Fremont Parents Nursery School

Fremont, CA

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DSS Facility License #
non-profit parent Parent co-operative
info [at]
Alder Ave.
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
24 months - 60 months

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2013

My daughter has just started attending this school, and I have to say that we are very pleased with it. They are a play-based preschool for ages 2-5. They are very focused on the well-being and development of each child. And because it is a co-op, I really get to see my daughter flourish each day that I am there. We are also very excited about the new play-yard they have received funding for. It's supposed to be the first ''Nature Designation'' in Northern CA, equipped with all sorts of natural sensory play areas. The other parents and children are wonderful too. A variety of cultures and backgrounds, and all very loving and supportive. You couldn't ask for a better nursery school for the start of your child's education. They say that the first 7 years of your child's life are the most formative and important. I wouldn't chose any other place to help set the stage for my daughter's life. Thank you FPNS. Felicity