Cande's Daycare

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Maria De La Cruz-Moran
candes16 [at]
Berkeley/Emeryville border
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Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish

Parent Reviews

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Nov 2013

Our daughter, Cleo, is 18 months old and has been going to Cande's Daycare for almost 8 months now. She is so happy there she doesn't want to leave when we pick her up! Cande is so full of energy! When we drop her off, Cande is there with a smile and yummy smells of breakfast wafting through the house and when we pick her up they are singing and dancing and always having fun. Cande takes the kids to the park every day. She loves for them to get lots of fresh air and run around. I also like the added bonus of it being Spanish immersion so that Cleo is exposed to other languages early. We are very happy with Cande's Daycare because Cleo is so happy there.

Oct 2013

Our son has been at Cande's Day Care since he was 3 months old, and loves it there. Cande is a very nurturing and attentive care taker, and it is evident that all of the kids love her. I know our son is getting a well-rounded experience with daily trips to the park, developmental playtime, designated nap times, and healthy, home cooked meals.

Cande is the type of person that will go the extra mile for your child. She has helped our son with major milestones: sitting, crawling, standing, and soon, walking! As another reviewer said, she is also very forthright about how he is everyday, providing continuity between time at day care, and time at home.

As first time parents, we feel so lucky to have found Cande. She offers affordable, quality childcare, which is so hard to find in the Bay Area. It is such a relief knowing that our baby is happy and thriving when he is away from home. Thank you, Cande! h.

Sept 2012

Hello Fellow Parents of tiny tots!

Normally when I discover something or someone I like, I do not share. However, this is different. Because it is very difficult to trust someone with your child, I feel fortunate to have found a caregiver whom I trust very much and would like to share.

My daughter has been going to Cande's Daycare for almost four months and she is so happy. My daughter smiles and giggles when she sees Cande's face and Cande does the same. Spanish is the primary language spoken at Cande's, though Cande speaks english very well. She also prepares baby food and is very supportive of breast feeding. In the evening when I pick up my daughter Cande is very forthcoming with information about the day; how long my daughter napped, how much milk she drank, what food she ate, how well she played, developmental changes, what outings they took.

While I was initially content to have my daughter at a daycare with such a small infant to caregiver ratio, I realize that it is important to share. I believe that Cande has openings for toddlers at this time. I suggest calling her to chat and schedule a time to meet. She's pretty awesome.


Sept 2012

I am recommending Cande's Daycare, an affordable home daycare located on the border of Oakland & Emeryville and close to Berkeley as well.

Our daughter who is turning 1 year old this week has been with her since she was about 7 months old. We are very happy with the Cande's daycare. Cande's daycare provides a caring, nurturing bi-lingual program that is like a home away from home. Most times when I pick up my daughter we end up hanging out and talking about her day. Cande is very kind and is someone who is easy to talk with. My daughter loves her time there and it is evident at drop off & pick up. Cande was also able to get my daughter to drink out of a cup when we were having problems with her taking a nipple/bottle. She is fed nutritous home cooked meals and receives great and loving care. Cande has also cared for our toddler (who is turning 3 this week) from time to time, but is at preschool. He talks about going to Cande's again whenever I mention picking up his sister.

She currently has two infants (ages 5 mos - 12 mos) and has spaces for toddlers 20+ mos. and up. She is very accommodating to the families' needs and schedules. Please contact Cande for more information

Aug 2012

Re: Love your Bilingual Day Care in N. Oakland / S. Berkeley?
Hello, we currently have our almost 1 year old daughter at Cande's daycare. A licensed small Spanish home daycare located in Oakland/Emeryville border. We have only recently started with Cande and so far, we are loving it. We started when she was about 8 months old.

Our daughter is always happy and is thriving there. Cande was even able to get my daughter to finally take my pumped milk (in a cup! she had always preferred to nurse rather than take the bottle but Cande was always encouraging - to me and to my daughter). There is a dedicated room in their house for the children and there is also an outdoor play area. They go for walks to the park and probably when the kids are old enough to - she will have a play based curriculum in the Spanish language. She provides healthy home cooked meals for the children as well. Please feel free to contact Cande at: Home phone: 510-922-1124 Cellphone: 510-978-0176 E-mail address: candes16 [at]