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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Annette de la Rosa
(510) 332 4295
annettedelarosa [at]
North Berkeley BART
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12 months - 36 months
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
8:00am - 5:00am
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Cloth diapers accepted
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  • Annette Delarosa closed her daycare in 2015
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Fun & Games family daycare is a place where children learn through fun and games. Lots of love and attention are my extra added ingredients. Reading, music, and art is part of my program. Sometimes a fun field field trip. Close to north Berkeley Bart station and several bus lines.

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Archived Reviews: 

Jan 2015

I like to highly recommend Annette De La Rosa and her daycare which is called Fun & Games Family Daycare. My daughter was with her for a year and she loves it. Her daycare is in a part of the house with a back yard. When the weather is nice the children can go in and out of the house when they want to. She has lots of fun activities for the kids. She would always take them on a walk or a bart train ride. Even though my daughter is in preschool we still keep in touch. She always lets us do drop in days when my daughter preschool is closed. She doesn't take too many days off for vacation and Christmas because she knows parents needs to work these days. Another good thing about Annette is that she has good people to come and help her. Her helpers also end up being great babysitters. I also like the way she makes us parents feel welcome at her place. She always has time to talk to the parents at the beginning and at the end of the day. Annette has an opening for one more child at her daycare. Her age group is from 1 to 3 years old. She is open from 730 to 530. Hyacinth

June 2014

I would like to highly recommend Annette with Fun & Games Daycare in Berkeley. My daughter is about to graduate and move on to preschool and we are very sad to be leaving. Not only is she great with the kids, she bonds with you and your child so that you feel more like family. She also has a great group of helpers that assist her with the kids. They also make for great babysitters for those nights out. My daughter loves and adores everyone who walks in the door. If you want a small, family-like environment where your child can play and grow surrounded by love, then this is the place for you! Hya

June 2014

I highly recommend Annette De La Rosa and Fun & Games Family daycare. Our first child was there prior to moving on to preschool. He missed her so much .She would come to our house so he could see her again. He really needed that. All the kids call her Nette as well as their parents, As parents we really appreciate all the attention she gives each child. She always finds assistants and teen agers that are just like her, No wonder she is sad and happy when a child moves on in their life. She loves children and her job and she shows it. I commute from berkeley to Vallejo and sometimes I am late. She never charges me for being late cause I text or call her to let her know. I also like that she doesn't take too much vacation even though she has been doing childcare for years. Most family daycares take 2 weeks off in summer and for Christmas . Not our Nette.

So now we have a 2nd child who is about to move on to preschool. I'm so glad she'll come and see him too. We know that he had a good foundation of learning to play with kids with Nette.

Right now she has 2 spaces available for kids 1 to 3 yrs old. You can contact me if you have any more questions. You can also call her at 510 332 4295

June 2013

I'd like to recommend Annette Delarosa and Fun and Games Daycare. My son, now 18 months old, has been at Fun and Games since he was 8 months old, and he has had a great experience with Annette. We're moving out of state at the end of the month, and I just hope I'll be able to find a daycare provider like Annette in our new home.

Her house is in a lovely, quiet neighborhood, conveniently located close to the North Berkeley BART and the intersection of University and San Pablo Ave. She only takes four or five children at a time, and she often has an assistant, so each child get plenty of individual attention.

The assistants are uniformly fantastic, and they provide a great pool of babysitters! This was my son's first daycare experience (he had been with a nanny previously), and Annette was very patient with his separation anxiety and napping issues. Best of all, she writes a short summary of each day for the parent to take home, so I always know how my son's day was without even having to ask. My son is excited to go to daycare every morning, and I feel totally confident that he is safe and loved when he is in Annette's care.

June 2013

I want to recommend my daycare provider, Annette DeLaRosa, who runs the Fun and Games Daycare in North Berkeley (Phone #: 510-332-4295). I have had a great experience with Annette, and wish I could continue to send my daughter there (job changes have pulled me away from the neighborhood...). My daughter went to Annette from 14 months old to 2.5 years and has become really attached to Annette and the playmates at the daycare. Annette is warm, loving, protective, and all the other qualities you look for in a provider for a very young child. As a new mom, I especially appreciated her experience - she helped me wean my daughter off a bottle, encouraged her to use the potty, and talked with me about other milestones my daughter was reaching.

