A Brighter Today

Berkeley, CA

No longer in business

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  • (April 2011):  It appears this preschool is no longer in operation. The website is inactive, another preschool occupies the site, and we were unable to find a license number for this daycare at CCLD.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2006

A brighter Today is an integrated pre-school with day and after school programs for children that are t ypically developing and children with special needs. Our ratios are very small which enable children t o grow, create positive attachments, feel safe, be understand and most importantly reach their full pot ential. ABT is funded throught he Regional Center, if your child has any disabilities. We welcome all children into this wonderful program. Please visit our website at : www.abrigtertoday.org
Tracy Ferguson

Re: Learning Disabled 1st grade classroom? (July 200 5)
A Brighter Today offers special education to children with developmental disabilities.

Make sure the ratios are small and the degrees of disabilities are similar enough so that the teacher may harness the special ed program. This maximizes the learning for the child. A Brighter Today take on an individual education opportunity.

My Son Cooper is graduating to Kindergarten at ABT. Accountability has been the most amazing part of the program. The Head Teacher/nurse are amazing!

May 2004

I wanted to post some information regarding our non profit daycare center for children ages 0-6 with disabilites and who are medically fragile. My own battle with finding care for my son lead me to open,A Brighter Today. The first daycare center for medically fragile and developmentally disabled children ages 0-1st grade. I encourage your readers to go to our website: www.abrightertoday.org I know the struggles parents have coordinating therapies and working with the regional center and that is why A Brighter Today was created. Finally, disabled and medically fragile children can be socialized. All I can say is that it has changed my son's life. In home nursing is not reliable and unless you have a nanny cam, you never truly know the quality of care that is being provided.