Suzanne Carlone Daycare

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Suzanne Carlone
N. Berkeley
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Oct 2013

There is an opening for a walking child at our daughter's daycare in North Berkeley. Suzanne has more than 30 years of experience and does not take more than 4 kids. She prepares food for them and every child naps in its own room in her beautiful and clean house close to Solano. She goes out for two walks a day and does not have electric toys or TV. She truly cares about the children and we are so lucky we found her. Her minimum are 30 hours/week.

July 2013

We would like to announce two openings for September in our daughter's family daycare in North Berkeley close to Solano. When looking for a daycare provider for our child around 1.5 years ago (she was 15 months at that time), we were visiting a variety of places, many of which actually made a good impression on us. However, in the end we decided in favor of Suzanne's daycare for a number of reasons: Her home is beautiful, super clean and entirely set up for the kids she takes care of. Suzanne has more than 30 years of experience, which becomes apparent instantly when you watch her interacting with the kids. She is very affectionate with them, but also sticks to basic rules and a clear daily routine. Suzanne takes her kids for two walks every day. She has an awesome indoor play structure, great non-electronic toys, puzzles etc. and she sings songs and dances with the kids. We could not think of a better place for our daughter and it is so good to know she is in a safe place that is all about the kids for the time they spend there. Suzanne is licensed for 6, but usually does not take more than 4 children. She has a minimum of 30 hours a week. She has lots of good references. You can call her (510 526 8207) or email us with questions.

May 2010

Re: looking for childcare
If you are in the Berkeley area, try Suzanne Carlone - she is a wonderful woman who took care of our son for 2 years out of her home in Berkeley near Solano (please see her reviews on BPN) and always returns calls. 510.526.8207. If you have any questions about her, please feel free to give me a call. Jua

Oct 2009

Suzanne Carlone runs a small daycare out of her beautiful home in N. Berkeley (near Solano) and currently has an opening. Suzanne has cared for our now pre-schooler since he was 8 months old. She uses her entire home for the children, including all of her 3 bedrooms where each child gets their own room for napping. She keeps things simple with only non- electronic toys (dramtatic play, puzzles, trains, indoor climbing structures) and takes the kids on daily walks to the nursery, and provides nutritous, wholesome foods. You have to visit her to see it, but her environment is one of warmth, calm and order. Contact: Suzanne Carlone, 510.526.8207

July 2008

Suzanne Carlone has been caring for our 2 yr old son since he was an infant. I had visited many small day care providers and was continuing my search, but the minute I walked into Suzy's home I just knew that this was a place where I knew my son would be cared for and loved. Suzy is in a quiet neighborhood near solano and uses her entire 3 bdr home to care for about 3-4 children at a time. She's licensed for up to 6, but likes to keep the numbers low for personal attention. She doesn't allow TV - only simple toys, books, puzzles, and has wonderful wooden play equipment. Each child has their own room and crib for taking naps. She takes them on walks and plays with them in her gorgeous backyard. She feeds them wholesome food and is incredibly nurturing. Suzy is not only our day care provider, but has become a life long friend. We are moving to Palo Alto in Aug. and are heartbroken that we can't take her with us, but this opens up a spot for another very fortunate family. Please email me if you have any questions, but you can also call her directly at 510.526.8207.

Oct 2006

Our wonderful childcare provider, Suzanne Carlone, may have one or two openings. Suzanne has over thirty years of experience, and takes no more than four children. This low provider-child ratio means she can devote a lot of time to the particular developmental needs of each child. She is excellent at fostering social skills, language development, and creative play. No TV or electronic toys - just classic children - toys and play structures. There are large spaces indoors and out for children to play, and each child naps in a separate room. Our son transitioned easily into her care, even after a cross-country move, and now doesn't want to leave in the afternoon. Past BPN reviews offer high praise as well, and feel free to contact us for more information Suzanne's number is 526-8207

Nov. 2003

There are openings in an intimate family daycare. Suzanne has more than 30 years experience and is calm, loving, and trustworthy. She keeps the days simple and fun, engaging kids wonderfully - playing, singing, taking them on walks to the local nursery (where the staff know the kids by name).

We looked for 2 mos. for the right situation and knew within 5 min. of watching our 16 mo. old light up with her that she was it. When we switched from our nanny share there were no transition issues. Our daughter starts shouting "Suzie! Suzie!" as I put on her jacket in the morning.

Suzanne is licensed for 6, but keeps it closer to 3-4. She's very knowledgeable about child development and our daughter has blossomed in her care. Her home and yard are incredible, with wooden play equipment both inside and out. Each child has a nap room.

Her references are superb. If you have any questions please call me, or call Suzanne directly 526-8207.


Oct. 2003

A wonderful (very small and intimate) family day care center in North Berkeley has openings for children around 1-2 years old, for about 30 hours a week. Suzanne has over 30 years experience and is very calm and loving with our daughter. She likes to keep things ''real simple'' and not overwhelm the kids. She has great wooden equipment in her house and in her backyard. Her house and yard is unbelievably clean and well cared for and has great light. Every child has their own room to sleep in for naps. It is a superb environment for children. Our daughter started a couple weeks ago and had no problems transitioning to her care. Her references are outstanding. If you have any questions please feel free to call me, Ramsey, or call Suzanne directly. Contact: Suzanne Carlone, 526-8207