Annette has a great indoor & fenced outdoor space for the kids but also brings them on outings to a local park or just a walk. You bring food for your child (which I liked) though she does provide some snacks. A lot of reading books, singing, and free play. Most days Annette writes a precis of the days activities, which my husband and I loved to read and have kept in a folder:) She has an opening right now for a child aged 9 months to 3 years. Call or email me if you have any questions!

June 2012

I like to highly recommend annette delarosa and her daycare fun and games family daycate. My son who is now in preschool was with her since he was 10 months old. He was the youngest one there but he enjoyed being with nette and the big kids. She always hires assistants who are really great with the kids. Plus we use her assistants as babysitters if nette cant do it. Nette and her assistants take the kids to the park, studio grow, on bart train rides, and to see the back hoes. She also takes them around the block for a walk. My son has learned a lot from nette and is very bonded to her. She has become a part of our family now. From time to time we invite her over for dinner so our son can see her again. He is so thrilled to see her again. She will be taking care of our 2nd child next year too. Annette is open from 730 to 530 pm monday to friday. She has one opening available for kids 6 months to 3 yrs old. You can contact her at 510 332 4295 or annettedelarosa [at] You can also contact me too. Contact: Paden

Nov 2011

i want to highly recommend annette dela rosa fun and games daycare. she took care of my son for year and a half. he always looked for to the activities she has planned for the kids and playing with the other kids. they would go on daily walks, on bart train rides, to habitot, studio grow, the firestation or they would play in the big yard. my son is in preschool now and he still talks about her, pretty often actually. she has one opening available for kids 9 month to 3 years old. for more information give annette dela rosa a call at 510-332 4295.

August 2011

I would like to recommend Annette de la Rosa of Fun and Games as a great small home daycare for infants and toddlers. I was really anxious looking for daycare for my 8 month old, he had only been home with family members. He is very shy and takes awhile to get comfortable, but Annette was wonderful. She is really patient and helped us both make the transition. She took the time to build up trust with my son. He is now 18 months old and he loves going to Nette's. He has a great time with his buddies and they go on walks and take trips. Annette has created a very safe, and loving environment where my son has developed from a baby into a little boy. I love that Nette has a small group that my son has really gotten to know, he gets plenty of personalized attention. She is also very reliable and does not miss days or even take many vacations. Her hours are great for parents working full time. She loves what she does and is looking for more little ones to nurture. His older buddies are moving on to preschool and my son would love to meet some new friends.

August 2011

I want to highly recommend Annette de La Rosa's home-based daycare.(Fun & Games Daycare)By N. Berkeley BART. Our son was 18 mo.old when we started with Nette in Jan. 2011. He LOVED it. And so did we. She made our lives easier through her easy going, flexible & super loving approach. We knew he loved it b/c when he was away from her he would ask for Nette & for his daycare friends.

She is great at hiring wonderful, interesting & caring assistants, & has just enough supportive help to keep things flowing, even if she needs a day off. Our son was on a gluten-free diet, & Nette arranged that all shared snacks became g-free, & even potential new comers were advised they should bring g-free snacks. They take walks every day & use BART or strollers for field trips to the E. Bay Vivarium, Studio Grow, etc. Kids get to be kids- playing, being cuddled, encouraged to grow in just the right little ways, w/out any pressure.

$1000 per mo, full time.(approx. 7:30 til 5:30 p.m.) She has openings for 1 to 3 yr olds with flexible, communicative parents. I can't imagine a better place for a kid this age.

Sept 2010

Annette has been caring for our son (he turns 2 in October) for more than half a year now. We could not be any happier with her. Our son is happy to go there every morning, when he hears his fellows, he sometimes already starts to squeal of joy. I was a stay at home mom for over one year and we left him with Annette 5 days a week, full day from one day to the next, he never had any problems. Annette appears to be a bit shy in the first impression and I had visited a couple of other daycares where I connected more to the daycare provider during the visit, but she is wonderful with the kids and of course we connected as well. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. What I like most is that she is very caring and does so many different things from drawing, to music (she has a piano in the daycare) and singing, book time, lots of playing with toys and many field trips, including habitot and the zoo. Vanessa

Sept 2010

Our son has been going to Fun and Games Daycare with Annette DeLaRosa for almost a year and there is currently an opening for an additional toddler. Annette's close attention and care creates a very comfortable atmosphere. The daycare is in a dedicated area of her home that opens up to a large gated yard, and there are many toys both inside and outside. She focuses on a lot of imaginative play, in addition to circle time with songs and stories. She loves getting down on the floor and playing with the kids. The activities provide the children with a good mix of individual play time and group time. Annette takes the children on frequent field trips (by walking or BART since she doesn't drive). We really appreciate the daily notes that Annette writes summarizing our son's day. The daycare is located on Delaware conveniently near the North Berkeley Bart. Please don't hesitate to contact Annette for more information (510) 558- 1376, or to send me an email.

Aug 2010

I am happy to recommend Annette de la Rosa at Fun and Games Daycare at 558.1376. Our daughter went to Fun and Games for 2 years, full time. She started when she was four months old and she loved it. Annette provided a loving environment and created a very strong bond with our daughter. We appreciated that it was a small group- only 3 or 4 kids so each had lots of attention while also learning to socialize. The daycare has a big playroom with lots of natural light and an adjacent, fenced in grassy backyard with play equipment. Annette provided many different activities and occasional field trips. The daycare is located within walking distance to North Berkeley BART. I would be happy to discuss more if interested.

June 2009

I'm writing in to recommend Fun and Games Daycare, run by Annette DeLaRosa (558-1376). Our daughter loved Annette, she was always happy to be dropped off, at and times ran around the room in a circle rather than to go home.

Annette provides a nurturing and supportive environment. She is able to foster strong and positive relationships between the children. Annette really understands how toddlerC-s think, and spends much of her time crawling around on the floor with them. Her facilities included one very big room a medium sized backyard with several play structures, and a quiet room for napping. These spaces were always clean and filled with age appropriate toys. Annette does not allow television, videos or computer use.

As of August, Annette will have space for two toddlers and one infant. Annette takes children 0-3. Her facilitiy is on Delaware, within easy walking distance of the North Berkeley BART. Annette can be reached at 510-558-1376.

June 2009

Our daycare has an opening for either a one year old or two older toddlers (18 month plus). Our daughter is now 15 months and has been at Fun and Games daycare with Annette de la Rosa since she was four months old. Leah has really bonded with Annette and is always happy to arrive at daycare each day to spend time with her and the other kids. There are only a total of four children, so they each receive a lot of individual attention as well as forming bonds with a small group of children. There is a big inside playroom which opens up to an adjoining large, fenced in grassy backyard with many play-structures. Each day Annette gives us a two page description of what Leah has done that day. We have been very happy with our daycare and please call if you have other questions. Fun and Games Daycare, Annette de la Rosa 510.558.1376 Contact: Annette de la Rosa, 510.558.1376

Feb 2008

Hi -- Fun & Games Daycare, located off of San Pablo and Delaware (off of University) has immediate openings. My daughter is 17 months and will be the only one at the daycare starting in March, so she would love a playmate around her age! Annette de la Rosa has been a daycare provider for many years and is very patient, fun and a wonderful provider. She has a great play space and also takes the kids on lots of outings. Her rates are extremely reasonable and she is open Mon. - Thurs. Annette would prefer a child around 17 months but is open to kids younger or older. Please call me or email if you would like more information. Susan

