Dina's Family Daycare

Pinole, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Dina McGee
dinajay [at] comcast.net
Pinole on Summit Dr.
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0 months - 60 months

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2011

My son attended Dina's Family Daycare in Pinole for 3 years.I have had a bad experience with Home Daycare but she was referred to me by another parent at my son's school.My son has fun, eats yummy meals and learns! They offer a preschool program and do many fun activities with the kids, Dina is patient with the kids and overall is the best day care provider I have had for my son. I recommend her Family Daycare without reservation. Give Dina a call at 510-724-1268. Heather

Feb 2011

My daughter still talks about Ms. Dina and how much she misses her 2 years after having attended Dina's Family Daycare in Pinole, CA. She was there full-time for 2 years (2006-2009) and her favorite saying is ''Oh, I already did that - saw that - learned that or ate that at Ms. Dina's''! It is quite hilarious to hear it to this day, but a testament to how much impact Ms. Dina has had on her. Dina is a warm, funny, nurturing teacher with traditional family values that she instills into her ''daycare kids''. She will forever be a part of our extended family! Contact: Ruma

Feb 2011

Dina's daycare currently has openings! Dina has taken care of all 3 of my boys when I went back to work. My first child is now 14 years old but she started taking care of him when he was just 3 months old. She was very respectful of being me being a new working mom and was willing to make his vegetarian food seperately. She is constantly working to improve the environment to make it nurturing, educational, and safe. Dina has a preschool curricum for younger children in the morning and than she is able to do pick up and drop off to and from the local schools for school age children. I would recommend this daycare to anyone who wants their child in a quality environment. Kerry

March 2006

My two boys have been going to Dina's Family Daycare for over 6 years. My husband and I both work full-time. Dina provides reliable and affordable childcare for all ages. My youngest started going to Dina's at 4 months old. Dina's daycare is licensed and provides breakfast, lunch, and snack daily. Her assistants are all screened and help with monitoring the indoor and outdoor play and with preschool. She can provide drop-off and pick-up to/from local schools. Daycare is located conveniently off of I80 for commuting parents. Please contact Dina directly for availability and rates (510) 724-1268. She currently has openings for all ages.
Contact: Dina McGee, dinajay[AT]comcast.net/510 724 1268