Little Learning Cubby

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Shawna Suazo
suazo4949 [at]
N. Berkeley BART
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Parent Reviews

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My 2 year old daughter has been going to Shawna's Little Learning Cubby full time, 5 days a week for about a year and it has been wonderful. It has been like a second family home to my daughter, with the caring attention and love from Shawna and her assistants. Even Shawna's three daughters have been like big sisters to my daughter. It is obvious she is happy to arrive every morning, she runs toward the door. Shawna has been very accommodating for me and my needs as a single working father. She is an incredibly *PATIENT* caregiver, and the kids adore her and listen to her.

I first happened to meet Shawna at Ohlone Park, where she had a large stroller and noticed how patient and calm she was with the kids. I introduced myself and found out that she had an opening and made plans to visit her home, and switched my daughter to her care soon after. I love that she takes the kids to various parks every morning and has a small yard for them to play as well. It's never a problem if I happen to forget diapers or a sun hat one day. My daughter has a lot of friends at Shawna's and gets excited to see them every morning. She often comes home singing new songs and saying new words. We are very sad to be leaving Shawna's, as my daughter will be starting at a pre-school that is close to my work. I would highly recommend Shawna's to anyone looking for consistently great and loving care for their child.

The Little Learning Cubby is an exceptional daycare and I would recommend it to any parent looking for a quality institution to care for their little one. Shawna, the proprietor and main care provider, has a real gift for working with children.

The Little Learning Cubby actually came highly recommended to my wife and I from good friends whose child was also enrolled in the program. After visiting a few daycares in the area, the decision was easy. Our son joined when he was about 2 ½ years old, and he stayed on for a little more than 10 months. He attended The Little Learning Cubby regularly, 3 days a week, from the morning till the afternoon.

Initially, my Wife and I sought childcare because we both work full-time. However, we also wanted our son to be around children his own age, so that he could interact with them, and develop his communication skills. Shortly after our son turned 2, we enrolled him in Speech Therapy (with the guidance of his pediatrician). The thing that really impressed us about Shawna, and The Little Learning Cubby, was the way she embraced my son and his needs. Of course, there was already a curriculum in place, which included a number of pedagogical strategies tailored to toddlers.

During those 10 months, Shawna played a vital role in getting my son to speak more proficiently. Shawna and I would have regular conversations about my son’s day, which included his progress at daycare, and also at speech therapy. She was proactive in trying to find ways to accommodate his needs, many of which were already being met by some of her more structured activities, which included arts, crafts, reading, and lots of play.

Our son is now going on 4. He is extremely talkative and has since started preschool. Although he’s only been away a few months, he often reminds me how much he misses The Little Learning Cubby, and how much he prefers it to preschool (he’s still transitioning).

While our search for daycare began as a necessity, our experience with The Little Learning Cubby, and with Shawna, really turned into something more rewarding. My wife and I are first-time parents, and so it was beneficial to have her as an ally, and as a resource. She gave us both peace of mind and a general sense of tranquility that our son was always well cared for.

My son attended this wonderful home-based daycare from age 2 until starting preschool. Shawna and her husband Allan accept babies and 1 year olds as well. We had a great experience and would recommend "Shawna's house" to any family. Our favorite thing was how active our son was able to be, since they take the children to one of several nearby parks every morning. Getting exercise outdoors makes my kid happy, not to mention sleepy. They come back to the house for lunch and nap in the afternoon. The family is easygoing and warm and has become a nurturing presence in my son's life. Also, the group of children attending with him has become his little group of best friends. A little community of families developed and that has been really sweet. One other thing that stands out to me is that the kids hear a lot of fluent English every day (and Allan speaks Spanish as well) so that helps their language skills. Shawna helps with potty training too. Oh, and dance parties! Reasonable prices, and part-time schedules accepted.

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Nov 2013

This daycare is by far the best fit for my family. As first-time parents we wanted a great family environment for our seven-month-old. Since we have had our little girl under Shawna's care, the experience has been wonderful. The children participate in learning activities and go to the park. Most importantly Shawna has exceeded my expectations by meeting my child's changing needs in the last few months Our daughter is now 14 months old and she gets daily trips to the park, the social interaction she needs an above all a really safe family environment. I have never had to deal with a bad diaper rash or a child that doesn't want to go to daycare ( it is typically the complete opposite and Addie throws herself to Shawna as soon as i walk in the door) Another great thing Shawna does is that she accepts children based on cohorts therefore allowing them to take on the same interests and participate in similar developmental activities. This also encourages the children to learn from each other. We would be happy to recommend Shawna to anyone interested in putting their child under her care. Ana S.

Oct 2012

There is an opening at The Little Learning Cubby, which is just one block from North Berkeley BART. The owner, Shawna, provides a cozy environment and is well equipped to handle babies and infants. She also has three extremely polite daughters, who our son adores. When our son first met Shawna and her family it was on an open day. He was nine-months-old and was not comfortable with strangers. But as soon as Shawna picked him up, he seemed to have an instant rapport with her. Four months later, we are still grateful to have found a warm, family-based daycare for our boy. Find out for yourself by arranging a visit to The Little Learning Cubby. Contact: Shawna Suazo, suazo4949 [at] 415 410 5582

April 2012

If you are looking for wonderful childcare in N. Berkeley, you need to visit Little Learning Cubby Preschool/Daycare. Our two year old daughter is currently being cared for by Shawna , who runs Little Learning Cubby out of her immaculate home. When we found her, our only expectation was to find loving and attentive care for our daughter. Well, we certainly got that and so much more. Shawna also carefully plans many structured activities like: music and dance time, art projects involving shapes and colors (that often get sent home laminated:), taking nature/sensory walks to the park , conducting story time (teaching literary skills such as character identification, making predictions, etc.) going to the library, setting up tents on rainy days, making play dough, and she also orchestrates many other fun learning activities that she plays WITH the kids. She provides healthy meals and snacks, is open at 7 and is flexible with scheduling changes/needs. She also gives full daily reports upon pick-up. Shawna has been a mother of three and certainly understands early childhood development. She is patient and kind and we simply adore her! My daughter always looks forward to spending the day with Shawna and this alone speaks volumes. One extremely happy Little Learning Cubby Parent, Stacey