First Years Enrichment Program

Oakland, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Patricia Jackson
pjsfaith [at]
Temescal on 55th St.
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Ages Served: 
24 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
7:30am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Part-time available, Year-round, Lunch provided, Vegetarian options
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Patricia Jackson notified us that she closed her business in Dec 2016.

Parent Reviews

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This preschool is the highest quality you will find in the Bay Area.  My daughter (now 7) and my son (now 5) spent over 5 years total at First Years Enrichment under the dedicated, patient and loving care of Patty and Debbie.  The structured and healthy environment (including a vegetarian diet), which is clean, orderly and also allows for lots of play, drawing, puzzles and coloring provides a dedicated approach to preparing children for school.  My son can read and do math at first grade level.  Both Patty and Debbie are incredibly patient and loving with the children.  They keep order and teach children about manners and grammar as well as science and art.  They encourage children to bring in their favorite books and show and tell items.  It is an excellent preparation for the transition to school and allows children to take responsibility for getting their tasks completed.  They have also been great about reinforcing potty training and simple acts like tying shoes and washing up before and after meals.  The play area in the back is small but well designed, and the kids spend time climbing and playing outside.  The owners combine traditional pre-school approaches with new ideas and approaches that have proven effective.  They are both very knowledgeable and have many years of experience.  Both of my children developed a love for nature, science and have become very curious and inquisitive from the many hours at First Years Enrichment looking at books.  Patty occasionally follows up that learning by watching a video about nature, animals, and scientific concepts -- the kids are so excited to talk about what they've learned because of the thoughtful teaching methods.  Pick up and drop off is orderly and easy.  A great location if you need to get on 580, 980, 24.  High marks all around.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2014

We had our son at First Years Enrichment from the age of two and a half until he was almost four and he really thrived in the care of Miss Patti and Miss Debbie. The environment at First Years Enrichment is very clean and the day is very structured which I think our son needed when he first started there. They potty trained him there and advanced his learning of the alphabet, counting, and even started him reading as well. They also focus on a child's his fine motor skills from the activities (like puzzles) that they do in the morning. Miss Patti and Miss Debbie also teach the kids about manners, safety and what to do in an emergency situation. They also provide healthy snacks and lunches which is not very common with other bay area preschools and daycares. The back yard has a good amount of outdoor space and toys for the kids to play with as well so that they can get some sun and exercise without having to leave the property.

In all, First Years is a wonderful, safe place for kids to learn and play run by two very caring ladies that are passionate about helping prepare children for a lifetime of education. Stephen S.

Nov 2013

We moved to the peninsula several months ago, so I had to transfer my little one to a local montessori school. Now I pay so much more, and get almost exactly the same as I got from the First Years Enrichment program, such as reading skills, coloring, and counting, etc. But what I don't get from the new school are fresh cooked meals and a low ratio of teacher to kid. Both my little one and me miss First Years, and I highly recommend that wonderful home-based preschool that Ms. Debbie and Ms. Patti offer to every parent who wants a high quality care with an affordable cost. Happy Mom

Aug 2013

We would like to add to the other positive reviews here on BPN for First Years Enrichment Program, a pre-school/child care center located in North Oakland/Temescal. Ms. Patti and Ms. Debbie run a wonderful, diverse, caring program for children two to five years of age. Our daughter has benefited immensely from her time at this attentive home-based school, and is well prepared academically and socially for her next steps. For everything from potty and manners training to pre-reading skills development, we have been delighted with our daughter's development during her time at First Years. Care is available for full days (8-5:30), if desired. Nutritious vegetarian lunch and snacks are provided (which our meat-eating daughter loves), and all for a very affordable fee. We highly recommend First Years, and I believe they have some openings for the fall. mm

Oct 2012

Re: Looking for mellow preschool near Glenview
I suggest that you contact First Years Enrichment (Temescal/North Oakland Area) to schedule an appointment. Miss Patti and Miss Debbie are wonderful teachers and have a wonderful program. It is year-round, on the BUSD calendar and are currently accepting enrollment for ages 2 - 4. Their number is 510.658.8109. They are amazing A very pleased Mom