Aug 2007

Dear parents, Our 11 months old daughter has been with Fun & Games Daycare in North Berkeley for 3 months now and we have noticed she is on a good schedule with naps and feedings. Annette truly works with the parents to help nuture the child's well being and provides healthy meals. She also provides daily notes on how the child did that day. The daycare has a large, baby-proofed play area and a lovely, fenced-in backyard with children play sets, trees and flowers. We can't thank Annette enough for careing for our daughter and want to highly recommend her daycare. Please email me if you have any questions regarding Fun & Games Daycare or contact Annette DeLaRosa @ 510-558-1376. JK

April 2007

I would like to highly recommend my son's former daycare provider Annette De La Rosa. She has take great care of my son for 2 years and now he is ready for new adventures. Her family daycare is located on delaware st between san pablo ave and curtis. She takes the kids on lots of field trips. They do lots of reading,singing, art, and play together. She loves to play games with our kids. Annette has 2 spaces available for kids 0 to 4 years old. She told me she will have another space in september. her telephone number is 510-558-1376 Matthew, Leeway, and ETHAN iRWIN
Contact: annette, nette414[at]

April 2007

I like to highly recommend my sons daycare provider Annette De La Rosa. My Son has been there for almost two years and he is now ready for preschool at the age of 3. She has taught my son alot through reading, music and art time. Not to mention the fieldtrips she took my son and another child to such as the firestation, the zoo, the little farm, and other adventures on the bart train or the bus. My son and his play mate have grown up together in her place. Annette Has 2 spaces availabe after my son leaves in may. She will have one space for an infant 0 to 2 years old and another one for 25 months to 4 years old. Contact: annette, 510-558-1376

Oct 2006

Fun and Games Daycare is an in-home daycare with an immediate opening for a child age 1-3. Annette is the primary cargiver and she currently cares for two sweet 2-year old boys. Annette takes the boys out to parks almost every day. She provides a safe environment with good hours and reasonable rates. There is a good size yard with grass and play structures. My daughter was there for a while before starting pre-school. The facility was perfect for transitioning my daughter from home to preschool because it got her used to being with another caregiver and other children. Annette's house is located on Delaware, just north of San Pablo, close to the North Berkeley BART. Call her for more information!
Contact: Annette De La Rosa, 510-558-1376

August 2006

I would like to recommend my daughter's daycare provider Annette DeLaRosa and her Fun & Games Daycare. She takes care of 3-4 kids in her home (a large room and a backyard are dedicated to the daycare). She is open Mon-Thurs, 7:45 - 5:30. She takes care of kids 9 month to 3 years, and she currently has an opening for a child 1 year or older (the other kids are about 2 y.o). There are many good things I can tell about her, but the main one is that she loves kids and the kids love her. She is really attentive to their behaviour and development, and matches activities to the individual interests and inclinations. Lot's of art projects, frequent field trips: pet store, fire station, parks, YMCA, etc. My daughter loved it there, but she is now graduating to pre-school. Feel free to ask me any questions ot contact Annette: 558-1376, nette414[at]


June 2005

I like to recommend my family daycare provider Annette De La Rosa. She has been doing daycare in her home for about 14 yrs. My son has been going there since september last year and he has grown so much. She takes the kids to kindergymn on the bart train every wednesday, does art and reading time with the kids. There is also another boy whom she takes care of...... If you are looking for an excellent daycare then look no further and call her at 558-1376. She told me she has one space available for a kid between the ages of one to three years old. Her daycare logo is: Fun & Games daycare is a place where kids learn through fun and games. Love and encouragement is their extra added ingredient.

April 2005

I like to recommend Annette De La Rosa and her day care Fun & Games daycare. Both of my kids have been in her childcare and now have graduated to new things like preschool and elementary school. She is fun,loving, and very nurturing. She really gets the kids prepared for preschool and also gives good information to us parents.I like childcare center but i really appreciate annette's family daycare because she has made me and other parents feel like we are welcomed in her home. Annette has been doing daycare in her home for about 14 years. Her age group is from 6 months to 2 and 1/2 years old. She does has openings for that age group. please give her a call 558-1376 or email her nette401 at Cathryn