Blue Sky Day School

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Michele Jabbrai
mj [at]
W. Berkeley
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June 2014

Re: Moving to N. Berkeley - looking for a preschool

You might really like Blue Sky Day School in NW Berkeley...sweet, playful & creative. It's been great for our children and family. Check their facebook page to get a flavor. -happy mom

Sept 2013

I wanted to recommend Blue Sky Day School to any parents who are looking for a preschool in Berkeley. I always think of Blue Sky as the ''hidden gem'' of preschools. It's located on a quiet residential street in west Berkeley. Once you walk through the gates, you are surrounded by an amazing environment for little kids to thrive. There's a beautiful garden and wonderful play areas for the kids outside and inside. The teachers are wonderful, loving and warm. They take great care of the kids, have fun activities all day every day, and help foster the kids social development so the they become respectful and kind friends to each other.

Back when my first child started going, it was a ''by word of mouth only'' school. My youngest is still there and I still to this day feel so lucky that we found Blue Sky. A whole group of the ''big kids'' just graduated to start kindergarten, and there are spots open for new kids to start now.

Every morning my little one asks ''Is it a school day today?'' and when I say yes, he says ''Yay! Blue Sky!''. It's such a gift to have my kids love school. Thanks Blue Sky! More info at Jennifer

Aug 2013

Blue Sky Day School is a magical little preschool. The school provides a warm and nurturing environment where the kids are well loved and where their interests are nurtured. It is a play-based school with so much for the kids to do and explore. It has an amazing and huge yard, full of beautiful toys and equipment (wooden house, wooden airplane, sandbox, water play, painting area, gardening, swings, climbing structure, a rabbit and more). Inside is full of wooden toys and every day new station activities are set-up (homemade play doh, cooking, TONS of special art projects- your child will come home with so much cool art, building, and so many other amazingly creative things). The kids can also play dress-up, store, sit in the reading corner, be in the kitchen, build blocks, play with babies and so much other stuff. The teachers are educated in early childhood development and have been there a long time (there are 3 teachers for 12 kids) and are loved and adored by my kids. Two of the three teachers speak fluent Spanish and will speak to your child in Spanish if requested. They have also always been a great resource for me for parenting advice and challenges.

Activities follow the seasons and I love that the kids do so much science-based learning. They watch caterpillars turn into butterflies, eggs hatch into chicks (which they incubate!) and tadpoles turn into frogs.

After almost three years at Blue Sky, both my children will now move on to K in the fall. I am so sad to leave this school as it has been the best possible place I could have sent my kids. (And I know that for sure as I researched and visited nearly every preschool in Berkeley and my kids attended 3 different daycares and preschools before we found this one!) They haven't just been happy at Blue Sky, they have been at home. Have a look for yourself: Stephanie

July 2013

Blue Sky Day School is a wonderful preschool. The beautiful space and the sweet, cooperative, creative play there will intrigue you.

The children are very proud of what they do. Just recently they created sculpture and paintings after field trips to the museum and an art gallery. They made jam from their hand-picked raspberries; they created a mural for a backdrop for their garden that they cleared and planted with their own efforts. Of course they also perform plays for each other and organize an exciting round of baseball among themselves.

As parents, we enjoy the community of sweet families and teachers. After a relaxing potluck, the yearly overnight camp is the next thing we are all looking forward to.

The school is in Berkeley, near San Pablo and Cedar St. Check out the Blue Sky Day School Facebook page, or contact mj [at] to inquire. - happy parent

March 2013

Blue Sky Day School is a hidden gem. This play-based preschool in Northwest Berkeley has been wonderful village school for our two children, at their every stage.

Not only does the school have a bountiful garden, a tumble space for rainy days, and a seemingly endless and organized rotation of play materials, the children also go on small field trips and to an annual class at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

But the teachers make Blue Sky Day School extra special. They share their love of nature, cooking, gardening, art, story-telling, music, Spanish, etc. to the children; all to stimulate their curiosity, imagination, and to develop their sense of identity. Plus, if you are looking for a male teacher, inquire here. The kids love theirs. Thank you Blue Sky Day School! - Pleased Parent -