Bout'choux Daycare

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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Monia Boubaker-Wesley
(510) 759-3999
boutchouxcare [at]
Trestle Glen on Walavista Ave.
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, French
Ages Served: 
12 months - 36 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
8:30am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

Enrolling part time and full time children 1 and older.

Parent Reviews

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My youngest daughter just finished up at Bout’Choux, and we will miss this daycare terribly. We met Monia four years ago when we enrolled our oldest daughter and have been happy with the care. Monia is strict with the kids, teaching them good behavior skills, and in return they respect her. Our family doesn’t speak French, but we appreciated that the girls were exposed to the second language. The daycare is run in Monia’s spotlessly clean home where the kids can play and after naptime and snacks, she takes them into the fenced-in yard. A yoga teacher comes once a week, and they often take walks around the neighborhood or down to the nearby park. As if this daycare couldn’t get any better, Monia is also a fantastic cook, homemade meals are made daily (stews, quiche, pasta, chili, etc.). We feel our family was lucky to have Monia; my girls adore her, and we are happy to give her a fantastic reference. -Donita

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2015

I am so grateful to have found Monia, and highly recommend Bout'Choux daycare! Monia runs the daycare in her home (which is always spotless!). She is warm and affectionate and to the kids. She cares for them like they are her own. She is also demanding of them, teaching them good behavior and manners. Her cooking is amazing - often during morning drop off you can smell the delicious lunch being prepared in the kitchen. During the day the children engage in a variety of activities including arts & crafts, playing in the backyard, and even the occasional yoga class. She also takes the kids on walks around the neighborhood. We have sent both of our kids to Monia's. They absolutely love her, and we will be sad when they have leave her daycare to attend preschool. - Tania

Jan 2014

I wanted to whole heartily recommend Bout'choux, a french daycare in Oakland ( My son was supposed to go there but unfortunately we won't be able to drive him after all (we live in Berkeley). We absolutely loved the daycare setting and Monia, the owner. We in fact loved it so much, that we had already reserved our spot last year in July to make sure we get in. Monia speaks French with the kids and cooks home cooked meals every day for them. All her references spoke very highly of her. I visited several times and was just really impressed with Monia's attitude, the cleanliness of her place and how well behaved the kids were. We are really sorry, that we won't be able to send our son to her after all and just want to help her find someone quickly to fill the spot, so she is not left in a lurch. If you or anyone you know is looking for a daycare spot, please contact her at: boutchouxcare [at], 510-759-3999

Sept 2013

If you are looking for a wonderful daycare and/or a French immersion daycare, I wholeheartedly recommend Bout'choux an in home daycare for toddlers 1-4. My daughter loved going to see Monia and quickly picked up the French language. Fun, play based, educational, I can't say enough of the terrific care my daughter received with Monia's care. All meals are fresh, homemade, immaculate organization and fun art projects,plus yoga! I highly recommend this daycare and miss taking my daughter there already.

Sept 2012

With deep gratitude and admiration, we highly recommend Bout'Choux French Daycare for your families. Bout'Choux, through Monia's excellent care, became a second home for our daughter - one that is comfortable and nurturing; creative and fun; immaculately organized; stocked full of educational toys and books; and full of healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals and snacks. The kids often play in her lovely backyard garden. They take walks in the neighborhood and do occasional field trips (e.g., Tilden). Thanks to Monia, our daughter's French skills include the alphabet, counting to 20, identifying at least 10 colors and a wide repertoire of French songs! They do delightful craft projects. They celebrate birthdays. They even do onsite yoga classes. Monia has also been a very helpful resource and partner in reinforcing potty training and in providing appropriate discipline. Above all, Monia is a thoughtful caregiver who truly loves and respects each child where they are, as they are. She gives love and respect that every child in her care (and every parent) can sense immediately and remember well each time they enter her home. And that is precisely how she became an extended part of our family. We are already looking forward to having our son at Bout'Choux, in Monia's care, when he turns one! -The Bruckert Family

August 2012

If you are looking for a daycare for your child, Bout'choux is a great place for children between 1-4 years of age. My son has been under Monia's care for over 2 1/2 years and is very happy there. I highly recommend Monia. With her many years of experience, she is excellent with all of the children. She provides a very clean environment with healthy home cooked meals and snacks. She also offers a wide range of toys, books, music and learning activities such as drawing, painting, games, yoga for the children to keep them stimulated throughout the day. In addition to all of these wonderful things, the daycare is French bilingual. My son is not exposed to much French in our home but still understands the language well and uses French words regularly. I feel very lucky to have found Monia and hope my new born son will also be under her care in the near future. Catherine

August 2012

If you are looking for a home daycare for toddlers that is far more than babysitting and provides immersion in the French language, you have found the place. Monia provides a structured environment with consistent routines and expectations that allow children to grow and learn. She cooks delicious food for the children. This feature is not just convenient, but has also taught our son how to eat a variety of different healthy foods. She teaches the children lots of stories, songs, and games. Our son's language skills have blossomed thanks to the constant input from Monia. In addition, Monia has been extremely supportive in potty training our son. In Monia's home you will find lots of books, imaginative toys, and crafts. You will not find your child watching TV and videos. Monia makes sure kids get time outside every day, either in her yard or walking to the park. Monia has a strong work-ethic and a passion for helping young children learn important life skills.

Sept 2010

Our wonderful French daycare has openings for toddlers aged 1 to 4 years old. Monia cares for a small group of 4-5 babies/toddlers at her clean and child-friendly home near Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland.

Monia has been taking care of our 18 month old daughter four days a week for 8 months. She serves healthy homecooked meals and snacks everyday and takes exceptional care of all the children. Our daughter loves going to her house, where she is thriving and has ample exposure to books, music, creative arts, and last but not least French. They also spend quality outdoor time in nearby local parks and take occasional field trips to places like The Little Farm. She took the initiative in advancing her toilet training since last month which has helped us at home as well.

Monia is a wonderfully kind, energetic, nurturing, and reliable woman. Quite simply, the children adore her. She has years of experience in childcare, and has her own car and CA DL. We are very happy and grateful that we found Monia and highly recommend her.

August 2010

My son has been at Bout'choux for almost a year and is thriving there. Monia serves homemade meals everyday, keeps a spotlessly clean home and takes excellent care of the children. She was able to advance my son's toilet training without any trouble which helped us keep him focused on it at home. Equally important was having our son exposed to French very early and now he understands many phrases and is beginning to speak a bit himself. Bout'choux is a warm and loving home daycare. We are thrilled and grateful.

Jan 2010

Bout'choux is a new French daycare based in Oakland on Lakeshore Avenue for children aged 1 to 4 years old. We are 2 French moms with our babies, 12 and 21 months old, there since the opening in the fall of 2009! We feel grateful to have found Monia, the warm woman who is taking care of our little ones. She is humane, trustworthy, creative, straightforward, smart, organized, compassionate, understanding, and helpful. Most of all, the kids love her. Nothing is more important to a mom than to know your baby feels confident and happy to stay without you a few hours, or even all day. We want to share this information because Monia still has a few spaces available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please do not hesitate to contact Barbara or Sandrine if you want more details. Or, contact Monia directly at Boutchouxcare [at] Site: