Galoshes Family Day Care

El Cerrito, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Gail Pavlosky
gpavlosky [at]
El Cerrito
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Ages Served: 
2 months - 36 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
7:45am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Vegetarian options, Special diet support, Cloth diapers accepted, Potty training support
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About Our Program: 

The loving care that parents have experienced at Galoshes Family Day Care has transitioned. Galoshes is now closed and its operators now operate "The Good Earth School", a nature based preschool. For more information, please visit our website at

Parent Reviews

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Review for Galoshes Daycare and the soon-to-open Good Earth School (Pre-school):

All of these reviews are spot on and the quality of care at Galoshes is still amazing. After hours spent on the internet, visiting an array of places in the East Bay and Marin and having my child attend another daycare for a few months, I worried that I would either find a daycare that was nurturing and loving OR one that focused on child development. It's is surprisingly hard to find both. I want my baby to develop and grow and be a kind, caring, super genius (!) but I also want her to love the people at her daycare and kiss them and hug them and miss them! I find all of this at Galoshes. The quality of the activities is impressive.  The littlest babies to the 2.5 year olds participate AND benefit. The outdoor classroom is REALLY a classroom: fun and so thoughtfully designed to enhance what is already beautiful in nature. 

SO, I am both excited and relieved that Gail will be applying her decades worth of child development experience, education, legit cooking skills and gut instinct to the Good Earth School. It's Reggio-inspired. The focus is NATURE and being outdoors and using the outdoors as a place to learn. It's a calm, beautiful environment and really, you should just go and visit. 

Ok, ok one more thing! Gail has a gift for finding and training other teachers. Talk to her references from years ago or now and they will go on and on about those teachers and Gail. I love Amy and  Melissa. My daughter loves them too! And they are in-tuned with the needs of the kids. When one of them is having a rough day, they might spend more time being hugged and held. Or maybe a teacher will spend time with a child in a quiet area, which can be really helpful. When I visited, it really struck me how happy and friendly all of the kids were. I could go on and on, but I won't! Call Gail. Go visit! Daycare or preschool! Did I tell you that my baby loves quinoa and veggies? She's inspiring my husband to eat veggies! Will that convince you?

gpavlosky [at]

Dear parent(s) researching daycare facilities,

It’s not easy to try to find the “just right” place for your dear child that will care for them as you would. Believe me, I’ve been there. I researched many places in Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito that were highly reviewed on yelp and/or BPN and then after site visits, I left even more confused and uncertain of the plethora of options. I have two pieces of advice while you search; One: trust your gut and Two: come visit Gail at Galoshes Day Care as one of your options.

I’d like to share our story and I hope it helps you on your path finding great child care.

We hired a nanny for our son until he was 2 years old. Our child is exceptionally shy and also had some developmental delays, so when I interviewed care providers, I came with an arsenal of childhood developmental knowledge and even an infant developmental specialist who helped me in my search. I was so impressed interviewing Gail. I actually cried when I got back to the car as I knew, without a doubt, she would do an exceptional job caring for my child. And she has.

I’ll never forget the moment when she told me, “it’s not enough that I love your son, my job is to also provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child grows”. It was a difficult transition for my child. Every day he had separation anxiety. I also had to come pull him in and out of daycare three days each week for his various therapy sessions. Gail and her staff have been so accommodating and supportive of our family and my son’s needs. Truly, Gail believes more in providing my child the tools he needs to succeed than in the daycare’s schedule. She accepted us with wide arms open, providing a supportive and loving environment and making every decision in what is in the best interest of my child’s needs.

We spent 1 ½ years at Galoshes (up until our son was 3 ½) and now are moving on to a preschool. Our child has grown leaps and bounds and I credit Gail and her staff. He talks up a storm, tells me stories of playing with the children, going down the slides, making art work, and what Gail made him for lunch (he’s a BIG eater!). He is very prepared for this next step; he’s learned his entire alphabet (upper and lower case), can count to 30, can count from 10 to 1, knows his colors and shapes and sings numerous songs. The growth is phenomenal; he no longer needs therapy. I will miss Galoshes, immensely; Gail, Toya, Hannah, the children and also the other parents. Galoshes is a close-knit family environment and while Gail is right, it’s not enough to just love my child, I think love is the foundation. And her heart is full of it. 

