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Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Patty Camacho
californiafamilychildcare [at]
South Berkeley
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6 months - 72 months
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California Family Childcare offers a warm nurturing play based learning environment. We are a bilingual program.

Parent Reviews

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My toddler has been with Patty since he was 8 months old (~1 year total now). Patty is excellent with him & the other babies. There are currently 4 babies around similar ages with Patty and it really is a lovely group. She is warm, loving, and excellent at teaching them a variety of practical skills including dealing with clothes, being kind to each other, sharing, eating well etc. She is great at getting them outside to play at the park, or on rainy days providing a number of different activities to keep them busy. She is very good at redirecting unwanted behaviors as well. My son always seems happy, healthy and thriving when I get him from her. She has helped him transition through a number of changes (crawling to walking, now talking!). I would strongly recommend Patty as a caregiver for babies and toddlers! 

This is a follow-up review from my original 2015 post.

Our daughter is now turning seven years old and entering first grade. Our son will turn four years old soon and entered preschool last week. Patty has provided a safe, warm, and nurturing environment. She is patient and creative and recognizes each child’s individuality. She encourages group activities and emphasizes the importance of kindness, sharing, and courtesy. She also encourages them to develop and practice these values daily. As a multi-cultural family, we particularly appreciated the reinforcement of our children’s Spanish skills.
Over the years, as our children grew and matured from infants to toddlers, she always presented them with fun, challenging, and age-appropriate activities. With her background as a preschool teacher, she incorporates particular skills in these activities that help prepare the children in her care for the transition to preschool and kindergarten programs. We have certainly seen this in our daughter and son.
We strongly recommend Patty as an excellent infant care and childcare provider.

My 3 year old daughter has been at Patty's for about six months. Patty works hard to make sure there are plenty of crafts and activities for the toddlers, while balancing the needs of the babies. I appreciate her dependability and her warm, caring treatment of my daughter, as well as the home-cooked food!

My oldest daughter started with Patty when she was 2 and is now moving on to PreK at 4. My younger daughter is 6 months and has been with Patty since she was almost 4 months old. Both girls absolutely adore the time they spend with Patty and it makes me so happy to see how well they are taken care of. Finding a daycare provider is so stressful and to have someone who is so amazing with my kids is a huge relief. She speaks Spanish to the kids and now my oldest is correcting my pronunciations. 

I highly recommend Patty!! Patty is warm, nurturing and amazing with the kids. She genuinely cares for each of the kids. They do lots of activities, crafts, take daily trips to the park, field trips to the library, farmers market and read tons. My 1 year old has been there since she was 3 months old. I felt very comfortable leaving her with Patty even that early on. Because of Patty my transition back to full time work was easier than expected. Patty speaks to the kids in Spanish and English. It's so great to see my daughter light up in the mornings when she goes to Patty's! Feel free to message me if you have any questions! 

My 2.5 year old son has been going to Patty's for over a year and we couldn't be happier about our experience with her so far.  Patty is an incredibly loving and playful teacher.  Our son's days are filled with singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, reading, playing outdoors, and the occasional field trip around Berkeley or the neighborhood farmer's market. My son often asks for "Patty's house?" on weekend mornings which I have to take as a good sign that he enjoys his time with her!  Patty has a background as a preschool teacher and seems committed to teaching even the youngest children everything from Spanish language skills to how how to share toys and take turns.  I am truly amazed how much my son has blossomed under Patty's care. She even manages to find time to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals and snacks for the kids (which is definitely a lifesaver for me and my husband!) Patty is incredibly dependable and I can't recommend her daycare enough.  If you are looking for a safe and engaging environment for your toddler, you would be lucky to scoop up one her current openings.  Please feel free to message me if you have questions or want more details about this great daycare!

My 2-year-old son has been at Patty's daycare full time for 9 months, and I agree with the previous reviewers -- she is very sweet and engaging with the kids, and seems to genuinely care about each of them. She speaks both Spanish and English with them, and it's great to hear our son start to speak some words in Spanish at home! She does activities with them each day, including walks to the park, craft projects, reading books, dancing, singing songs, cooking, and time playing and gardening in her backyard space. Our son seems to be very comfortable with Patty and excited to play with his friends when we drop him off each morning!

My one-year-old daughter has been attending Patty's daycare for 6 months. Patty is engaging, caring, and attentive. She speaks Spanish but is fluent in English as well. Her prior preschool teaching experience is apparent in how she interacts with the kids and sets up daily activities. Even though my daughter is the youngest in her care, I feel reassured that she is getting the attention she needs. The older kids seem to look out for her, which is a testament to the compassionate environment that Patty creates. She is also accommodating of parents' special requests. I have been very happy with her daycare!

My almost two-year old son has been attending Patty's daycare full time for a couple months now and we are very happy with his care. She has very nice indoor and outdoor play areas to keep the kids entertained and also organizes lots of outings to nearby parks, the library, the marina, and more. She speaks English, Spanish, and signs with the kids. She also cooks healthy lunches and provides snacks. Most days when I arrive to pick up my son he doesn't seem ready to leave! I highly recommend this daycare!

Patty has been great with my kids as well as very flexible and accommodating with our schedules. She provides age-appropriate activities for both my 4-yr-old son and 2.5-yr-old daughter, including arts and crafts, cooking activities, and outings. It really shows that Patty has been a former bilingual preschool teacher - she knows how to engage all the kids, she's very organized herself, and works with each child's personality and likes/dislikes. She loves being around kids and is always ready to tell me something funny or entertaining that happened at daycare with my son or daughter. She's a gem!

Patty (the owner) has been babysitting for my children for years. She is incredibly warm and nurturing and really engages with the children. She genuinely enjoys children and is always equipped with some educational activity, or song. My children LOVE her!!!! She is the best, you won't be disappointed!