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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Linda Hernandez
lindasninos [at]
Lake Merritt/Adams Point on Jayne St.
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0 months - 36 months
7:30am - 5:30am
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Part-time available,

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Casa de los niños review.  Director Linda. Teachers Tania/Marlen.

I’m leaving a review for Casa home based day care. My daughter attended from age 2 to 3; and we only left because she was aging out and we were offered a preschool spot otherwise we wanted our child to stay as long as possible. The director Linda is very flexible and you can reach her easily. They serve food and snacks and even when we have forgotten something they have supplied it. My daughter has moved on from Casa with social skills, friends made, and the ability to count to 12 in Spanish. She knows all of her colors and shapes in Spanish. She came home with arts and crafts and many stories to tell.

Pros: Tania and Marlen are warm and attentive caregivers. Two consistent teachers with very little turnover. They develop relationships with your children in a warm and intimate manner; the children are not just playing with peers while being supervised from afar. Tania has been working there a long time and has really strong infant and toddler skills. They taught my daughter to clean up after herself, to wear a helmet, and many cute songs in Spanish. All of the kids sleep at the same time for nap time. This school is bilingual but more Spanish than English.
Another perk, my child’s hair was done beautifully every day. She came out daily with braids and intricate ponytails. My 3 year old likes braids and now allows me to do her hair insisting I braid her hair.

Cons: most of these things are out of their control. I wish the space were bigger but that’s not their fault as we are living in the expensive Bay Area. I also wish they opened longer. I think they had better hours prior to the pandemic. This was pretty hard for me because I worked in person throughout the pandemic.

I highly recommend this place whether you want your child to speak Spanish or not because they give really good attention to young kids and are trustworthy. I wish they purposely kept kids longer because we would have liked to have kept our child for more years at Casa.

I really can’t say enough good things about Casa de Los Ninos! Our daughter just left to attend preschool, and we were so sorry to leave. Linda and her staff are absolutely incredible with the children, flexible with working parents, and incorporate Spanish into the day. Great community of families as well! Highly recommend!

My son (2y) attends Linda's daycare and he loves it. He has learned so much Spanish, and has so much fun with the teachers there. The space is incredibly clean and the teachers show so much love towards the kids. My son comes home and tells us all about the things he's learned in school, including singing songs in Spanish. The age range of kids is very good and they truly do an amazing job. They keep a good schedule and even play games in their private back yard in the afternoon. My son went from hating school and not wanting to leave, to telling us about how excited he is to go. This is also one of the most affordable daycares in the area, and you cannot beat the qualities of teachers. If you're looking for a place to send your kids where you know they'll be loved, send them to Linda.

Both of our boys attended Casa de los Ninos, and we couldn't have been happier. Both of them started at 8 months old and left only to attend preschool. As the other reviews say, the teachers and Linda are warm, friendly, and loving to the kids. They treat them like family and all the kids seem so happy and comfortable. Both of my boys were happy to be dropped off every morning and quick to give morning hugs to their teachers. 

They do provide meals and snacks, but we chose to send our boys with their own food and Linda and all the teachers were very understanding and quick to work with us. 

I highly recommend Casa de los Ninos! 5 stars. :)

We love Casa de los Ninos!  Linda and her staff are all so warm and welcoming.  My son attended from 2018-2019 until aging out at 3 years old to attend pre-school. We truly believe Casa de los Ninos set him up for success by creating a family atmosphere and a safe place for him to learn and grow. He always came home happy and excited to tell us about what he had done for the day (art projects etc.). In the beginning our son had difficult morning drop-offs, but Linda and staff were always patient and understanding of his needs. We highly recommend Casa de los Ninos if you are in need of a daycare in the Adam's Point area. 

My daughter started Casa De Los Ninos in January 2017, after we relocated to Oakland. I couldn't have been happier to have secured a spot at Linda’s daycare.

First, Linda was very accommodating in the process of interviewing. Prior to the interview, she always answered all my emails and questions. At my request, she had also agreed to let my daughter come for a play date, just to confirm if it was a right fit or not. It didn’t happen because of our schedule but I was already pleased with our interview. Linda made us feel very welcome. She gave me printed copies of the Spanish songs they learn so I could sing along at home. She always makes herself available to talk about any issues via text, phone or in person. And mostly, she is adored by all the children!

