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Afterschool Care
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City of Albany
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Afterschool program for children grades 1-5

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2015

RE: Afterschool care for Albany Elementary Schools

All 3 elementary schools in Albany have before and after-school programs run by the school district, for Kindergartners through 3rd graders. Good programs and very affordable. Albany parent

Feb 2011

RE: Albany elementary after-school options

Friends who have their kids in Friendship Club say it is a lot of fun for the children. It isn't structured, lots of games, movies, fun, etc. It is not difficult to get in I've never heard of anyone not getting in if they sign up at the beginning of the year. anon

One of the benefits of Albany elementary schools are the many after school options. I would first see which school your child attends and then see if you like the on site after school option. You should be able to get a list of aftercare programs from the school office. I believe the Y at Cornell has the only before school program. There is a Chinese program at Cornell, but it does seem to have a long wait list. Other programs are easy to get into to. My child was in the Y for some years, but then moved to Friendship Club because he liked the counselors better. Good luck

Jan 2007

RE: Albany or Piedmont? need info about afterschool care

My son is in the afterschool program ''Friendship Club'' sponsored by the City of Albany and held in the Memorial Park building. He used to be in Tupelo, the afterschool program at Marin, and it was very unimpressive, if not downright unpleasant for him. The supervision seemed to be minimal, as a kid took some of his things, and the teachers tried to claim that he had made this up. All in all, a very bad experience, and we have friends who moved their kids from Tupelo for similar reasons. Also, during breaks the kids from Tupelo were moved to the Cedars in University Village, which was in my view pretty much a disaster. Low and unfriendly supervision, no structure at all, etc. On the other hand, we have been very satisfied with Friendship Club. Brad, who manages the program, is very organized and the kids love him. They can do homework there or play games, and in general the kids seem to be happy and well supervised. It is also reasonable in price. happy with Friendship Club

Sept 2005

RE: Options to the YMCA program

There are several options for Albany USD parents. ... 

So we took him out and placed him in the Friendship Club at Memorial Park. So far we have be! en very pleased with the organization and supervision there, and he has not had complaints. Friendship Club and the onsite care programs are comparable in cost, less than the Y. But Friendship club does not offer before-school care. The onsite programs do.

If I were you I would talk to other parents in your child's class and find out what they do and how they feel about it. You can also find out which of your child's friends may be enrolled in a program, so as to place him/her with a buddy or two. Good luck! friendship club parent