The feeling of gratitude and love our family feels for Galoshes Day Care owner Gail Pavlosky on a daily basis only grows. Galoshes provides an engaging (fun & social) and nurturing (love & food) environment for little ones at the many stages of development from 1 month to 2.5 year olds. We've had some wonderful nannies but have to say that our son (who is very selective) was happier with Gail and her amazing team than with any nanny. The love Gail feels for him (and all the little ones) is so palpable, it really is hard to put into words, but goes beyond what any normal/amazing caregiver gives. Gail/Galoshes is a hidden treasure in the hills of El Cerrito. We are forever grateful for the authentic loving care Galoshes has given to our babies. Knowing my babe was happy to be there and so loved-up every minute of the day made going back to work a smooth transition.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2015

Dear Berkeley Parent Network, I would like to strongly recommend Galoshes Family Day
Care for your little child. The day care is for kids very small - newborn to two-three
years old.
The owner, Gail Pavlosky is the most sweet, gentle and smart caregiver that I ever
meet.  And I have looked around a lot to find a good care for my two kids. My second
one went to Gail's day care from when she was 3 months old and it was a bless for me.
Living my girl in Gail's hands made me feel safe everyday.
Beside the owner, the girls that work there are also all very nice and always ready to
help. I am not from Berkeley and I don't have family around. Every time, and I say
every time, I had some emergency, both Gail and the girls were ready and happy to
My daughter never cried when i left her to the school and I believe that this is
because she always felt truly loved. The girls always pay attention to the single
child need and do their best to please parents's preferences. Gail has a very cool
program and she send you update every month about the projects that she plan to do
with the kids. So little but they do a lot of cool stuff (like cooking, drawing,
painting in order to explore colors seasons/animals and so on).
Please contact me if you want to hear more about it. I will be always grateful to
Gail, so I am happy to recommend her (and her day care) more and more. And i hope that
this can help also some new mum, I know how hard is to find the right person to take
care of your new born.
Ludovica (from Italy)

March 2013

Our family moved from the East Coast when my husband accepted a job at CAL and we were quite nervous about finding good quality childcare. Gail Pavlosky, owner and director of Galoshes Family Daycare, has completely changed our prior conception of home-based daycares and eliminated all our fears about finding a good place for our daughter. Upon meeting Gail, my husband immediately knew she was the provider for us. She has a natural gift with children, is sensitive to each child's needs and has the ability to meet them where they are. She is kind, calm, competent and a valuable resource for our parenting questions. While the kids range in age from 3 mos to 3 yrs, Gail develops and implements a curriculum that touches each child. She is creative in her developmentally appropriate approaches to social, emotional, and intellectual learning. She offers healthy and wholesome meals and has introduced our daughter to many new foods. Gail employs the most warm and caring staff, including her daughter Hannah Pavlosky, who are vital to her team. They love our daughter as if she was their own and our daughter has blossomed in their care. I can wholeheartedly recommend Galoshes Family Daycare and my husband says "She's brilliant!"

Dec 2012

We moved to CA in March 2012, had come from a formal daycare center, and were a bit skeptical of home-based programs. We visited several options when we moved to El Cerrito and found Galoshes through a referral. We were hooked immediately. Galoshes is run by a very warm and caring provider, Gail, out of her home. Gail has a degree in childhood development and has been running a daycare for almost 20 years. She is also a mother of four wonderful children of her own.

As first time parents we often ask Gail for advice on discipline, eating, and development. Not only is Gail a wealth of knowledge and experience, she cares for each child like they were her own. Our son was 6 months old when he started with Galoshes and was not quite crawling yet. Within 3 months, he was walking, much more verbal, and very interested in engaging with other children. Not only did we see a developmental leap immediately from joining Galoshes, our son was obviously in love with the daycare, Gail and her assistants, and the other children. Our son gets excited when we pull up to her house and is never ready to leave at the end of the day. You can reach Gail at gpavlosky [at]
David and Samantha