Second, the staff is simply amazing. Caring, loving , patient and very attentive to the children. They teach them life skills (respect of each others, sharing, manners – politeness etc) and “academics” (alphabet, counting, Spanish etc) in such a way that I could witness a difference within a couple of weeks with my daughter. They do circle time in the morning with all the children and learn about the days / weather etc. They read books and sing songs. They learn alphabets in English and Spanish . My daughter already liked reading but now is spending a lot more time going through her books. She sings all day long, and usually sing a new one every other week. And let’s not forget about the super cute art and craft projects they do!

My daughter is moving on to preschool end of September, so there will be an opening for toddler age. Linda has currently some openings as well.

I would highly recommend Casa De Los Ninos!

My daughter has just moved on from Casa to preschool after 2 wonderful years.  They currently have an opening for a 2-3 year old.  Linda makes life so easy for the families she works with at this daycare.   She is extremely flexible and collaborative.  The caregivers are wonderful.  So patient, warm and fun with the kids and they clearly love what they do.  They have all been helpful in giving advice as we've navigated this journey of parenting a toddler especially potty training!  We feel very lucky to have had our daughter in such great care over the last couple years!

Our daughter has been going to Casa De Los Ninos for more than a year, and has thrived there. The small staff is extremely caring and loving. Our daughter runs into their arms in the morning and doesn't want to leave in the afternoon. Linda, the owner, is very responsive. She has also been flexible with us when changes at work meant changes to our daughter's daycare schedule.

Our daughter has been at Casa for almost a year.  We were looking for a more intimate setting than the larger daycares and needed early hours for our schedules, both of which Casa had.  Our daughter started as a one-year-old after a cross country move and was transitioning from one-on-one nanny situation.  We were concerned that it might be a difficult adjustment for her but within a week she was excited to get to Casa every morning.   She receives very warm and attentive care from all of the caregivers, who maintain a very safe and clean environment. Linda responds quickly to any inquiries if I am concerned about her on a particular day and is also prompt to let us know if she has any concerns.  Our daughter absolutely loves being around the other kids and is very comfortable with all the caregivers.  She has developed a love of drawing and singing from her activities at Casa and we love that she is learning Spanish as well.  There are a few openings for 2-3 year olds since a few children have just moved on to preschool.    I encourage anyone looking for care in the Lake Merritt area to contact Linda and check it out.  

My two year old son Wyatt LOVES Casa! Linda, Cammie and Carmen are very professional, reliable, caring and experienced. Wyatt has been learning so much at Casa and comes home singing some of the songs they learn and using new words, English and Spanish, every day. They have a recent opening for a two year old and I highly recommend taking a look at this dependable, clean and safe home day care located near Lake Merritt in Adam's Point.

Our daughter has been at Casa de los Ninos since May 2014, and she will soon be leaving, because she is going to be starting preschool. She LOVES it there, does not even turn back after I drop her off to say goodbye and we have to fight to get her to leave every afternoon, even when she's the last kid there! Linda is very conscientious about the kids' health and well-being and calls/texts with any issues and also fun little picture updates! I am not looking forward to her last day :(

Casa de los Ninos is a gem of a bilingual in home day care/preschool. Linda, the owner, and the other teachers are amazing. We had my daughter there from 10 months to about 2, then we moved out of the area but when we came back to Oakland, we immediately contacted Linda. At this time, my 2nd child has been going to Linda's House (as he calls it) for a year now. He is always happy when I pick him up and talks to me about his snuggle time with Ms. Linda.

What has impressed me the most, is not only the bilingual nature of Linda's program, but the super low/next to non-existant turnover. The consistency that she is able to provide is bar none. Her staff is so kind and friendly that I always know that my child is so loved and nurtured in a safe environment. Plus, he will speak random words to me in Spanish which is amazing! He is also counting, knows his colors and shapes, and is able to identify his feelings. His speech and motor skills are thriving!