Sept 2012

After we moved to Oakland, I did lots of research about daycare/preschool for my little one. I called and visited about 20 daycares range from super expensive ($1600/mon) to really cheap one($600/mon). And, finally I found this home-base preschool. My husband, me and my little one just love here. My daughter learned counting, spelling, and drawing...The most important I love here is Ms. Debbie and Ms. Patti keep the school SUPER clean that reduce the risk of getting sick. Also my girl learns what she need to do and what she should not do here. So I highly recommend the First years enrichment program. Super Happy Mom

Aug 2012

My son has been at First Year Enrichment since the Fall of 2010. We really like it there. The teachers are caring. They take time to Talk with me when neseccary and listen to my concerns. I recall that on my first visit observing one of the teachers in the classroom with a student and I knew this was where I wanted my son to be in preschool. I thought my on would be in a safe and welcoming environment while learning how to socialize with other children. The teachers potty trained my son. He has learned to wite both alphabets and numbers and is starting to read. Also he has learned good overall skills. Annie H.

July 2012

Please try First Years Enrichment. They are in North Oakland - great location. But more than that, they are AMAZING. I have had my 3 kids there for 4 years - my youngest will ''graduate'' at the end of this month. Debbie and Patti run the most amazing program and you could eat off the floor. Healthy snacks, hot, vegetarian lunch. They really focus on Kindergarten prep. All year -program and no teacher turnover. I will certainly miss them. Give them a call 510.658.8109 Grateful Mommy

July 2012

If you are looking for a clean and safe place to send your child, look no further. My son loves Ms. Debbie and Ms. Patti!! He has been going to them since Feb 2011 and since he will be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, he has to leave. He has learned so much from numbers, reading, the alphabet..they teach it all and more. I feel very confident that he is fully prepared to start school. It is so much more than an in-home child care, it is a loving, caring home/school environment. The children are fully active all day and they are given healthy snacks and lunches. They have both girls and boys of all different ages and my son loves going there every morning to see his friends and play. When I drop him off in the morning, I know that he is in a safe and healthy, caring environment. Ms. Debbie and Ms. Pattie have spots opening up due to school starting, so if you are looking for child care, I highly recommend you check them out since the spots will fill up fast!! Charity

July 2012

I would like to recommend a wonderful home-based daycare/preschool that my son has been attending for the last two years. The school is run by two sisters, Ms. Patty and Ms. Debbie, who are warm, caring, and patient with all the kids in their care. Some of the things we particularly like are:
- Hours are 7:30AM to 5:30PM, open all year, with the exception of holidays.
- Warm meals and healthy snacks are provided.
- The space is clean and filled with toys and books.
- There is a spacious backyard with plenty of free play time.
- Puzzles, story time, games, writing, coloring.
- And it's affordable!

June 2012

Re: preschool in El Cerrito
Hi - If you are open at all to the area, I strongly encourage you to contact First Years Enrichment in the Temescal area. I have had my 3 kids pass through this wonderful school and each one of them has been more prepared for Kindergarten than most of the other students. There is NO teacher turnover and the ratio (1:4 or 1:5) is just ideal. They prepare each student for school....manners, academics, social development and you can eat off the floor, it is so clean and organized. Just a WONDERFUL place and a SUPERB program. Call Patty or Debbie at 510.658.8109 and at least go by for a visit. You owe it to yourself to check them out. Been in your shoes

July 2011

Re: Full-time preschool needed in Oakland ASAP
Hi there, I can't recommend First Years EnrichmentProgram enough. They are located in Oakland, about 2 blocks from Children's Hospital. It's play-based with a pre-school emphasis. Great outdoor play area, healthy snacks and lunch. My son has gone here for almost two years, and has thrived. He starts Kindergarten this fall and is MORE than ready - reads, counts like crazy, draws like a demon. And it's affordable!! Call Patricia at 510.658.8109. Good luck! Happy Mama

August 2010

Re: Preschool in North Oakland or surroundings?
Julia, I would recommend you take a look at First Years Enrichment, they are located about 2 blocks from Childrens Hospital. It's run by two awesome sisters who offer a home-based, but definitely preschool oriented program.

