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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Catherine Alderman
510 676 1648 Texting/email preferred
LoveBabyKittens [at]
off 580/Keller near Oakland zoo
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
0 months - 72 months
Monthly Cost:
7:00am - 7:00pm
Additional Services & Features:
Part-time available,
Pre-K program,
Breakfast provided,
Lunch provided,
Snacks provided,
Potty training support,
Special needs support
About the Program:


Cathy’s Village runs a large in home school/daycare.  We teach the preferred way through intrinsic play.  We offer nutritious homemade meals, a monthly parents’ night out, a quarterly get together of families, a monthly newsletter and a yearly picture DVD.  We do too many things to ever list them all here.  Ages 0 to 6.  7:00am to 7:00pm. 

Catherine Alderman

Parent Reviews

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I just wanted to give a shout-out to Cathy’s Village Wonderschool. Our child has been there for 2 years and I can’t recommend them enough. They are attentive, loving, and have an AMAZING outdoor play area!  There are multiple little yards with different themes that my kid talks about all the time. One amazing thing is that my 3 year old is starting to read!  Cathy was a special needs teacher for most of her career and I think that has helped her patiently and effectively teach my kid to start reading. I honestly didn’t even know it was possible at this age!

I have a 13 month old daughter that has been at Cathy's for about six months and we are very pleased! It feels like dropping her off with Grandma and Grandpa. Cathy and her husband Tim are very experienced, gentle souls who work hard to make their space welcoming, engaging and safe for the kids in their care. Every day we go and my daughter leans in excitedly to knock on the door. When I pick her up she is always content, clean, well fed, and well rested. It's great that she gets to play with kids of different ages and they have a fantastic outdoor space with lots of fun toys. The cost is affordable and the hours are excellent. 

We have an 18 month old toddler and have been bringing them to Cathy's Village for 7 months now. 

We honestly could not be happier to bring our little one here. Cathy and Tim are caring, loving, take childcare seriously, and provide a place of safety, security, learning, and love to our entire family.

There is such a nice feeling of family and community with Cathy and Tim at Cathy's village. There are little ones ranging from a few months old to older kids (~2-4 years old).

Our little one has learned how to share, put things away, learns new words, enjoys play time (both inside and in the beautiful and charming back yard). We get updates when we need to, the hours are great, the price is more than fair, and there are occasional nights out for parents to have a date, as well as community gatherings to meet the other parents and kids. 

Our little one is honestly so happy to go each day and we truly feel that Cathy and Tim have played a huge role in her development, which has been incredibly positive (with verbal, social, and emotional development). They provide nutritious food, which is amazing, and a huge relief as parents.

They are great with all of the current health and safety requirements needed, they are excellent with necessary communication, provide a monthly newsletter, and treat the kids with love, safety and care. We couldn't ask for more!

Thank you, Cathy and Tim. If you are looking for an amazing place to send your little one (and yes, we know how important of a decision this is), you would be very happy and lucky to have Cathy and Tim look after your kid!

Cathy's Village has played a huge part in our life as we have navigated becoming first time parents and now growing our family by one more! When we first met Cathy and Tim it was clear that they were creating a nurturing and safe space for children to be cared for, to learn, and to grow. Our oldest daughter has been growing up in Cathy's village for 2 years, and we recently enrolled our new baby in their care. Cathy is a very experienced educator and as our daughter has grown older she has picked up some amazing skills - she shows kindness towards other kids, shares toys easily, cleans up often, always says please and thank you, and is even learning phonics and the alphabet at a very young age. Tim and Cathy really care for their space and are always making exciting new enhancements and additions to benefit the children - whether its restoring vintage toys, repairing books, and always putting up cheerful seasonal decor. As a busy parent, its so nice that Cathy takes care of all meals, and I rest easy knowing that they are healthy and thoughtfully prepared. I also cannot rave enough about the monthly parent's night out. When I tell my friends about this amazing perk they all get jealous. It's been a lifeline for us as parents to get some time to go on a date and connect every month, and it's all thanks to Tim and Cathy's generous free childcare on the first Friday of the month. I can't recommend Cathy's Village enough - they are experienced, kind, and caring, and I'm so glad my children get to grow up in their care.