Linda has worked with me for any behavioral issues and we've partnered together to solve them. She truly cares for her families well being and just goes above and beyond to be supportive and loving to all. As a parent, it really hard to find others to care for your child in a manner that you can trust whole heartedly. I could not ask for a better place for my son.

Linda is currently accepting new families and I would highly encourage you to set up a visit or reach out to me if you have any questions.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

I wanted to recommend Casa de los Ninos Daycare & Pre-School in Adam's Point (Lake Merritt area). Our son (1-year old) started last month is very happy there! Linda and her team take wonderful care of the kids and provide healthy snacks/lunch. They have openings for ages 2 and above. If you're interested in learning more, you can call Linda at 510-891-9409. Lisa

June 2014

I had to take a moment to share how amazing the owner and teachers are at Casa De Los Ninos. Linda, the owner, has created a warm, nurturing environment. My 20 month old son continues to surprise me with everything he learns each day at day care. The teachers are wonderful and it is so clear how much love they have for our children. There is a range of ages and every child is given the what they need to learn and grow!!! Holly

May 2014

Casa de los Ninos is a wonderful family daycare in the Lake Merritt/Grand Lake area. My 16 month old daughter has been there for 8 months and we are beyond pleased with the care. The owner Linda Lucero and her team are extremely caring, attentive and devoted. They have been in business for over 17 years. They provide both play and structured circle time in Spanish and English. There are educational activities, art projects and outdoor play. My daughter has thrived in this environment and learns something new every day! The children love Linda and you can tell she feels the same way about them. A few families have recently left (children off to preschool!) so Linda has openings! Contact her for more information lindasninos [at] Thanks! Lisa

Sept 2013

Casa de los Ninos is a great family day care in the Grand Lake area. My two sons both went here, my older son started when he was 2 and stayed for 1.5 years. My younger son went for a couple months when he was 7 months until we moved out of the area. I highly recommend it as a safe and happy place for the kids.

Linda and her team are very devoted, conscientious, caring, and organized. They do a great job taking care of the kids providing both lots of play time and structured circle time and lesson time. My older son loved learning his letters at school and they really emphasize learning with the older toddlers. He also learned to be very polite saying please, thank you, and excuse me. When we had rough times with behavior problems Linda provides great advice and understanding.

I believe Linda has openings for both infants and toddlers right now, so definitely get in touch with her. Also feel free to contact me as a reference. ellis

July 2012

Casa de los Ninos is a educational and comforting environment for kids located between the Grand/Lake and Oakland Kaiser areas. Linda currently has openings for both full time and part time, and for both infants and toddlers. My son is 2.5 years old and we have had nothing but good experiences with Linda and her assistants. They come up with lots of educational activities and provide snacks and lunch to the kids. Please call or email Linda if you are looking for child care for any age.

August 2011

Hello everyone, Casa De Los Ninos has now openings for children of preschool and younger ages. Their program is focused on learning alphabet, writing letters and improving other cognitive skills - such as socilizing, crafting. It is a very nice daycare and preschool designed to keep occupied your children the entire time. From little bit of free play, circle time, learning ''little'' Spanish,playing outside and slowing down at the end of the day. The school provides snacks (not garbage food), but you can bring your own if you want. Linda, the manager and teacher, is very fun and warm-hearted person. Kids love her and she loves what she does as well. Please if you're interested contact her on the number included and come check it out.

June 2011

Hello everyone, I would like to recommend a great daycare and preschool at Adams Point of Oakland. This daycare has a good program for the entire day. Limited free play, circle time, English & Spanish learning, play outside, snacks and lunch included. Additionally, this place is very clean, sanitized, organized with many toys, learning tools, books, and very safe. The manager, Linda Hernandez, is very warm and cheery person as should be working in daycare. She is also very responsible and takes her job very seriously. Kids love her. You can contact her on the number listed, or come check it out.