My child is almost 4, and can write letters, count to high crazy numbers, and color/draw like a demon. They have show and tell, great library, puzzles, a great backyard play area and trips to the playground. And remarkably, they are affordable.

Give them a call Ms. Debbie or Ms. Patti a call @ 510.658.8109 Signe

August 2010

Re: Preschool in North Oakland or surroundings?
First Years Enrichment is wonderful! When I had to go back into the workforce, I was so concerned about leaving my little ones anywhere, but I have had my 3 children there for more than 2.5 years. In fact, my oldest, now in elementary school, goes back a few times a week for tutoring.

It is a nice, small class, usually around 8 kids. Debbie and Patricia are FABULOUS, you could eat off the floors (and that is saying a lot with all the little ones running around). When I picked them up the first day, they did not want to leave!

Reading, playing, fully enclosed lovely backyard, hot, vegetarian lunch, wholesome snacks, respect for others, caring and SAFE!

Located in Temescal...easy on and off fwy and SO CLOSE to Children's Hosp (bonus). Call them 510.658.8109 and stop in to see for yourself. Happy Mom

March 2010

My 5 year old daughter was at the First Year Enrichment Program for a month before she started kindergarten. During that time she learned to read and write so that she was fully prepared for kindergarten. Her younger sister has been in the program for a year and has excelled in both reading and writing as well. Both of my daughters have been taught good manners and proper behavior with other children and adults. I have been very happy with the program and highly recommend it to parents who are looking for a small, safe, clean well structured pre-school. Erika

March 2010

We moved to Berkeley from New Mexico about 5 years ago with our 2 and 5 yr old boys . The first thing we had to do was find a preschool for our 5 yr old but we didn't know where to begin. We found an add on Craigslist for Patti and Debbie's place there and did the interview. The first thing we noticed was how immaculate the place was. Those girls kept that place in tip top shape for sure, but they also had a nurturing side we really liked, so we started Jack there. He only knew some of his Alphabet and had regressed some because of the move, so we were worried about him for Kindergarten. Patty and Debbie really worked hard with him and had him reading by the end of the summer. He started at Emerson in Berkeley and excelled there. We naturally started Jude there next and he is now in Kindergarten doing great. We feel like First Years Enrichment is more than just a preschool. We have made life-long friends and we love Patti and Debbie dearly. This is a fabulous preschool. I am sure they read their reviews so I will end with this. We love you girls! Thanks for everything you did for our family, we are forever your friends! Jennifer


Sept 2009


Re: Nurturing preschool
First Years Enrichment is wonderful! I have had my 3 children there for a couple of years. I was so concerned about leaving them anywhere, but this is a small class (usually 8 kids or so), Debbie and Patricia are FABULOUS, you could eat off the floors (and that is saying a lot with all the little ones running around)! When I picked them up the first day, they did not want to leave! Reading, playing, fully enclosed lovely back yard, hot lunch, wholesome snacks, respect for others, caring and SAFE! Located in ''Temescal''....easy on and off fwy and SO CLOSE to Children's Hosp (bonus!!). Call them today! 510.658.8109 (Debbie or Patricia) -Trysha

August 2009

Re: Need good Oakland preschool asap. Any openings?
My son, Marcus, attends the First Years Enrichment Program, a family preschool in Oakland, in the Temescal district. We've been with Patricia Jackson, who runs the preschool with her sister Deborah, for 2 1/2 years. It's a small group being a home-based family daycare/preschool, and many will be leaving to attend kindergarten next month. I highly recommend this program! They offer a clean and safe environment with emphasis on academic (age appropriate) learning. They have a wonderful backyard play area, as well as a colorful play area indoors. Hot lunch and snacks are included, and the price is extremely reasonable. Hours are 7:30am until 5:30pm Monday through Friday, and part-time attendance is an option. Enrollment is for children age 2-5, and they need not be potty trained. I visited many home daycares before choosing Miss Jackson's program in 2007, and I was not only immediately impressed with their presentation and dedication, but I have not once wavered with my decision. Call Patricia at 510-658-8109. Good luck! Noelle