Ms.Cathy and Mr. T are very nice and caring. My daughter is very shy and slow to warm up to anybody. They allow her to explore and be herself. They provide vegetarian meals, and my daughter comes home telling me she ate carrots and beans.  They also read to the children and teach them about cleaning up. This is a great neighborhood day care. A bonus is that once a month, they offer a parents night out, meaning they watch your child for longer hours so you can run errands after work or go to dinner. Thank you so much!

My daughter went to Cathy's Village for several years. Cathy and her husband Tim became family to us.

I had my daughter in several daycares prior to Cathy's Village and they were all great but I felt there was a greater connection here than anywhere else. This wasn't a place where I just dropped my kid off and picked her up. I felt my daughter created her own little group here. She made friends and really bonded with both Cathy and Tim. They treated her as one of their own children. My daughter learned new social skills and really came out of her shell here. She really enjoyed the extra outings and monthly brunches Cathy's village would host. I can't emphasis enough that this wasn't just a place where I could get affordable babysitting or childcare - it really was a learning environment where my daughter could grow up and I always knew she was safe and cared for.

Cathy's village is fantastic at communicating, being flexible and working to service both the children and parents. There was always open communication. They are at the top of my list when I recommend daycare to other parents and I plan to put my future children here.

We enjoyed 2 1/2 wonderful years with Cathy’s Village until we moved out of the area. Cathy and her husband Tim create a warm, loving environment for the children in their care. My daughter experienced a secure and calm, yet stimulating environment in which she was able to grow and thrive. The balance of peer interaction with individual adult attention, and free explorative play was a perfect combination for toddlers/young children. Cathy is flexible and willing to work with families to meet their needs. Her Parent’s Nights Out each month was a major perk, and we also really appreciated the sense of community that Cathy and Tim created through quarterly family events. All in all, a wonderful daycare!

Our daughter was was at Cathy's Village for almost a year and we were delighted with the care she received. Cathy and Tim truly love the children and they've created a warm, homey environment, including a beautiful outdoor play area and tons of handmade toys. Everything is kept super clean and orderly, and they take care of "extras" like laundry, if the kids need a change during the day. They also provide all meals, which is a convenience any parent can appreciate. The program is play-based, with some structured activities built in, and we were always confident that our daughter was busy and happy throughout the day.  She really thrived during her time with Ms. Cathy. As others have mentioned, the monthly parents-night-out and other community activities are a very special feature of this daycare-- we've never seen any other daycares that offer regular opportunities to a) have a date night; or b) get the families together. 

We recently needed to move our daughter to a preschool closer to our home (the same one our four year old already attended), but leaving Cathy's Village was a very difficult decision because it truly is a gem of a daycare. We miss it already, and are very grateful to Cathy and Tim for all that they did to support our family during our time there.

Our son absolutely adores Miss Cathy.  

Unfortunately, it is no longer a possibility for us to have her care for our sons (3 and <1) any longer because we've moved. Miss Cathy loves to care for children and you can tell immediately.  Our three-year-old was always excited to express to us things he learned, places he went, things he ate... every day we picked him up.  Miss Cathy made life easier for us parents, too. The monthly parent's-night-out were much needed (and appreciated), and the occasional weekend outings encouraged friendship and interaction amongst families.  She is friendly, experienced, committed, flexible, as well as a good value. And as another review says, a true hidden gem...  

Our son (and us parents, too) miss her dearly. :(     

Miss Cathy truly loves children and building a community. You will not find a more passionate and dedicated childcare provider in this neighborhood. Along with being a great nurturer and teacher, Cathy has raised many children in her life.  Leaving my daughter in her care was like leaving her with grandma. There are home cooked meals, outings (to local parks, the zoo, etc), family outings on weekends and even off-hours care. Miss Cathy offers a “Parent’s night out” once a month so that parents can go out without the kiddos. (I loved those!) She organizes picnics and events for all the family’s and children in her care. This really helps build a community of local parents and kids. And does she do this to get rich? Of course not! She does this because she loves kids and communities of families. 

We had to remove our daughter from her care due to moving out of the neighborhood (into the tri-delta area of the SF Bay). Her daycare is one the places I miss most in my old neighborhood. I doubt I’ll ever find such a quality care provider anywhere I go. Her daycare is a true hidden gem in the Oakland hills.