Oct 2009

I would like to recommend Casa de los Ninos, a family day care. My daughter started Casa when she was just 4 months old. She attended full-time until she was 2 1/2. I can't say enough good things about the staff, Linda and Coco. My daughter loved them, and still asks about them. I use their services on a drop in basis when my daughter's school is closed. They truly love their kids, and fill their day with songs, crafts, and outside time. They are located near Lake Merritt.

Sept 2009

Casa de los Ninos in North Oakland has openings. We've had a great experience while our son has been there. The batch of 1 1/2 - 3 year olds that are currently attending are so smart and creative, and the parents are wonderful. My son tells me how much he loves teachers Linda, Coco, and his friends all the time. Contact: Linda Hernandez, 510-891-9409

August 2009

Hi, Casa de los Ninos has an opening for a 2-5 year old. This is a bilingual home- based daycare and preschool. My daughter has been in the program for nearly a year and is doing great. The caregivers are wonderful with the kids and are attentive to their individual needs. I'd recommend this daycare for anyone whose child needs a homey environment and a smaller program to start. Linda is an avid teacher and the children who stay with her until they are 5 often know how to read when they leave. Contact: Linda Hernandez, 510-891-9409

August 2009

Casa De Los Ninos run by Linda Hernanadez, is a wonderful daycare! My son attended the daycare for a year, and began working on his writing skills, while equally further developing his social skills. Linda and her assistant, Ms. Coco, consistently provide the children under their care with lots of warmth and love, and as a result, I feel as if all of the children there benefit from such care. I recently asked my son what he missed most about Casa De Los Ninos, and he replied, ''My friends, and Linda's big hugs!'' Chris

May 2009

The children at Casa de Los Ninos watch television on a daily basis. The activities for the day end at approximately 3:30 and the rest of the day is spent watching videos such as Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Dora, Diego, etc. I have requested less TV time, but I have been told that the instructors are too tired at the end of the day to design a more interactive curriculum. The cost for the school is $900/month full time. -Parent

Sept 2007

I Recommend Casa De Los Ninos (Lake Merritt). Our son is one yrs. old and has been going to Linda's Casa De Los Ninos for the past four months - and he is really thriving. He was enrolled in a different place before and the positive differences we see in him now is just amazing- I mean he's smiling when we get there every morning! Linda loves children, and also has her degree in Child Development, is CPR certified and employs two assistants. They provide meals, circle time (song and dance), story time, there is a modest outdoor area for play, and they teach the tots Spanish. Casa is a licensed daycare run out of Linda's basement. Her prices are very reasonable and I know for sure that she has a few openings for toddlers, ages two to four. Full time care is about 200.00 per week. Part time is 45.00 per day. my husband and I are very happy with the care her establishment has provided our son. Contact: Linda Hernandez, 510-891-9409

May 2007

I highly recommend CasadeLosNinos for anyone wants to have a peace of mind while away from their child. My son has stopped going there from 17-24 months because of his new sibling. Before there, we had him at a very expensive state of the art daycare from 11-17months. It had all the frills: 3:1 caring ratio, music, art tv. Because of these things, we thought this was the best. However, my son cried everyday for 5months. The staff try to insist it was just a phase, but my husband and I thought this was too long. So we started our search of every daycare in Oakland. A month later we went with Casa de Los Ninos. It took my son three days to adjust after his first day and he practically never cried since then. Linda, the day care provider, is a very kind and nurturing woman and she has a very small daycare with a great assistant. There's a small care giver ratio and the other kids have been there for a very long time. So don't let the frilly things get you, but pay attention to your intuition and your child's intuition. I truly believe Casa de Los Ninos will give you a peace of mind! Contact: Linda Hernandez, 510-891-9409

July 2001

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good family daycare that opens at 6:00 or 6:30 am, preferably in Oakland, but it could also be in Berkeley if it's within easy access to the freeway. I've looked at Bananas' referrals and haven't found anything acceptable, so I'm wondering if maybe someone knows of a place that may have a 7:00 am official opening time but the caregiver is flexible. Melissa

I can highly recommend Casa De Los Ninos run by Linda Hernandez. My son went there for two years and we were very happy with her. She can be reached at 891-9409 and is currently located in the Lake Merrit Area of Oakland--very accessible to freeways. Naomi