportive and flexible to meet your childcare needs.

As a first time mom, I was anxious to send my baby girl to a daycare after resuming work. But seeing a broad smile on my baby's face at the time of drop off within the first few days of joining just washed away all my worries!

We unfortunately had to sacrifice this wonderful option when we relocated away from the Marina Bay Richmond area. But we hope that many more parents will join this gem of a daycare and benefit like we did.

We wish Luci and her family continued success in her endeavors!!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2014

If any of you are looking for child care/preschool and have not checked out Luci's Family Daycare yet I highly recommend it. My daughter loves it there! Luci is wonderful! She treats my baby girl like she is her very own. Always very accommodating, caring, kind, loving and responsible...everything any parent would want in someone caring for your child.

May 2013

Our little girl has been staying with Luci since she was six months old. As our first child it was a little bit of a rough transition, more so for me, than our little girl. After meeting Luci and seeing her interact with my daughter and my daughter's responses, I knew we had found someone we could trust. Luci has been sooo great over the past 7 months. When I drop our daughter off each day, she actually leans away from me and into Luci! I love receiving daily updates on how our daughter's day went. I can see that Luci loves seeing her grow as much as we do. You can really see the love Luci has for the children she provides care for. Genevieve learned to sit up and crawl at Luci's. Luci has lots of experience providing care for infants and toddlers. She also really listens to my wishes on care for our daughter (our transition from breast milk to formula to what she eats for lunch and when nap time is). Everything you want in someone who steps in for you during the day. Visit Luci and you'll see the level of care your child will receive. And what's great for me is I can quickly get off the freeway, drop her off and be on my way to work in San Rafael.

June 2012

We love Luci! My son has been going to her daycare since he was 4 months old, and he is now 19 months. He loves Luci, and the other children and usually doesn't want to leave because he is having so much fun! She treats my son as if he was her own. My son is my only child and it was extremely difficult for me to leave him with a stanger, but once I met Luci and saw her with my son, I knew he would be in safe, loving hands. Of course I spoke with the other parents first and heard nothing but good things about Luci. She is also very flexible with her hours and days which is very helpful. I highly recommend Luci's Daycare and a bonus is that my son now understands Portuguese! Feel free to email or call Luci for any questions or email me : )

Jan 2011

I greatly encourage anyone seeking full or part-time care for their infant and/or toddler to contact our prior provider Luciara Garcez who recently licensed her in-home care.

Luci cared for our 23 month-old daughter since she was 9 months old. Unfortunately we moved from the local area and had to resort to a daycare facility (almost regretfully). It's been a hard transition given the high level of care, love, and attention our daughter had with Luci. Our daughter was always so happy to arrive every day, and I knew no matter the situation my daughter was in the best of care.

Luci has great experience and a natural way with children regardless of age. She is very reliable, responsible, and willing to go the extra mile for a family. She was there for us to watch our daughter while we were expecting our second; we don't know what we would have done without her!!

For any mom out there that needs that extra help and support, Luci is the caregiver for you. If you'd like further details, feel free to email me. Maggie